Wife really wants a daughter (5 things to do?)

In this blog guide, we answer the question of what to do when wife really wants a daughter? We look at a few tips to conceive a baby girl. In addition, we also look at how to deal if a spouse does not want a kid. 

Can you do something if your wife really wants a daughter? 

Yes, you can do quite a few things if your wife really wants a daughter. 

With the change in time, people’s thought processes have also opened up. Historically speaking when asked, couples wanted a baby boy instead of a girl for whatsoever reasons. But as time has passed people have started to want a daughter in their lives. 

However, we do understand that most of the time it is not in our hands to determine the gender of the baby. Hence the question arises what can you do if your wife really wants a daughter? 

To answer the question, here is a list of tips you can follow if your wife really wants a daughter. 

  • High tech gender selection

Science has made things possible that a human mind had never thought of. Couples who are undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) may have the option to choose the gender of their child prior to implantation, through a technique called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This method is sometimes used to screen for genetic diseases that may only affect male children (such as hemophilia), but some fertility clinics will also allow for elective gender selection as well. The advantage to the technique, happening in a laboratory, is that it is about 95% accurate in terms of resulting in a baby with the selected gender. The disadvantage is a significant cost, upward of $15,000, and that it is only an option for those undergoing IVF.

  • Sperm sorting

Another approach to the science side is to get a boy is sperm sorting. This is also known as MicroSort. In this process, the father-to-be provides sperm, which are then separated into X and Y chromosomes. After separation, the sperm with the desired chromosomes is used for either an IVF or IUI procedure. Data suggests this procedure is up to 75% accurate for female selection. 

  • Change your diet

Eating foods that increase your reproductive organs acidity levels might improve your chances of conceiving a girl. No sperm like acidic environments, but X sperms are more durable and more likely to survive in a toxic environment. So, add more acid-forming foods to your diet. According to one published study, women who are vegetarians statistically had a significantly higher chance of having a female baby. Other food suggestions connected to conceiving girls include options that are high in calcium and magnesium. 

  • Have sex before Ovulation 

According to the Shettles method, you can up your chances for a girl by having sex two to four days before ovulation. The theory is that “ girl sperm” are stronger and swim slower than “ boy sperm,” so they are more likely to survive the wait for the egg to arrive until the ovulation. The challenge with this theory is that it can be tricky to know exactly when ovulation may occur, so getting the timing right can be difficult.

  • Sexual position

A few people believe that sexual position can increase your odds of having a girl. To convince a girl, you’ll want to avoid positions with deep penetration and aim for shallow missionary style instead.

  • Say no to Intimate release

There is also a theory that avoiding an intimate release after intimate play can help you have a girl, as the female intimate release causes a secretion that helps boy sperm survive longer in the reproductive tract. 

  • Fragile sperm 

On the father’s part, some theories say that father’s stress levels, choice of underwear, and sperm count and increase the chance of conceiving a girl. 

Besides following the above-mentioned tips, it is also important that you visit a specialist. We live in the 21st century, where the medical industry has gone way beyond our imagination. It is essential to take expert advice to avoid any sort of complications ahead both to the mother and child.in addition, you can both unanimously decide to adopt a girl. 

Why does my wife really want a daughter? 

To be very honest wanting a specific gender kid is not surprising. People have their choice and preferences. Although we were able to find a few reasons as to why your wife really wants a daughter. This is not to discriminate between a girl or a boy baby, but mothers do have a different level of attachment with their daughters like we have seen in the TV sitcom Gilmore Girls. Isn’t it obvious that we would all die to have a relationship like Lorelai and Rory. 

She Handles Responsibilities Like a Pro

Girls are considered to be more responsible than boys. They help you with all your household chores. It makes the life of a mother considerably easier. Don’t you feel proud of your little daughter when she acts mature? Your little girl takes care of small things when you are busy. We are not saying that boys don’t do it. They do too, and they should, indeed, but there’s something in girls that makes them reach out to their mothers naturally, and you can’t love her more than when she lends you a helping hand when you need it the most.

