Why is monday.com so expensive? (+7 special features)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

In this article, we shall discuss why monday.com is so expensive. We shall also look at the features that are included in every plan that monday.com offers and also those that make monday.com so different from other platforms. Organizations are increasingly looking for project management tools that can be one-stop shops, offering all sorts of features.

Why is monday.com so expensive?

monday.com can seem too expensive or pricey for many users as it offers a wide range of features that organizations and teams will find highly useful. While there are four different paid plans, there is also a free plan that individual users can opt for. This is also incredibly useful for those individuals who want to coordinate their tasks. This plan can have a maximum of 2 users.

The basic plan, at the time of writing, comes up to $8 per month for a single user while the standard plan comes up to $10 per month per user. The pro plan charges $16 per user for a single month. Organizations which are looking for the Enterprise plan need to contact monday.com for a quote.

While these prices may not seem like too much for some individuals and organizations, it can seem costly especially when compared to other project management tools. monday.com also offers a free trial for a period of 14 days. However, many users claim this trial period is pointless as it is simply not enough to learn the ropes of the platform.

Features that are a part of every plan

While the various plans that monday.com offers have a different range of features, the following features are essentially available in all of them.

  • The user can have an unlimited number of free viewers
  • They can also make an unlimited number of boards
  • They can use the platform on iOS as well as Android devices
  • The platform also provides all the plans with a Kanban view
  • The users can the many columns provided in the platform to present information and data

Features that make monday.com special

While monday.com may look pricier than other project management tools, it offers special features that still make it the top choice for organizations and teams today. These features are:

The color-coding system in monday.com

The user interface on monday.com greatly makes use of bright and bold colors. Not only does this make the platform highly visual but also very visible for the user. And thus, tasks and notifications can be easily found in the workspaces. Users can also set their own color codes for tasks and their priorities to ensure better understanding of the project.

Ability to prioritize different tasks

Various tasks or pulses that the user is working on or going to work on can vary on the priority scale. Some tasks may be high priority while others may be low and thus can be done at a later point in time. monday.com makes setting priorities for tasks very easy. Furthermore, it also uses a widget to assign different colored llamas to tasks to denote their priorities.

Getting reminders for tasks

Reminders and notifications are sometimes lost in the crowd of emails and updates that team members may receive. This can be solved easily by using a project management system like monday.com which can notify the team members when a task is completed or when a deadline is approaching.

Automation features

Automation features can greatly save time and speed up tasks for employees. Through the use of automation features, the team members can focus on important tasks and leave the rest for monday.com to complete. Examples of these actions are changing statuses for tasks, sending notifications about completed tasks and also completing recurring tasks for the users.

Lead generation capabilities

monday.com is not just a project management or workplace collaboration tool. This tool can also be used to maintain finances in the organization, for HR purposes as well as for the purpose of Customer Relationship Management. It can also generate leads easily from web-based forms, generating more customers for the organization.

Tools to increase collaboration

With the help of monday.com, team members can easily communicate and collaborate with each other. On this platform, team members can easily chat with each other using the chat messenger. They can also brainstorm ideas on the discussion boards. Moreover, they can also work on files at the same time and participate in polls or surveys to improve the work environment.

Time tracking feature

With the help of this feature, leaders and managers can understand the work patterns of their team members and which tasks are the most time consuming for them. This allows better work coordination and distribution of tasks. With the help of this feature, employees can also be given the appropriate amount of work, thus avoiding over-burdening.


In this article, we have discussed why monday.com is so expensive. We have also looked at the features that are included in every plan that monday.com offers and also those that make monday.com so different from other platforms.

Frequently asked questions: (Why is monday.com so expensive?)

Is monday.com worth the cost?

Yes, monday.com has a great range of features that make the cost totally worth it.

Can you get monday.com for free?

Yes. There is a free forever version on monday.com that independent individuals and freelancers can use to coordinate and organize their tasks. They can also use the account with a maximum of 2 other users.

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