Did xxxtentacion Really Have Depression? (3 Little-Known Insights)

In this article, we will talk about xxxtentacion and his depression. Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy aka xxtentacion was a American rapper, singer, and songwriter. We will get to know more about him, his work, struggles in life that drove him to depression. 

Was xxxtentacion struggling with depression?

Yes, his fans believed so because of the song lyrics and the depth of the music he created. 

What could have lead him into this extreme state of prolonged sadness we would know only when we learn about him and get to know about his life. 

Born in Florida, Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, took up the name Xxxtentacion when he began his career as an American rapper, singer and songwriter. XXXTentacion gathered a huge fan base for himself by creating music that the young crowd related to. He was widely appreciated for his musical versatility because he explored genres like lo-fi, emo, indie rock, nu metal, hip hop, R&B and punk rock.  

He rose to fame immediately after the release of his song titled ‘Look at Me’. 

He died tragically in an armed robbery incident where he was shot multiple times while the robbers leapt inside his car and snatched a bag full of money from his hand.

Posthumously, two albums named ‘Skins’ and ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ were released. The albums received massive appreciation and were even in the top charts of Billboard.  

Early life

During his growing up years, Onfroy spent most of his time with his grandmother. His mother who gave birth to him when she was a teenager, couldn’t cope with the responsibility of raising a child by herself. She went in and out of his life leaving the caretaking responsibilities largely to the grandmother. In an interview, Onfroy stated that he would get into fights during his school years just to get his mother’s attention. 

His late childhood and early adolescent years were spent in the juvenile detention centers for engaging in assaults and armed robberies. When he was out of the juvenile centres, he would spend time in basements and studios of his friends where he would pick his brain and pour all his heart out into creation of music. 

Life of crime and ferosity

As a six year old, he stabbed and injured a man who tried to harm his mother. To keep him away from troubled environments, his aunt tried to encourage him to be a part of church choir but he was removed from the group after he punched a student. The artist described his growing up years as “[I was] quiet. Misfit. I’d fight a man if I had to, but I was just quiet. Everybody messed with me, and if you didn’t mess with me, I fought you. And if I fought you and I won, then I went about my business. If you fought me and you won, which only happened like once, then we moved on.” 

While in the juvenile detention centre, he met Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne famously known as Ski Mask The Slump God. They both decided to get clean and pursue a career in music. 

However, he was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and robbery in July 2016. He paid a 10,000 dollar bail and got out to pursue music again. 

Soon, in October 2016, he was back in jail for witness tampering, false imprisonment, and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman was his own girlfriend at the time named Geneva Ayala

How early life experiences influence later life development 

It is a very popularised fact that the first five years of a person’s life are very crucial for development. But, its not just the first five years that are crucial. Development of an individual begins right from the time a mother conceives the child. 

Now, in Onfroy’s case his mother was a teenager when she conceived him and without any amount of support from the father she was expected to bear and raise the child. Teenage pregnancy, though common, is a stigmatised phenomenon. It is also not advisable given that the adolescent years are also influential for ideal growth of a person. She might have had emotional struggles, identity crisis, financial problems and even and lack of optimum physical maturation to bear a child. 

All these factors leading to stress which have rendered her abilities of motherly affection less than good. The child’s attachment with the mother paves way to the attachment styles they develop in relationships later in life. 

 His behaviour as a young adult, towards his peers and his romantic partner could have been influenced by what he witnessed and experienced early in life. Probably he was even uncomfortable with receiving the amount of love he was not used to receiving. Having a pregnant girlfriend could have triggered him to judge himself and his readiness to become a father he did not himself have. This could have lead to confusion and chaos in his mind causing violent expression of his fears and doubts. 

The above mentioned things are not justifications of his behaviour rather, its just a psychologically applied perspective on child development theories in human development.  

Controversies: xxtentacion 

In his short life of just 21 years, xxxtentacion, spent much time in the dark side of life. He was in the juvenile detention centres as a child and even as an adult he was imprisoned for allegedly being physically assaulting towards his then girlfriend who was also bearing his child. 

