Why has my partner asked me to leave the house? 

If your partner has asked you to leave the house, it can come as a big shock and will also be extremely hurtful. Hopefully this kind of a decision isn’t coming out of the blue, or it isn’t coming after no decision or argument. If it is coming up randomly, then that’s not okay. It does mean that you were kept in the dark without an explanation. 

In this article we would be understanding why your partner has decided on this, this is if it has come up out of nowhere. We will then understand how you proceed with this situation. 

The topics in this article are : 

  • Why has my partner asked me to leave the house? 
  • What can I do about this?

Why has my partner asked me to leave the house? 

Your partner might have asked you to leave the house for the following reasons:

  • They don’t believe the relationship could work 
  • They’ve been hurt deeply
  • They don’t want a commitment
  • They need some time 

They don’t believe the relationship could work 

Your partner doesn’t feel like this relationship could work because you’ll have probably not had any good times. Or even though you’ll have had a few good memories, the arguments and fights have overpowered them. This has probably caused your partner to feel that it’s best you part ways with each other. 

If this is the case and he has decided on this without providing you with a decent conversation as to why he wants to do this, then it’s not the right step. It is disrespectful to make a decision like this without having a conversation regarding the same with your partner. 

In such a situation you’d have to communicate with your partner. Make sure that you have a clear idea as to why this has happened before you leave the house. In case they begin to stone wall you then let them know that you’d like to know the reason before leaving. 

If you have had a rather big disagreement in the recent past, and you haven’t been speaking after that, this could usually be the problem. When the communication stops in a relationship, then it almost breaks the bond and eventually the relationship itself. 

If this is the reason then instead of letting it end with no conversation at all, speak to your partner. Why let a relationship break just because there has been no communication? This might bother you in future. It’s best to have no regrets and speak to your partner about the same. 

They’ve been deeply hurt

They’ve been hurt from a past situation and they haven’t communicated this effectively to you. 

This is usually a consequence of not  resolving feelings from the past. People tend to just get tired of the entire argument or fight and block themselves out after a point. 

This can be done because they’re so drained out and they don’t have anything more to say, or it can be simply because they want to avoid adding onto the fight. 

By trying to stop themselves from hurting you or saying something that will keep the fight going they just stop talking. This often leads to a build up of resentment. They probably feel like they didn’t get a say. 

It’s easy to think that this is their problem, and they need to solve it, but if you really want this to work, then you’d also have to take the initiative to solve it. 

They don’t want a commitment

They’ve been having regrets related to something they did in the past , or that has happened in your relationship. Maybe at that time they thought it was okay, but now they realise they aren’t comfortable with something that happened. They jumped into this relationship too soon and they don’t feel like they’re ready for this commitment. Their interest  has  run out and they have realised that they aren’t ready for this. 

They can have regrets for letting go of a fight, or for settling , compromising on something , or a certain issue. It most likely is that they compromised on a certain something that they feel they shouldn’t have done. 

Due to the above reasons they might be having doubts about the relationship or what they want from their partner. They’re probably trying to understand if they’re going on the right path and so on. 

If this is the case and you feel so, it can be beneficial to speak about how you’re feeling firstly. Don’t try to ask them where they’re at, it might be difficult for them to express. So start by speaking about where you stand and what you’d like to improve.

They need some time 

With all the reasons mentioned above it is natural that they probably need some time away from the relationship. 

They need to figure things out before moving forward and having you around might be preventing them from doing so. Hence it’s best that you both utilise this time to understand where you stand and how to move forward from this point. 

What can I do about this? 

It’s going to take a lot of time, talking and trusting each other to resolve this situation. When we speak of time, it means happy neutral zones. Maybe time spent away at a park having a small picnic. Or taking dates whenever you can.

Spending this kind of quality time improves the nature of your relationship. Secondly, talking, if your partner is only bringing up the past and isn’t even able to tell you what’s wrong, then you can open up first. Speak about how you’re feeling, what you’d like to do about this and how you’re ready to put in the effort. 

If you have decided to take time before trying to resolve things again, then trust each other and respect the boundaries. 

It’s extremely important to trust each other throughout the whole process. Trust that you can work together and resolve this hurdle. 

You can always do something to bring back the connection, to respark love and also build trust. However it is a work in progress and won’t happen overnight. You can’t be hasty as there are real feelings involved. So don’t go looking for solutions, instead focus on finding yourselves in the relationship. 

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean the effort, the small random surprises, they nice texts or calls, doesn’t mean they stop. 

Remember that a relationship is always a work in progress and it never stops being one. Give your relationship the time it deserves. Give your partner the attention and effort they deserve. 


 If your partner has asked you to leave the house, then it’s time to introspect and see what’s going wrong. Remember that this relationship consists of two people, so your partner can’t make the decisions for the both of you. It’s important to atleast have a conversation. Before deciding to part ways. 

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