Choosing the right nicotine pouch for your daily needs

Nicotine pouches are a way to get a nicotine hit in a discreet way. Available in a range of flavours, pouch sizes and strengths, there’s an option for every user. But, knowing which nicotine pouch is most suited to you is essential if you want a more tailored and personalised experience. With that in mind, there are some features you need to consider when buying your nicotine pouches.

Strength of the buzz

Everyone is different when it comes to the specific nicotine hit they are looking for. This depends on how regular a smoker they are as well as the specific tingle users can actually handle.

Mild strength pouches typically contain around 2 to 4 mg of nicotine per pouch. This is suitable for smokers who have less than 10 cigarettes per day. Or, for those who are social or recreational users only. Medium strength pouches typically range from 6 to 8 mg per pouch. These are best suited to regular smokers, those of around 20 cigarettes a day. Finally, there are strong to extra strong pouches. While strong pouches are often in the 10 to 12 mg range, extra strong can be as high as 16 mg. Both of these should only be used by experienced users or those who smoke a lot per day.

However, in addition to the amount of nicotine you can handle, there are some other considerations to think of when it comes to the strength. This includes the longevity of the pouch. Of course, increased strength means a stronger hit, but it also means that it can last longer too. Lower strength pouches can last around 20 minutes, while those with higher strength often last nearer to 40 minutes.

How big is comfortable

Nicotine pouches come in a variety of sizes as well. Mini pouches are very discreet. They are the smallest size and can easily be slipped under the lip. As these are so small, it’s hard for people to notice them in place. This makes them a great option for anyone in a work or office environment.

Regular pouches are somewhat larger. However, these still easily fit under the lip. They are more bulky though and aren’t as discreet. Slim pouches are a mix between regular and mini. They have a longer, slimmer shape, which means more surface area from which the nicotine and flavour can be absorbed.

When considering the pouch size, comfort should be your first thought. But, after that, the size does impact the length of time the flavour and buzz is released. Subsequently, this affects how often you need to change the pouch. Smaller pouches are less noticeable but will need to be changed regularly. In contrast, larger pouches can be left in place for up to an hour.

Picking the best flavour

Finally, nicotine pouches come in an impressive array of flavours. Each manufacturer has its own special flavours and combinations available. You can find a choice of options here at SnusDirect.

Typically, nicotine pouches come in mint or menthol flavours. These offer a refreshing and cooling hit to offset the burn that higher nicotine strengths can have. Peppermint, wintergreen and spearmint are all common minty tastes. And, some manufacturers go a little further, combining the minty freshness with other flavours such as fruit tastes.

When it comes to the fruit taste, the list is constantly growing. In the early days, flavours such as apple, berry and strawberry were the norm. Now, there are ever-more exotic flavours out there such as banana, watermelon and even mango. Of course, some of these flavours, such as banana, have their fans and haters, so it’s important to choose a flavour you like.

Some find the fruit flavours too sweet opting for more traditional bergamot flavours. Still others prefer more unusual flavours, such as coffee or chocolate to pair with the nicotine hit. Whatever flavour you choose, make sure you’re happy with it in your mouth for 20 minutes or more at a time.

Final thoughts

With so many nicotine pouches out there, picking the best pouch for you is a must. It’s worth trying out different brands too, as even the same flavours can hit differently across manufacturers. Keep our tips in mind though, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right nicotine pouch for you.

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