Your partner swears at you all the time? (Top 3 tips)

In this brief article, we will discuss why your partner may be swearing at you all the time and what you can do about it to help your relationship blossom.

Do you ever feel like your partner swears at you all the time? Are there some swear words that they keep on repeating to the point where it is no longer funny and just annoying as hell? If yes, then this article is perfect for you.

The frequency of cursing/swearing has increased since it is used more often in everyday conversation. 

Cursing can be an emotional outlet for people who feel angry or frustrated, but this form of speech isn’t always appropriate when addressing loved ones with whom you have close relationships due to the strong negative feelings associated with using profanity towards someone closest to us on purpose rather than just venting off steam without thinking about what one says next out loud.

How does he/she know they’re your favorite person if all I do every day is yell at them?

Here we will give you a list of reasons as to why partners swear so much and what you can do to stop them from swearing even when things get heated up.

Why does your partner always swear at you?

First let us look into the reasons as to why partners tend to use profanity or swear words: 

  • They want attention
  • They are stressed out
  • To sound cool/badass/tough/macho etc They are rude/impolite/impatient/stubborn etc.
  • They want to portray themselves as rough and tough.
  • They want to seem cool/macho etc.
  • They are stressed out or feel undervalued in life.

Some partners swear as a form of stress relief, especially those who have already reached the threshold level where they are close to exploding. If the stress issues continue over a period of time, they can lead to serious problems like high blood pressure, heart attacks and even depression. It’s important that you tell your partner why this habit of his is affecting him negatively instead of just ignoring or laughing it off.

Relationships are complicated. When you argue with someone you love, it shouldn’t be tolerated for one reason or another- even if they’ve cursed at times when angry themselves! 

It shows a lack of respect and concern towards yourself which could lead into long term effects on your psyche – something we should always consider no matter what the circumstance may be between us two people sharing this bond called life together as partners in marriage or not necessarily married ones but living separately yet fully present every day through text messages.

I feel sorry for the lack of education they received. Perhaps you could recommend some online classes to help boost his literacy? Maybe a “Word of the Day” calendar for Christmas?”

Mocking your partner when he curses at or about something in everyday life is an effective way not only to de-escalate conflict, but also make him more accountable as well. When someone resorts back into sailor talk after cussing out another person with words said too coarsely and lowers himself down into that typecast mentality we refer it by — then there might be hope: He’s probably looking elsewhere than how much control over anything else really has left inside themselves.

My partner swears at me all the time. Can I do something?

Yes, but it depends on what you want to do about it. If my partner swore at me all the time my first step would be to talk about my feelings with my partner, who might have no idea that they are hurting my feelings. 

On the other hand if my partner knew that swearing was upsetting me and continued to swear at me, something needs to change in our relationship. 

Perhaps my partner has a problem with their anger management which you could advise them of or simply ask them to stop swearing so much around you as it is disrespectful . 

It’s important not to blame yourself for your partner’s actions as this will only worsen your situation and create an atmosphere of mistrust between you.

It is my partner’s responsibility to deal with their anger, not my responsibility to stop my partner swearing at me.

What are the solutions to your partner always swearing at you?

Here are a few solutions to avoid your partner swearing at you all the time:

  • Relax and keep patience: Swearing and abusing someone is not a nice thing to do and if your partner does this regularly then it can be bothersome for you. 

However you need to relax and keep patience because if your partner is not able to control his habit of swearing at you all the time, then there can’t really be anything that you do about it.

  • Controlling your partner: If your partner swears in front of your kids too, then what should you do? 

This is a situation where it will be very hard for your children to forget as well so as parents we need to build good communication with our kids and help them understand how difficult situations can arise sometimes and this kind of thing happens as well. 

It would be necessary to convey the message that such changes won’t last forever and they will get better soon.

  • Talk to your partner: If your partner swears at your friends or kids, then it’s real time that you talk about this with your partner. As much as he may try to convince you that he never curses, don’t believe him because no matter what age your children are they still understand the meaning behind swear words.
  • The counter attack: After talking to your partner and if nothing good comes out of it, then maybe the next step would be for you to curse back at them or fight with them or something like this. It won’t be a solution but definitely make things worse than they already are.
  • Counselling your partner: Lastly you can go to counselling sessions with my partner where my partner will be counselled and made aware of the meaning of my partner swears at me all the time. If your partner is not willing to do this then it would be better for you to leave him because mental peace is more important than a relationship with my partner who swears at me all the time.
  • Avoiding them: If I am feeling low or tired one day, then I can avoid speaking with my partner or if I think he will swear at me again so I can avert that situation by avoiding them as well. This way my mental peace won’t get disturbed by my partner who swears at me all the time.
  • Do something else instead of arguing with them.

FAQ’s: My partner swears at me all the time

Why does my partner swear at me all the time?

It sounds like your partner is committed to an unhealthy lifestyle. The more someone smokes, drinks alcohol, eats junk food, and refuses to exercise the less self-control they have which can result in swearing at their spouse.

One good idea for improving your partner’s behavior would be to try talking with them about living healthier together or encouraging them to go on a diet together. As you start eating better you might find that it’s easier not to swear at each other.

How can I control my partner not to swear at me?

You deserve a partner who respects you. It sounds like your partner can’t control himself, and it might be time for him to find a friend or family member to talk with about how he feels when he swears. 

There are also many resources online on how to break bad habits which could help him reduce swearing, such as Terrible Habits That Are Good For You. If neither of these solutions work for you, then it’s worth ending the relationship-partners who mistreat their relationships should not be in them in the first place.

What are the solutions to avoid swearing at a partner?

The following are some ways to stop/avoid swearing at a partner when angry.

Take deep breaths when feeling an emotion about your partner that could increase the tension level in the room and lead to you swearing.

Avoid criticizing and degrading your partner and talk with them respectfully about anything that brought you both into conflict. 

Create a plan together on what type of words or actions will be used to ask for things they want from their partners without employing disrespectful language or tone of voice. 

Practice patience so you can think before speaking, even if it’s difficult, because once the words leave your mouth, there is no taking back what has been said so better think twice before opening up.

What are the after effects of swearing at a partner?

There are a number of potential after effects that can come from swearing at your partner. They can be negative or positive.

Negative outcomes include feeling sad, feeling unloved, feeling embarrassed or ashamed of one’s mistake, or silencing oneself to avoid offending others even more than one already has. 

Positive outcomes include the realization that you’re human and life is not perfect; an understanding that times change and people change; understanding the impact words have on partners; apologizing for one’s actions, which decreases anxiety and relieves resentment in both parties. 

Not to mention all partnerships affect different parts of our self-worth which change over time so these negative side effects could eventually turn positive.


In this brief article, we discussed why your partner may be swearing at you all the time and what you can do about it to help your relationship blossom.

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