During a concert, he beat up a fan with a microphone for no apparent reason. He was much in the limelight for being rude over social media to people who criticised him of domestic ferosity. He would use socially unacceptable language and cuss words to express his disagreements with others. 

Xxxtentacion Depression struggle and treatment 

Art cannot be separate from the artist. Xxxtentacion’s  lyrics were proof enough of the struggles he was facing. 

His popular song titled ‘SAD’ had intense emotional lyrics, like- “Who am I? Someone that’s afraid to let go uh,/  You decide, if you’re ever gonna, let me know/ Suicide, if you ever try to let me go, uh/ I’m sad and low, yeah” . Another popular song named ‘Jocelyn Flores’ had the lyrics- I’m in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain. I’ve been tripping ’bout some things, can’t change

Suicidal, same time I’m tame”. 

Even in chat shows and interviews, the artist often opened up about his struggles. He was recorded on camera saying “Being alone really makes you realize all you got is yourself.” which can be an indicator that he felt lonely in his personal life despite his popularity, fame and wealth.   

He has also made public statements about people not caring until it’s too late, on not putting yourself or your worth into relationships because people let you down.

Unfortunately, Onfroy never seeked professional help to ease out his mental troubles. He never went on record to mention he was receiving professional support of any form. Though there are people who claim he consumed Xanax often and was even possibly addicted to it.  

Expression of xxtentacion’s suffering through his music

Using art as a medium of expression and healing is considered a healthy way of coping with challenges because art has the ability to channelize cathartic energy beautifully. Catharsis is the emotional release that feels like unloading a lot of heavy emotions. 

Onfroy used his music as a way of expressing his struggles. His music and the depth of his dark emotional lyrics often made an instant emotional connect with the listeners. Fans also acclaim that his music provided them with a sense of being understood and solace when they themselves were going through turmoil. 

Though personal expression through art is a good way to vent out tied up feelings of frustration, it cannot be a substitute to receiving help from a professional. A trained professional helps the person to not only understand their emotions better but also how to control violent behaviours and spur of the moment outbursts of anger. They guide the person to use healthier channels of expression. 

What should have been done by xxtentacion in case of depression

Visit a psychiatrist

A psychiatrist can prescribe medicines suitable for the struggles the person is feeling. If he consumed Xanax, an anxiety medication, when he was feeling depressed it wouldn’t have helped him. Therefore, a psychiatrist’s guidance while consuming medical drugs is a must. 

Visit a counsellor 

Seeking help from a counsellor who could have helped him with his emotional struggles would have been really beneficial for Onfroy. The counsellor would have guided him towards better expression of his emotions instead of resorting to ferosity often.   

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In this article, we talked about xxxtentacion and his depression. Jahseh Onfroy aka xxtentacion the American rapper, singer, and songwriter who had a challenging life of 20 years. We got to know more about him, his work, struggles in life that drove him to depression. We also understood what made him create music the way he did. 

What we recommend for Depression

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

Frequently asked questions: xxxtentacion depression

How did xxxtentacion become famous?

XXXTentacion became famous due to his YouTube channel, where he would upload music, vlogs, and gaming videos. 

Which was xxxatentacion’s first song and last song?

His first song was titled ‘Vice City’ and was published in Soundcloud in 2014. His last song was a single named ‘Changes’ which was released in March 2018 just three months before he was murdered in June. Some of his albums and songs, which were work in progress, were released even after he passed away. 

What was xxxatentacion’s net worth?

He had an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars at the time of his death. 

Where and how was xxxtentacion terminated?

XXXTentacion, was shot and terminated in an armed robbery just outside RIVA Motorsports, an upscale seller of motorcycles and terminatein Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Does xxxtentacion have a child?

Yes. Jenesis Sanchez and xxxtentacion had a baby boy together named Gekyume Onfroy. He was born three days after what would’ve been his late father’s 21st birthday. 


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