Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Process

Your mind’s health is as equally important as your body’s health. We provide you with trusted content that will help you be proactive about looking after your mind and guide you to resources where you can find help.

It is important to gain clear and concise information on well-being, mental health and overall wellness.

This is why it is paramount to us that the information we give you is written by clinical psychologists and psychologists from other domains who know what they are talking about and most importantly, care about the subject matter.

We have a duty of care to ensure all of our content is written from a well-researched, stigma-free and unbiased perspective.

We work hard to ensure our information is relatable, jargon-free and empowering, so you can take action to look after your mind.

OptimistMinds understands that looking after your mind is a journey that will not always be linear.

However, you can rest assured that we will be with you along the entire way, helping you make informed decisions and positive proactive action!

Every month we help over 300,000 people who read our articles seeking motivation, inspiration and resources.

Our main mission is to encourage you to be proactive about looking after your mind!

If we fall short of this, we hope you will let us know.

Subject Matter – Expert Writers: 

Our writers are specifically chosen for their industry knowledge, level of compassion and credibility in their fields, as well as their ability to articulate topics in an unbiased, clear and stigma-free manner.

Diverse Voices

We are very committed to helping as many people as possible with their well-being, regardless of the demographics they fall into.

We are invested in ensuring our writers, editors, illustrators and videographers are a reflection of as much of society as possible.

This helps us uphold our promise of diversity and inclusion.

Editorial Team

Each piece of content has been vetted by a highly skilled editorial team committed to delivering relatable, inclusive and stigma-free content.

Fact Checked and reviewed content

Content integrity is important to us.

We rely on our skilled fact-checkers to ensure the information we put into our content is reputable and accurate.

We rely on reputable and credible references only and are advocates for using primary research where necessary.

Our content is regularly reviewed and updates are regularly made.

Our reviewers are subject experts and any article marked as reviewed is free of biased opinion or any other bias (e.g religious or political) and is rather a Clinical psychology discussion on the topic at hand.


We ensure all content published on OptimistMinds is trustworthy, reputable, and held to the highest standard when it comes to clarity of the information provided.

We rely on primary sources and the most conscientious news thoroughly checked by our fact-checkers.

References, Sources and Citations

As previously mentioned we have a team of highly skilled fact-checkers that ensure all information published is checked alongside the most current and accurate primary references.

Up-to-Date Information

As we live in a rapidly fast-paced society, information is also continuously changing.

With the help of our subject experts, editorial team and fact-checkers; we ensure that the information in our content is updated and reflective of the most current research and statistics.

If you see something that needs editing or updated please do not hesitate to contact us.

The OptimistMinds Mantra

It is unfortunate that stigma still exists around mental health. However, we plan to continually speak on mental health and share stories and resources in order to do our part to end the stigma.

We intend to inform, educate and empower our readers.

We are committed to using our thought leadership to help you embrace, navigate and learn how to proactively look after your mind and live a healthier life.

Have Feedback?

We love to hear from our readers. If you have a comment or suggestion to share, feel free to contact us at hey@optimistminds.com

Our Editorial code

This organization commits to doing its best to publish accurate information across all of its content. We take many steps to ensure accuracy:

  • Analyze evidence; correct errors transparently and swiftly; and learn from mistakes so that they aren’t repeated. If you find an error, email hey@optimistminds.com
  • Never plagiarize and never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information.
  • Cite the sources of psychological theory and research, whether the information comes from journals, books, or websites.
  • OptimistMinds uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles.
  • Whenever appropriate, we also offer links to relevant third-party websites that provide additional information, source material or informed comment.
  • Work to the best of our ability to assess empirical evidence and claims without bias.
  • OPtimistMinds itself is impartial and does not offer opinions.

Report an error

This organization commits to doing its best to publish accurate information across all of its content. However, if our audience identifies a mistake we are committed to correcting errors transparently and swiftly; and learning from mistakes so that they aren’t repeated.

This commitment and transparency are applicable to small (grammatical) errors as well as large (factual errors). If our audiences cannot trust us to get the small things right, how can they trust us on the big things?

To report an error, email hey@optimistminds.com or message us below, including as much information as possible on where and when the error occurred, including a link to the page.

Please include your e-mail address so we can contact you for additional information if required.