Why Do I Cry When Someone Asks If I’m Okay(3 Reasons)

This article will look at the reasons why someone tears up when they are asked whether they are okay or not! Also, the article will also study an important concept called ‘smiling depression’ in order to help the audience develop a better understanding of the topic.

Why Do I Cry When Someone Asks If I’m Okay?

Here are reasons why you cry when someone asks whether you are okay or not:

  • You Are Already Upset
  • You Are Sensitive
  • You Need Support
  • Smiling Depression

Let us take a look at each of these reasons in detail!

You Are Already Upset

One of the reasons why you may start crying if someone asks whether or not you are doing okay is you are already upset! 

You may have had a bad day or bad week for that case! Because of that, you are upset and feel down or extremely sad but despite that, you are trying to keep yourself on the go so that your daily tasks are not affected; indeed you are just trying to be strong. However, a person can only go a certain length while in such a state. Eventually they will break down and how they really feel will be exposed.

Hence, because you are feeling miserable or extremely sad inside, when someone asks how you are doing, that is when you break down into tears! Why? Because you have not been doing okay and finally when someone recognizes how you actually feel, you break down because of the load you have been carrying around and possibly some relief that at least somebody recognized what you are going through!

You Are Sensitive

One of the reasons why you may tear up when someone asks whether you are okay or not is because you are extremely sensitive! You may not necessarily be upset inside but just that someone cares about you is a very happy feeling. It can also make you feel much relief and gratitude that someone cares so much about you that they ask whether or not you are okay. You feel grateful that someone actually cares and shows that.

Hence, you may be sensitive and this is what makes you react in a certain way when someone is asking how you are doing.

You Need Support

Why you may cry when someone asks how you are doing is because you actually require support! You may have been carrying a huge load on your shoulders since the last few days or weeks and finally when you receive the support you need, you become overwhelmed and cry because of that!

It is also possible you are extremely relieved or happy or even surprised that someone realized you need help and actually offered help! This feeling or awareness can itself overwhelm you and make you cry. 

Smiling Depression

Smiling depression may not be a clinical diagnosis however it is something people do experience! Oftentimes, people do not want others to know they are going through a major episode of depression so they hide the obvious symptoms and feel cheerful. They may mask it up so that even they are convinced they are doing fine!

Signs & Symptoms

People who suffer from depression but mask it will have the following symptoms:

  • Appetite Changes: People who experience depression go through changes in their appetite. Some of them experience increased hunger and hence they eat and eat! Others, on the other hand, may lose their appetite and subsequently their weight!
  • Sleep Changes: Many people experience issues in their sleep cycle when they are going through depression! They may have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep for a sufficient time.
  • Feelings of Hopelessness: People experience guilt, hopelessness and lack of will.
  • Loss Of Interest: People lose interest in activities that gave them pleasure before.

Although most of these resemble the symptoms of depression, there is a unique symptom when it comes to ‘smiling depression’! People in this condition try to appear cheerful and happy so that others do not recognize their true inner state. Hence, this is the trait – appearing and not feeling cheerful – that differentiates this certain condition from that of depression where a person does not appear cheerful but actually down.

Why Do People Hide Their Depression?

Although someone with depression may break up into tears when someone asks if they are doing okay or not, they try their best to hide their inner feelings and that too for a number of reasons!

They Consider Themself A Burden

People who are going through depression have a number of negative feelings associated with themself. They feel as though they are not good for themself or others and cannot really help anyone. Becoming a burden is something they do not want and this is why they hide what they are going through. Although they badly need counseling, time from their loved ones and attention, they will not admit it because they are aware the other person has a lot to do and very less time!

Hence, this is why people who are upset and depressed inside will hide their feelings.


Depression is a very low feeling that causes people to think in extremely negative ways. Before experiencing this, the person may have been very optimistic and hopeful. However, the depression that hits them turns them into a very different person that is totally against all that they believed in and lived for! This change and their new perspective, is actually embarrassing for them. Hence, they are bent on hiding what they feel and believe now!


As we mentioned before, someone who is going through ‘smiling depression’ may actually convince themselves that they are okay! Hence they start believing they are okay and do not need help. 

Do Not Want To Appear Weak

Before falling into this deep dark hole of depression, this certain individual may have been a figure of inspiration for others. They may have actually inspired other people to do something better with their life. However, they have now fallen into a situation where they are the total opposite and feel as if they are about to give up any moment. This extreme change in their personality and beliefs can actually make them feel embarrassed and they hide their inner feelings because they do not want to appear weak.

Nonetheless, whatever the reasons are, people who have this type of depression are holding a lot inside them. Although they may keep this up for sometime, at one point they might break down and become exposed! This is likely to happen when someone genuinely offers support and asks if they are okay!

How To Get Help?

If you are suffering then you need to get help! As we mentioned in the article, there will be a number of reasons or ‘beliefs’ that will stop you from getting the help you need. One of those is the belief that if you admit how you feel then you will just become a burden to others!

Sometimes, as people, we have very absurd beliefs where we expect the worst from others and ignore how much they have done for us or how much they love us. Our loved ones do not want us to suffer and you can be assured that if you admit how you feel they will only be concerned and not burdened! Hence, if you really care about the people around you, then  you will let them help you because you are indeed an integral part of their life.

There is no harm or embarrassment in getting help if you require it! It is better to get it before you break down and have to explain what is wrong. Breaking down may actually worry your loved ones or family even more! So before something like that happens, reach out for help.


This article provided an in depth overview of the topic by listing and explaining a number of reasons as to why someone may begin to cry when they are asked if they are doing okay or not. This included reasons such as they already being upset or badly needing support. Furthermore, the article also looked at the concept of smiling depression and how it is related to the topic. The article mentioned symptoms of this condition and why people mask their depression. Finally, the article highlighted why people need to get help for their mental health.

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