Is Betterhelp Available In Canada?(A Complete Guide)

This article will look at whether or not the services of Betterhelp are available in Canada not only from a consumer perspective but also from a service provider one – does Betterhelp hire from Canada or not? The article will highlight the reasons for any answers provided to the above question and also outline what services, if any, are provided in Canada at what cost. The article will also explain why Canadians should avail the services of Betterhelp and also introduce the company to the viewers.

Is Betterhelp Available In Canada?

Yes Betterhelp is available in Canada as well as in all parts of the globe – wherever the internet extends to of course! It, as a company, does not discriminate between its clients on any basis except for service providing purposes – Betterhelp needs to look at demographics to determine what service to provide to the client.

However, Betterhelp does not recruit service providers to its platform from other parts of the world including Canada. It is a platform that can be used by clients from all over the world but only by service providers located in the United States. We will explore this area a bit more later in the article.

We will now look at what services are offered to clients in Canada and why they should sign up to this platform!

Betterhelp For Canada – The Friend Of All

Although one would wonder why would Canadians of all people need mental health services? They are happy go lucky people who are nice and loving and treat everyone with respect.

It isn’t that simple. Although Canadians may seem calm and peaceful, they do have ambitions that may result in stress. They are quite career oriented and focus a lot on their relationships hence can get upset soon. They do require counseling not only in these areas but also mental health disorders that can affect anyone regardless of their lifestyle.

So, Canada does need Betterhelp and that is why we will explain their services below:

  • Chatrooms: These are open 24/7 and you can drop a message any time you feel like doing so. However, your counselor will only get back to you once they have the time or chance to. Usually people like dropping questions they want opinions on from their counselor and don’t mind waiting a bit.
  • Live Chatting Sessions: here you can chat with your counselor in real time and there really is no limit on the number of messages exchanged or time spent talking here. It depends on the needs of the client and the nature of the problem.
  • Live Phone Calls: Kind of like Skype this platform has their own system set up where you can have audio sessions with your service provider. It does not show your contact details to the counselor for reasons of privacy and in case the counselor and counselee become direct. 
  • Video Sessions: clients who are more comfortable or want a more personalized experience can also opt for video sessions. Like other mediums of interaction, there is no limit on these although people mostly hold the opinion that 1 or 2 sessions per week are sufficient.

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How Much Does Betterhelp Cost In Canada?

It costs the same as anywhere else in the world does! There is no price discrimination done by Betterhelp on the basis of where you are based. However, sometime ago, the company teamed up with The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) to provide free mental health counseling for one month to anyone anywhere in the world. This is a great initiative started by a Canadian organisation which is accessible to anyone.

It is still not sure if the service is really applicable to all, especially during the covid era, and whether the person trying to avail it needs some certain criteria. Nonetheless, we will list done the prices of Betterhelps services right here:

Here are the subscription packages available at Betterhelp:

  • Weekly Plan It costs $80/week where you subscribe to their services for a week only and can avail whatever and how many sessions you need
  • Monthly Plan: It costs a total of $260 per month which breaks down to $60/week. The client is billed monthly as well.
  • Quarterly Plan: This plan costs a total of $540 but the weekly costs breaks down into $45 a week only because of the longer subscription availed by the client.
  • Annual Plan: For clients who need long term services, they can pay $1820 which results in only $35 per week which is extremely cheap.

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Service Providers In Canada – A Big No!

Why does Betterhelp not allow professionals in the mental health field from Canada to use the platform? After all they are neighbors to the States and are known for their caring, loving and friendly traits – they would make excellent counselors and service providers.

Nonetheless, Betterhelp’s policy claims that service providers need to have :

  • A License: You have to be an accredited psychologist (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), or licensed professional counselors (LPC).
  • A Qualification: The service provider needs to have a Master’s degree or Doctorate in their profession
  • State Recognition: As a service provider operating from a certain area, you must have completed certain training and exams and hence be certified by your state.
  • Experience: Every service provider must possess at least 3 years of experience and 1000 hours of hands on experience.
  • Stable Internet Connection: If the service provider cannot provide services online then what is the use?
  • Currently Residing In The US: The individual providing services to clients from Betterhelp’s platform must be residing in the States.

Such high standards are necessary especially in a field where you deal with human emotion and behavior. It would be unwise to allow individuals who do not have the right qualifications to counsel people who are in difficulty.

Why Service Providers Only From the US – Patriotism?

Still the question remains as to why the company requires service providers to be in the states at the time of providing services. There could be countless reasons. 

Firstly, there could be complexities sending huge amounts of money abroad and this would require much documentation and approval not only from the home country but the country where the money is being sent to.

Also, it is possible the company of Betterhelp wants to promote their home country when it comes to providing services to other people in the world and hence this is why they give the chance to counsel others to service providers in their own states. This is extremely important when there are many protests against companies that are exporting jobs to foreign countries especially where service providers are willing to work at lower costs due to differences in currency.

Another reason why Betterhelp prefers to have service providers on their platform who are based in the US is because of the fear of uncertainty in the world today when it comes to terrorism. Clients are vulnerable people. They can be misused for illegal purposes especially those who are in grief because of a loved one they lost to murder or an accident. Furthermore, people undergoing depression or experiencing schizophrenia tend to be more prone to brainwashing. Allowing service providers based only in the US mitigates the chances of something like this. Unfortunately, it does not eradicate the probability fully.

Now that we have a good idea of what Betterhelp has to offer to Canada, let us look at Betterhelp as a company.

What Is Betterhelp?

Betterhelp is one of the largest online platforms that provides multiple services for all types of people who are suffering from mental health problems and require counseling. What is great about this service is that it is online hence it is available anywhere and every time. You do not have to go to the doctor’s office to get an appointment or wait in line for your turn. This is great if you feel pretty down and getting out of bed is a challenge for you!

With approximately 1700 licensed therapists available online at the click of a button, Betterhelp ensures that its clients receive the best help they can get by connecting them to professional therapists and counselors who know what they need to do This is apparent by the total number of sessions which Betterhelp has already conducted from their platform; a whopping 70 million sessions already completed! This is possible because the company understands the needs of clients well and hence provides therapy related services to them online and not just at  physical location. In a world where things are changing constantly and the unknown is always around the corner, it is becoming more of a need rather than a desire to get services online and at your doorstep – we simply don’t have time nowadays!

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This article looked at what services Betterhelp provides in Canada and who can use this platform or not and why. Furthermore, the article highlighted the reasons behind this and explained in detail each reason as to why someone may not be allowed to use this platform. The article also introduced Betterhelp, its services and subscription packages.


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