Why is depression destroying my life?

This article will discuss the idea that a person may have when they are depressed, that depression destroys their lives. Aside from that, the article will explain what they can do when they feel like that.

Why is depression destroying my life?

When you are going through depression, you can often feel like depression is destroying your life. That is because the condition will often change every single aspect of your life, and most of the time, it will be a negative change.

The first way you can feel depression is destroying your life is by making it nearly impossible for you to do things as you did before. You might have started to realize that your work of study is suffering, that you are not able to focus on things as much as you did before, as a matter of fact, you may begin to feel like you don’t care that much about them.

Depression will make you lose interest in things, even what you used to love, so, if you don’t care for something, it may be that it is destroyed. Focusing may also be had because depression deeply affects your cognitive functions, making it harder for you to pay attention, and also to memorize things.

You can also begin to notice that your relationships are changing. It can be because you told your friends and loved ones, and they are having trouble supporting you the way you need, or because you feel like you need to isolate yourself.

In both cases, feeling lonely, and like you can’t count on anyone, may lead you to the belief that depression is destroying your life. If you have a romantic relationship in your life, you may feel like that will change as well. When you are depressed, aside from how you relate to others changing, your sex drive will also change.

If you and your partner don’t talk openly about it, it may be easy for either of you to assume that you are out of love, and maybe even end a relationship that was perfectly okay before depression got its claws in you.

Aside from that, you can have a sense that depression is destroying your life because it will ultimately make you lose your purpose. Depression leaves you feeling empty, and all your dreams and aspirations seem to be gone.

Not knowing what you are living for can leave you to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just end it all. Al lot of people that are depressed may experience, at some point, suicidal thoughts. 

As you feel that depression has taken so much out of you, you can feel that there isn’t anything else to get back to, even if you got better. And you might feel so worthless, that at some point you can begin to believe that the people you love would be better without you.

All of that can feed the depression monster inside you, and the idea of suicide can begin to grow. At that moment, some people may try to end their lives. It is common to see people that are depressed, and have a history of suicide attempts, and unfortunately, some succeed.

But it is not something that should be taken lightly, and this may be one of the worst moments a person with depression may go through.

So before you surrender to the idea of suicide, and let depression destroy your life, know that there are some things you can do to try to battle it. Let’s discuss what you can do when you feel depression is destroying your life.

Why is depression destroying my life?

What can I do when I feel depression destroying my life? 

If you are depressed and have a feeling that depression is destroying your life, there are some things you can do. 

Talk about it

If you are feeling that depression is harming your relationships, the best thing you can do is talk about it with your loved ones. It may be that they don’t understand what is happening. Sometimes it is hard for people that have never been depressed to understand how it feels.

Be open with them about your needs, and let them know how they can help. Keeping this open and straightforward channel of communication will allow them to get closer, and maybe you can feel like there is still hope for your relationships.

Look for treatment

If you are still not in treatment, you must start it right away. Depression will slowly feed on you if you don’t care for yourself, and then it may destroy your life. 

If you are already in treatment but are realizing that it hasn’t been as effective as you think you should get in touch with the mental health professionals that are caring for you. 

Therapy may be a slow process, but it will certainly help. As for medication, you may talk to your psychiatrist about the possibility of increasing the dose of your medication or even changing it.

Focus on your self-care

While you are depressed, it may be hard to focus on caring for yourself. Be it taking care of your sleep, and eating pattern, be it to focus on exercising, or doing things that can improve your mood a little.

But as hard as it may be, you must try to take little steps towards self-care. Try to go out a little each day, get some sunlight, and maybe you will be able to have a little chat with someone from your neighborhood. All of that may bring a little more positive outlook on things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Why is depression destroying my life? 

Does depression permanently damage the person’s brain? 

No, when you are depressed, it will have many impacts on your brain. It can lead to inflammation of your it, and the shrinking of some areas. But as you go through treatment, your brain will likely recover itself little by little.

That is because our brain has a characteristic that is called plasticity. This means that, even though your brain was affected by something, it will have the power to heal itself in some ways. 

And this can take some time, but a while after your depression is gone, you will begin to feel that your cognitive functions, such as your memory, and your ability to focus, will go back to normal.

Does depression have a cure? 

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Because it has a genetic factor to it, which won’t change even after treatment, it is impossible to affirm that a person will never get depressed again. So, because of that, mental health professionals will often say that a person goes into remission.

This means that the person will begin to feel like themselves again. And they will have better control over their emotions, and finally will regain their ability to feel joy, and interest in things.

But it is important to highlight that once a person goes into remission, they should still keep caring for their mental health. That is the best effort they can do when trying to prevent a possible relapse of their depressive state.

What are ways to cope with depression? 

People can cope with depression in various ways. First, it is important to say that professional support is a must. Going to a psychiatrist, who will prescribe you medication if needed, and to a therapist, that will help you deal with your emotions, can be the first step towards improving.

But there are also some things you can do in your day-to-day life that can help you cope with depression. One of them is trying to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating and sleeping well are things that will quickly impact your energy level. 

Aside from that, exercising can also make you more energetic, but not only that. It has the power to lower your stress levels, and also improve your mood. You don’t need to do a big workout, but maybe going for short walks can help.

Aside from that, it seems that breathing exercises and meditation can often help you cope with depression. It is something that will help you focus on yourself a little more, and take you away from those negative thoughts that can come so often when you are depressed.

Being close to people you love, and feel supported by can also be important to help you cope. It will not only help you out of those negative thought patterns, but it will also make you feel more supported.

And finally, you may want to do things that cause you positive emotions, such as a new hobby, like gardening, or volunteering. It will make you feel good, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

What are the most common symptoms of depression? 

Depression can often cause the person to feel intense sadness, and it will cause them to lose interest in things, even the ones they used to love. The condition will also cause the person to feel less energetic, more fatigued, and have a lower ability to focus.

Aside from that, depression causes the person to feel hopeless, helpless, empty, and more irritable. Their sense of self-worth and their self-esteem will be low, and they can become more isolated. People with depression will also experience a change in their eating and sleeping patterns, along with crying spells.

When depressed, you can feel more pain or headaches, and a few people can even turn to self-harm. In most serious cases, depression can lead to thoughts of death, and suicide.

What causes depression?

Depression can be caused by some factors. It can be related to genetic factors, which means that when a person has a family history of depression, it can make them more susceptible to becoming depressed.

Aside from that, depression can often be related to a chemical imbalance in the person’s brain. This means that a low level of some neurotransmitters, and high levels of others, can cause a depressive state.

Finally, depression can often be caused by external factors. This means that when a person is going through a traumatic situation, such as an illness of themselves, or a loved one, the loss of a loved one, or even the end of a relationship, can cause a person to become depressed.


This article explained why you can feel like depression is destroying your life. Aside from that, the article showed what you can do when you feel like that.

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