Will insurance cover BetterHelp? (+5 tips)

This post will answer if insurance covers BetterHelp. We will also discuss different ways through which you can reduce your BetterHelp charges. In addition to this, we will be looking closely at why therapy is actually so expensive and how you can make the best use of the online therapy platform, BetterHelp.

Will insurance cover BetterHelp?

No, insurance will not cover BetterHelp. While BetterHelp does offer many benefits and advantages to those who are seeking online therapy, insurance coverage is certainly one of them. However, the platform does offer financial aid or financial assistance to those who are finding affordability an issue here.

How to reduce your BetterHelp charges?

BetterHelp is definitely a very cost-effective solution to otherwise expensive therapy. There are still many ways through which you can reduce the cost of your BetterHelp subscription even further. A few have been explained below:

  • Apply for financial aid. The platform allows those who are struggling financially to apply for financial aid or assistance which can reduce the cost of the subscription by up to 25 per cent. This can be applied by those who are unemployed, from low-income households or even those who have been furloughed due to the pandemic.
  • You can also use your Flexible Spending Account or FSA to pay for your subscription. This account can give many tax breaks or tax advantages to the user and is usually arranged by the employer.
  • In addition to FSA, you can use your Health Savings Account or HSA, which can also provide many tax advantages to the user.
  • There are many websites and platforms that have many offer codes and discount codes that you can use to reduce the costs of your subscription in BetterHelp.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy can actually be quite expensive and is often considered a luxury by many. Therapy can actually cost a lot due to various reasons, such as:

It is not a one-time thing

The thing about therapy is that it is never a one-time thing other than very rare occasions. In order to get the full effect of therapy, an individual is required to go in for multiple sessions which many times can go on for months and maybe even years. This can multiply the cost of the session into a large number of times, thus making it an expensive process.

Therapists pay a lot in rent

Those who have been to a therapist’s office know how luxurious and comfortable they are. Therapists often choose very prime locations so that their clientele can access them very easily and also pull in more clients for their practice. These offices can cost a lot in rent as well as utilities and accessories that are required to make the place more relaxing.


They require assistance

Therapists mostly do not work in their offices alone. They also mostly hire personal assistants to help them manage their offices. These assistants additionally help the therapists in their paperwork which can take up a lot of their precious time. The paperwork is only increased when insurance is involved.

They need to be licensed

It is of course not enough for the therapist to possess a degree or a diploma. They also need to be licensed in their respective states or regions to practice independently. Licensing fees can cost a lot and this needs to be renewed on a regular basis. Furthermore, licensing requires the therapist to take on additional courses which can create more expenses for them.

They have student debt

As almost every other professional in the world today, therapists also struggle from the problem of student debt. To become a therapist takes a lot of studying and they often prefer prestigious institutions so that they are better equipped to provide high quality therapy to their clients. Thus, most therapists continue to pay off their educational loans well into their careers.

How to make the best use of BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is essentially an online platform that provides access to licensed and certified therapists for anybody who signs up. To make the best use of this platform, you can use the various points mentioned below:

  • Provide as much information about yourself as you possibly can. This is important in the sign-up phase since the algorithm that BetterHelp has, uses this data to bring the best therapist match for you.
  • You can also choose your own therapist by going through the directory.
  • While BetterHelp does not have insurance coverage, it still provides financial assistance. If you are unemployed or facing financial struggles, remember to mention this while signing up for the platform. It will automatically reduce your cost of subscription.
  • You can also use the various resources supplied by the platform such as the digital worksheets that can help you cope with anxiety and also assist in relaxation. BetterHelp even has an online journal that you can fill out and share with your therapist as part of the intervention.
  • The platform has various modes of therapy such as text therapy, audio sessions and even video sessions. Explore these and find what works for your convenience as well as your preference.


This post has answered if insurance covers BetterHelp. We have also discussed different ways through which you can reduce your BetterHelp charges. In addition to this, we have looked closely at why therapy is actually so expensive and how you can make the best use of the online therapy platform, BetterHelp.

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