Does Talkspace take Medicaid? (+3 advantages)

This blogpost shall discuss if Talkspace takes Medicaid. We shall also look at some of the ways through which you can reduce the costs of therapy. Furthermore, we will be discussing some of the advantages that you will experience while using Talkspace for your various mental health needs and requirements.

Does Talkspace take Medicaid?

As of now, Talkspace does not take Medicaid or even Medicare. While this may be discouraging for many potential users, the platform still partners with many insurance providers such as Cigna and Optum to lower the costs of therapy for its users. The plans of Talkspace have also been created with the aim of making therapy accessible and cost-effective for practically anyone.

How can you reduce the costs of therapy?

Therapy can be quite expensive. The sad part is when those who need it the most cannot access it due to lack of affordability. Mental health programs also see many dropouts who cannot afford therapy, thus making relapse more common. While it definitely may be expensive, there are many ways through which you can significantly lower the costs of therapy. These are:

By seeking out a sliding scale therapist

While most therapists charge by the hour, there are many therapists who charge their clients for the amount of work done during the session. These are called sliding-scale therapists. These therapists don’t necessarily charge for the entire session, and thus the programs delivered by them can be significantly lesser in cost.

By joining a support group

If in-person or individual therapy can sound expensive for you, another way to go is by joining a support group. There are many support groups for the purpose of addictions, dealing with trauma, dealing with grief, sexual assault, depression, anxiety and much more. These groups charge lesser and also give you additional insights and perspectives about your illness.

By reaching out to your institution/organization

If you are a student in any educational institution, you can reach out to your school admin who can provide you with counselors or therapists who are tied up with the institution. Many institutions also have in-house counselors to help students. The same goes with organizations who have many EAP programs to help their employees with their mental health issues.

By going to community groups

Certain community groups also offer counseling and therapy for very low prices and even sometimes for no cost at all. You can access these services if you are part of a community as a religious group or other non-profit organizations. These services can cover you with therapy while also providing you with other resources and assistance.

By talking to your insurance provider

Another way to go is by talking to your insurance provider. Many insurance providers have tied up with mental health professionals and mental health care centers to provide therapy and interventions for their clients and customers. Insurance can cover a major chunk of your therapy and can also give you options where you might not need to pay at all.

By using online therapy

The best alternative that you can explore is by using online mental health platforms, such as Talkspace, Betterhelp, Calmerry, ReGain, 7Cups and many others. All these platforms have very cheap plans for their users and also offer a variety of therapies and interventions that users can pick and choose from according to their preferences.

Advantages of using Talkspace

As discussed in the earlier section, online therapy platforms like Talkspace can provide cost-effective plans and thus are quite appealing. We shall be looking at some of the other advantages and benefits that Talkspace can provide for their users.

Messaging therapy can be quite convenient

Talkspace particularly brings therapy to its users in the form of messaging. This can be quite convenient and useful, especially for those who have busy schedules and cannot make time for long sessions of therapy. The platform also provides a wide range of messaging like text, audio and video which users can choose according to their requirements.

Talkspace can be cost-effective

While in-person therapy can be quite costly and thus many might turn away from it, online therapy, particularly in Talkspace can be quite cheap. Another superb thing about this is that most of the plans in Talkspace can be easily covered through insurance. Thus, the platform bring quality mental health care to all economic backgrounds.


It has a variety of plans

The platform also offers a variety of plans that users can choose from according to their needs and requirements. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan offers therapy through text, audio and video messaging while the Premium plan offers one live session per month for 30 minutes. The Ultimate plan in Talkspace allows 4 live sessions in a month for 30 minutes each.

It offers couples counseling

Couples counseling is also provided in Talkspace which can be very useful for those duos which are going through rough patches in their relationship. Couples counseling is also being used increasingly by those who are planning on getting married in order to set a strong foundation for their relationships.


This blogpost has discussed if Talkspace takes Medicaid. We have also looked at some of the ways through which you can reduce the costs of therapy. Furthermore, we have discussed some of the advantages that you will experience while using Talkspace for your various mental health needs and requirements.

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Does Talkspace Accept Medicaid – Get Clarity

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