Affirmation for dying (35+)

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Affirmation for dying

  • am one with the energy of the Universe
  • Being carefree comes naturally to me
  • Controlling my thoughts is easy
  • Death does not break the bond of love. …
  • Death is just the next stage of life
  • Everyone’s life has meaning. …
  • Everything must come to an end. …
  • I allow my body to grieve and process
  • I always live for the present moment
  • I am calm at funerals
  • I am calm when thinking about death
  • I am calm when thinking about death
  • I am calm when thinking about dying
  • I am connecting with my soul essence
  • I am fully present in this moment
  • I am grateful for memories shared with my love ones
  • I am grateful for my relationships.
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • I am naturally at peace with death
  • I am ready to let go.
  • I am safe and loved.
  • I am unafraid of dying
  • I am worthy and deserving of love
  • I can hold on to love and let go of grief. …
  • I can speak easily about death
  • I embrace the cycle of life and death
  • I have a fearless and joyous attitude towards life
  • I have cured my fear of death
  • I have eternal gratitude and awe for life’s blessings
  • I live life to the fullest
  • I love myself completely
  • I release all fear and doubts to embrace the infinite
  • I release hurt and pain to heal my heart
  • I take comfort in the support and love from others
  • I will accept death and live life to the fullest
  • I will be calm at funerals
  • I will be in control of my thoughts
  • I will lead a carefree life
  • I will let go of my fear of death
  • I will live fearlessly
  • I will live life fully
  • I will release my death anxiety
  • I will stay calm when thinking about dying
  • I will talk about death easily
  • In my grief, I have changed. …
  • It is healthy for me to let go.
  • Letting go is a part of life.
  • My fear of death is gone
  • My focus is on my blessings. …
  • My life is expanding in every eternal moment
  • My life is full
  • Others see me as a carefree person
  • The pain in my heart will heal.
  • The Universe wraps me in Her arms
  • Thinking of death is no big deal
  • This loss is the beginning of a new chapter
  • Today is for healing. …

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