She Has Given the mother a Reason to Relive her Childhood Again

When a mother sees her little doll playing with her Barbies or her kitchen set, she can’t wait to finish her tasks for the day and join her in the fun. Watching her make imaginary tea takes the mother down memory lane. She reminds her of her own childhood. Such are the perks of having a daughter – that tiny bundle of joy has further sweetened your happy moments!

She becomes her Best Friend

Having a daughter is like having a best friend. She is always there – listening to you and observing you when you talk or are lost deep in thoughts. Sometimes, out of the blue, she even guides you on different matters. That little girl keeps you up-to-date with the present generation. She listens to her no matter what it is. 

She Looks Up to her. 

It’s a proud moment for any mother when her daughter says that she wants to be just like her mom.it is the world’s best feeling if your daughter idolized you. For her princess, she is a superwoman. She always believes whatever the mother says and is ready to defend her whenever need be.

She becomes her Strength

When you feel low or are too sad to talk, one-touch from your daughter can make all your worries and sorrows disappear. When the little girl comes up to you and wipes away your tears snuggling in your arms, you know there is no battle you can’t fight. Her sweet and innocent words give you strength and you know you can achieve anything in this world.

Having a daughter is a true blessing for your wife. A blessing that she cannot fond anywhere. A daughter is the biggest strength, support system, and also, the weakest link of her parents. Without realizing it, she changes you and makes you a better person. 

Therefore, these may be the reasons why your wife really wants a daughter. 

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What to do if your wife really wants a daughter but you don’t? 

The abovementioned tips are for those partners who want to have a kid. However, your situation may differ if your wife really wants a daughter but you don’t. 

There are two scenarios here, you either already have kids and do not want more or you do not want kids in the first place. 

Such a situation can bring a sense of resent towards the other. To avoid your marriage from falling apart, here are few tips. 

Get professional help

The first thing to do is to look for a marriage/ family counselor. By doing so you find a safe place to explore all your options. Even though the situation is non-negotiable, you can look at all the options and make a sensible;e decision ahead. 

See if a compromise can be made 

If it is the initial few years that you are scared of, then you may consider adopting a child. If that is not the situation, but your wife really wants a daughter, then you may want to consider giving in for the sake of her love. But do not go with this if you feel you cannot love the child. 

Understand each other’s feeling 

It is important to understand that you are in a marriage. You have to be there for each other no matter what. SIt down and be open for discussion. Ask your wife why she wants a daughter. On the other tell your wife why you do not want kids. Tell her about your fears and apprehensions. Nevertheless, try to understand her need for a kid. 

Ask the difficult questions

It is very important, to be frank, and open in such situations. Ask them the why question. On the other hand, if you are yet to be married have ‘the’ conversation. Do not always assume that things will work out on its own. 

See if this is something that can change over time 

It is possible that you may want to have kids later in your life. In such a scenario explain it to your wife and ask her to wait for the right time for you. If it can’t change over time, you need to decide if you can be happy without kids or if you would be giving up something that is vitally important to you. 

Having kids can usually strengthen the relationship. You realize you had the power to bring a life into the world. You make new memories and learn new things. If your wife really wants a daughter and if you can give it to her, it will not only make her happy but also make your relationship happy. 


In this blog guide, we answered the question of what to do when wife really wants a daughter? We looked at a few tips to conceive a baby girl. In addition, we also look at how to deal if a spouse does not want a kid. 

FAQs: Wife really wants a daughter. 

What is a toxic parent? 

A toxic parent is someone who doesn’t have boundaries. They act like they don’t love you until you’re ready to bend to their will. A toxic parent makes you afraid to be around them. Even if you’re an adult, you still fear your toxic parent, and the pain just doesn’t go away.

Do mother hate their daughters? 

No mother would hate their own child. Even if they do end up having a constrained relationship after a point, they most certainly do not hate each other until something bog has occured. 

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