Why does your partner always interrupt you? 

If your partner has been always interrupting you when you speak it can cause a lot of issues when it comes to the way you communicate with each other. You might feel resentful and frustrated every time you try to talk in the presence of your partner. This can also make you feel disrespected and that’s not a healthy emotion to have in a relationship.

In this article we will be learning the following:

  • Why does your partner always interrupt you? 
  • How to stop this from happening? 

Why does your partner always interrupt you? 

  • They are being toxic 
  • They are controlling in nature
  • They don’t know what they’re doing 
  • They are impatient

They are being toxic

At the end of the day, when your partner always interrupts you, it’s bound to make you feel as if you’re being disrespected. Most of the time our partners tend to push us to feel unwanted and unworthy of their time and space. 

This is when we call them toxic and the relationship itself tends to become a toxic relationship. If your partner keeps interrupting you it’s a tactic to emotionally manipulate you. This means they’re direarding not only the way you feel but also your thoughts and opinions. They’re taking away from you the opportunity to express yourself in a conversation. 

This is especially painful when it happens at an event or , at the dining table when you’re sitting with family, or guests. This kind of behaviour is noticeable and can make you feel insulted. If your partner is doing this with the intention of making you feel like they’re in charge, and you cannot speak this much when they’re around, then naturally they know what they’re doing. 

And not only for they know what they’re doing, they probably also know how it’s making you feel. Even after knowing so much if they continue to act the same way then obviously they’re being toxic to you and changing your relationship into a toxic one. 

In these situations the best thing to do is confront your partner. This shouldn’t be done the moment they interrupt you, because chances are that they’ll turn it around and make it look as though you ruined the day. Pick a neutral time where things seem to be fairly calm and then confront them about this situation.

If they try to gaslight you, or they try to interrupt you constantly, then you need to know that they might probably never change. Or they don’t even want to change. 

They are controlling in nature 

They probably have a tendency to not just interrupt you but also control all your other activities as well. This is a sign that your partner is controlling in nature. 

Partners who are controlling in nature are mainly this way due to the insecurities they carry within themselves. They might not want to share these insecurities as well because it can make them look weak and vulnerable. So what they move towards doing is projecting these insecurities onto you. 

If they can’t change themselves and feel better by letting go of these insecurities they probably think it’s better to control you and your behaviour. When it comes to talking, you just might have a better way of communicating with people, you’re probably outgoing and friendly, some partners might not like this. And that can be probably because they’re the dead opposite. It makes them feel as though they are falling short in the relationship. 

When you inder that your partner is this way, you need to also understand that there isn’t much you can do about this at all. Until and unless they understand this and work towards being better for the sake of your relationship. But if you don’t see this changing in future, then it’s time to move on. 

They don’t know what they’re doing 

All this being said there’s a chance that your partner doesn’t even know what they’re doing as yet. Sometimes people think it’s okay to interrupt others and especially their partners. 

It only shows that they have something to contribute to the conversation. They might also believe that it means they know what their partner was going to say. This might not even appear as though it is a problem. 

The problem arises when you don’t say anything about this for a long time and let it continue. This is when your partner doesn’t understand that it’s actually a problem.  Chances are you’re going to let the resentment build to such a point that you might just yell at them. This can take your partner by surprise and cause problems in your relationship. 

They are impatient

Your partner is probably very impatient when it comes to conversations and many other things. They like it when things happen quickly instead of dragging it out. 

So if you believe in the story and the build up they’re probably only trying to get to the end, and see the whole point. This sometimes means they also miss out on key points that could frustrate you. 

All it would take in this situation is to sit down and have a conversation with them. Make them understand how it feels when you’re constantly getting interrupted. 

How to stop this from happening? 

The only thing that helps in such situations is to have a proper conversation with your partner regarding the same. Make sure they know how you feel and that it’s actually something that affects you quite a bit. 

You need to understand that the more you let it go, the more they’re going to look at this as acceptable behaviour. You also have an equal amount of responsibility in this situation. 

You’d have to start by finding a neutral time to address this with your partner. This should be a time when you aren’t engaging in a conversation with your partner, you both are enjoying some quality time. That’s when you bring this up. 

Once you have had the conversation with your partner the next thing you need to do is have a plan to resolve this. Again this also has to be done together. You can maybe let your partner know that you’ll inform them when you’re interrupting you in a conversation again. 

You can probably say something like ” So as I was saying…” and continue the conversation. This should probably be the safe phrase for your partner by which they should know that they’ve interrupted you again. 

In such a way you and your partner can pretty easily solve this issue. However you need to draw the line when you feel like your partner’s main idea is to prevent you from conversing. This can be due to their own insecurities or other things as well, but if it’s affecting you, and you have tried speaking to them out and still seen no change, then it’s time to move on. 


It can be uneasy when your partner always interrupts you. After a point it can begin to look disrespectful and insulting. Instead of letting it get to that point, it’s best to let your partner know earlier itself, that way they’ll be more aware of what’s happening. Try to remember that this isn’t just a small issue even though they might make it feel that way. As long as you’re feeling insulted it means it’s important and has to be addressed. You cannot let it pass by accepting your partner the way they are. 

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FAQs- my partner always interrupts me 

What does it mean when someone constantly interrupts you?

When someone is constantly interrupting you then it probably means that they’re a chronic interrupter and they’re being disrespectful towards you. 

Why does my partner keep interrupting me?

 Your partner might keep interrupting you because they’re in a bad mood, feeling frustrated, they’re being disrespectful towards you, they don’t know they’re interrupting you, or they’re just trying to control the conversation. It can change your relationship in an unhealthy and hurtful one. 

How do I stop my partner from interrupting me?

You can stop your partner from interrupting you by having a gentle conversation with them. Make sure they’re listening to your words and you’re listening to your partner’s words as well. 

What is conversational narcissism?

Conversational narcissism is when an individual constantly makes the conversation about them, and when it stops being so, they move away from the conversation. 

Why do husband’s interrupt? 

Husband’s interrupt because they feel like they’ve been put down, or something has hurt their ego and that they need to defend themselves. 



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