Why would a guy want to get you pregnant? (7 reasons)

In this blog post, we will try to answer the question ‘Why would a guy want to get you pregnant?’. The blog further explains a few signs that he wants you to get pregnant. The blog also establishes that men want kids more than women and that men also have a biological clock. 

Reasons why a guy would want you to get pregnant 

Below are 7 reasons why a guy  would want to get you pregnant 

  • They love babies
  • He’s ready to settle down 
  • He is in love with you 
  • Having a baby makes you happier 
  • Parenthood makes his life meaningful 
  • Parenthood can bring partners closer 
  • Makes you a better person 

Parenting is the next step in a relationship. People all over the world want to become parents. Bring a new life into the world, trying to bring happiness in their won lives. Here are 7 reasons why a guy would want you to get pregnant. 

They love babies 

Well, this is a victory for common sense. If your guy enjoys being around kids and loves babies, he would want to have a kid of his own eventually. However, if he detests kids, the chances of him having his own kid and reproducing for his gene line are quite less. 

He’s ready to settle down 

Our society believes the best way to settle down is to have kids. Well, they may not be wrong. One needs to live a very responsible life after a child is born. If your guy feels that he is ready to give up his happening life and move on with a settled life, he would want you to get pregnant. Having a kid may straighten his priorities. A single-life is to do die for, but it comes with its consequences such as exhaustion and constant anxiety about the future. Settling down can be a cure to all the problems of singlehood. 

He’s in love with you 

What better reason than this. Any man would be able to commit ti anything if they love you deeply. A kid is absolutely the best manifestation of your love. Having a baby and raising it together can show the love you have for each other. I mean think about it, would you ever make a baby with the person you do not love? No right. A kid out of love represents a new life that you will love together unconditionally. 

Having a baby makes him happier 

Yes raising a baby is not easy. The sleepless nights, constant crying, dirty diapers, and no time for yourself seems never-ending. But then think about the positives of having a baby. The first smile of your baby, the first step, the first time the baby calls you dad or mom. That thing right there can make you happier than anything in the entire world. Cuddling with them after a stressful day, playing with them during your free time is all better than any other way of gaining happiness. Being with your baby is solace. 

Parenthood makes his life meaningful 

We all find the meaning of our life in different things. Some find it in the work they do, whilst others may find it in the religious beliefs and values. Most of them find it in parenthood. Having a kid, taking care of them, loving them unconditionally and them watching them become kind and successful hum beings can tell you so much about how successful you have been in life. Having a kid can give you a purpose in life, a purpose to live. Your man must be willing to find his purpose in life above all the parties and alcohol, therefore wanting to have kids. 

Parenthood can bring partners closer 

Raising a child together is like working in one team. The fact that you two together were capable to create a new life can do wonders to your relationship. A unique human, yet exactly like you. From infancy to adolescence partners work together to raise their child. From staying up all night, changing dirty diapers, Sunday picnics to making sure your teen child is safe and sound, all of this is to be done together as one strong team. This can certainly make your relationship stronger and closer. 

Makes him a better person 

If there is anything that can being you into check is becoming a parent. Once you are a parent you have to become the most responsible version of yourself. Your parenthood can make you drink, party, and smoke less. You have to start to prioritize your needs and desires. You cannot forget about your baby and go out clubbing with your friends. This does not mean your life becomes boring, it just becomes more responsible. You try to change yourself as a human to give your child a better role model to follow. It makes you a new person- a sweet, caring, mature, and confident person.

Sings he wants you to get pregnant 

If a guy has a desire to have a kid, he is going to start behaving in a certain way. His actions and behavior may subtly try to tell you that he wants you to get pregnant. Pay attention to his everyday behavior to find out about these signs. 

Once you have understood the reasons why he wants you to get pregnant, here are a few signs that he wants you to get pregnant. 

He keeps talking about kids 

When your boyfriend or husband keeps talking to you about kids, and what your life would be like with kids, you should understand that he is thinking about having a kid. If he keeps bringing up a baby in every conversation of yours,  he is definitely thinking about having a kid. He talks to you about what your kids may look like, the name of your kids, the school they will go to, etc. 

He has unprotected sex with you when you are ovulating 

This is a  clear sign. If he out of nowhere is ready to have unprotected sex with you, especially when you are ovulating, it means he wants to have kids. If he refuses to pull out or have even worn protection, it is time to talk to him about what he is thinking. 

He talks about buying a new house 

If out of the blue, your husband thinks that you should shift into a better neighborhood, buy a bigger and better house, he is probably planning for the future and wanting to have a baby. 

He gets excited about other’s kids 

Does your husband become all mushy about kids after having spent time with your sister’s kid or your friend’s baby? If suddenly he feels happy and excited about meeting them or spending time with them, he is certainly wanting to have a kid. ‘

He volunteers to spend time with a kid 

If your husband, who is usually busy with his work, starts to make time to babysit your neighbor’s or sister’s kid, then he is preparing to become a dad. He is trying to change his schedule and make a place for a baby in it. He is also trying to make sure to have some practice in taking care of a baby. 

If you see these signs in your husband or your boyfriend, do not wait for anything. Ask them directly what are they thinking about. It is better to be prepared while having a kid than an unwanted pregnancy. If you are not ready to get pregnant, tell them clearly, do not deceit them by having pills. This will only break their heart and compromise your relationship with each other. 

Who wants more children, men or women? 

We have a common notion that usually women want babies and have baby fever. Women are associated with motherhood and babies. To our surprise, not only women, men too want to have babies. In fact, it is men who want more children than women. 

Studies that have compared the desires of men and women to have children have found that men usually show more interest. In 2011, a national study of single Americans surveyed 5000 participants who were single men and women under the age of 18. The study found out that 24% of men wanted to have children while only 15% of women agreed to the same. In addition, a poll in 2013, found that 8 in 10 fathers knew they wanted to have children in comparison to 7 in 10 mothers. 

Do men have a biological clock too? 

Yes, men too have a biological clock ticking. We have often heard about women and their end in the possibility to reproduce after menopause. However, even though men can reproduce forever, the quality of their sperm reduces after age. This was confirmed by recent research that said men also experience physiological changes that may decrease the chances of an older couple to have children. It was seen that men past the age of 45 had difficulty in impregnating their partners. 

 In addition, men past 45 years can increase complications in pregnancy. For instance, the child can be born with pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, or may have a premature birth. 

Children born to older dads have endured a higher risk of infant seizures and, as they developed, were found to have an improved probability of youth diseases, mental and intellectual problems, and chemical imbalance. So, the evidence demonstrates that men are too possess a ticking biological clock. 

So when your man is worried about his gene line and asks you to get pregnant, he is not wrong. You may want to consider his opinion and avoid a complicated pregnancy later. 


In this blog post, we have tried to answer the question ‘Why would a guy want to get you pregnant?’. The blog further explains\ed  a few signs that he wants you to get pregnant. The blog also established that men want kids more than women and that men also have a biological clock. 

FAQs: Why would a guy want to get you pregnant? 

Do husbands find their pregnant wives attractive?

Yes in fact many men desire their pregnant partner more than ever before, even if they aren’t having as much sex as before, as indicated in a study. They find her as physically attractive as she was before pregnancy, if not more. 

Why does he want to have a baby with me? 

He may want to have a baby with you for the simple reason that he loves you very much. If you are not in a relationship, he must be considering your genetic makeup. We all want our kids to be perfect and unknowingly, the parents play an important role. If you are beautiful, tall, and intelligent, with no medical conditions per se, having a strong genetic line might be the reason he wants to have kids with you. 





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