Why Do I Cry When I See Kindness(+5 Reasons)

This article will focus on why someone may cry when they see or experience kindness. Also, the article will comment on what kindness is and how it affects people.

Why Do I Cry When I See Kindness?

Here are some reasons why you cry when you see kindness:

  • It Makes You Happy
  • Desire The Same For Yourself
  • You Are Sensitive
  • Reminds You Of A Past Experience
  • Tough Times

Before we take a look at these reasons, we will explore what exactly kindness is!

Kindness – What Is It?

Kindness is an act of compassion, generosity or love towards another being or creature usually by spending or utilizing one’s own resources to benefit another individual in some way or the other. You could be kind by merely smiling at someone or kind by helping them out of a problem through financial means. Nevertheless, you are doing something to add to their happiness and possibly reduce any suffering or hardship they are going through.

Kindness is indeed rare in today’s world. The culture and societies we are creating are ones where we focus on our own selves and what benefits us the most. We have been taught to put the I in us first and only then to look towards what others need. However, despite all this, we still witness acts of kindness that oftentimes move us to tears.

 When we offer to do someone’s groceries, look after their children for them while they are off getting something important done or planning to visit a good friend just to surprise them, we are engaging in being kind. We understand the problems and issues they are going through and hence decide to help them in a way so that they can get through their problems in a better manner.

Acts of kindness indeed do have an effect on people. Sometimes people are so moved by these acts of kindness that they cry tears of happiness while others may be inspired to be kind to someone too that they come across. It is like a contagious disease that needs to be spread once witnessed. Kindness affects everyone of us in a different way particularly because of the different experiences we have had in our life and how we perceive different types of behaviours.

Why Do I Cry When I See Kindness?

In this section, we will look at various reasons as to why someone may cry when they experience an act of kindness happen!

It Makes You Happy

They are called tears of happiness! Yes, you may cry when you witness an act of kindness because of the happiness you feel or experience in such an event. You may be genuinely happy for the person who has received this kindness or happy because of the person who is practicing this act. Whatever the reason is, you are happy and this has brought tears to your eyes.

There are many reasons to be happy when we experience kindness taking place. It is lovely to see someone helping out another person. The entire experience is indeed inspiring where you witness someone go out of their way to help someone in need. Furthermore, seeing someone get the help they need is also like heaving a sigh of relief where you are just happy things worked out for them in one manner or the other.

Happiness is a strong emotion that can occur because of a number of reasons – seeing kindness take place being one of them. Although it seems contradictory, we may end up crying when we experience happiness. However, this is only because crying can also mean we are very happy and not necessarily sad.

Desire The Same For Yourself

Sometimes, we cry when we see kindness because it reminds us of a past event that occurred in our life. It could also remind us of an experience we wanted to have but could not due to various reasons.

Try and imagine the following scenario. You have always wanted to go to a bakery with someone who genuinely cares about you and they sincerely offer to buy you anything you want. They won’t make an issue about the bill or how much you have begun eating or what is good to eat or not. They won’t care about any of that. All they care about is making you genuinely happy. They are aware that this specific bakery is one where you have always wanted to go and they take you there. However, you still haven’t come across a person like this who would selflessly spend on you or try to get you what you want! There is always an excuse or a ‘limit’.

Nonetheless, you happen to see a little girl walk in one day to a bakery you are at with her father. Now imagine this, you see her jumping around excitedly, seeing all those pastries that just make her mouth water; she can’t decide what it is she wants and just keeps telling her father what she wants and why. Right then, her father decides to get her whatever she wants even if she can’t fit it into her tiny little tummy. But just to make her smile and realize that he is there for her, he does that little act of kindness she would have never expected; he buys her all the items in the bakery she has been wanting to eat!

Seeing such a beautiful relationship with much kindness, you will definitely tear up. Especially because you understand how it feels to be in that position. Although you have not experienced that kindness yourself, just seeing someone else experience it makes you happy and moved.

You Are Sensitive

Some individuals are more sensitive than others. This means that they are moved very quickly by the experiences they have or see around them occurring; these experiences could be good or bad but affect them greatly.

Witnessing an act of kindness can be a sensitive experience which affects you the extent that you cry very easily. Other people may just clap or smile or comment on how nice the person is. However, you may feel more than what others do and hence it can become an overwhelming experience. There is nothing wrong in this and you need to accept that compared to others, you feel more!

Reminds You Of A Past Experience

It is possible that what you just witnessed may have rekindled some past memories that you had. Just by remembering these past memories, you may have become quite emotional and hence teared up!

Watching someone be kind to another person may remind you of the time when someone was kind to you. How they went out of their way to help you or ask if you were okay may make you become emotional; not only did you feel much relief when that person offered to help but also you suddenly realized the connection you developed with that person because of what they did for you!

Hence, this could be another reason why we become emotional and tear up when we see someone being kind to another person!

Tough Times

It is no doubt that the world is becoming a tough place because of the things we are witnessing – more natural disasters, terrorist activities, frequent killings and of course the increase in diseases that mankind faces. In times like these, people are much concerned about themselves and too occupied to worry about others. It is not that we do not appreciate the act of being kind to someone but it is not common like it used to be.

Hence, when we experience someone being kind to another person in a time when people can mostly worry about themselves and it is not common to do so, we are not only moved but also amazed and left in awe. We suddenly begin to respect this person because they took out the time to help another person!

This can make us feel overwhelmed and grateful that someone is making an effort to help the one in need and hence we might begin to cry!


This article looked at the reasons as to why someone may cry when they experience another person being kind to someone. Furthermore, the article commented on what kindness is and also explained why we are moved by or amazed at people who engage in acts of kindness!

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What Is Kindness?

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