Why Does My Husband Get Angry Over Small Things(7 Reasons Why)

This article will look at the various reasons as to why someone’s husband gets angry over small things. It will look into reasons that may have to do with his relationship with his spouse, work issues or his personality. 

Why Does My Husband Get Angry Over Small Things?

Your husband may get angry over small things because of the following reasons:

  • Anger issues
  • Stressed out
  • Upset with you
  • Perfectionist
  • Unhappy
  • Seeing someone else
  • Workload Burden

There could be numerous reasons as to why your husband is not happy with you. However, in this article, we will look at the above reasons and explain why they could be a possible reason for the anger your husband experiences over ‘insignificant matter’s.

Anger Issues

It is possible your husband has anger issues. Yes anger issues actually exist. It is not the same as the natural anger one faces. Anger is an important human emotion that is necessary for society to function as a whole. Anger expresses your displeasure or disappointment in someone or something signalling for immediate improvement or changes. Anger is also a sign that you disapprove of something and it should be stopped. If people could not be angry then things would continue in ways that are unsatisfactory for them.

However, anger can become a dangerous emotion if it is frequent, uncontrolled or excessive. It can be inward which means towards oneself or outward, that is it is directed towards others. In your husband’s case, it could be outward and hence he resorts to verbal or physical expressions of it hence you see his anger outbursts. This is not healthy behavior and can have detrimental effects on the person who experiences these anger issues and others around him.

There are a number of signs or symptoms of anger issues such as:

  • Are hurting others either verbally or physically
  • Always find yourself feeling angry
  • Feel that your anger is out of control
  • Frequently regret something you’ve said or done when angry
  • Notice that small or petty things make you angry

If your husband feels this way or you observe such behavior in him then it means he could be suffering from anger issues.

Anger issues can arise from a number of reasons but one reason goes back to a person’s childhood. It is possible they faced much abuse – physical, verbal or emotional – from their parents or those around them because of which their personality was affected in a bad way. However, it is possible they also experienced sexual abuse and hence this anger or frustration is now built up in them which they release from time to time.

Stressed Out

Another reason why your husband may be getting angry over small or petty issues is because he is actually stressed out. When a person is stressed out, they automatically become much more sensitive and will not see the humor in things nor will they think they have the time or energy for mistakes or last moment changes. Why? Because they are stressed out and it is possible they need to reserve their energy for other tasks.

There are a number of reasons why your husband may be stressed out such as:

  • Had a fight with his friend
  • Is unable to meet financial responsibilities
  • Can’t find important documents/things
  • Work deadlines were missed
  • Workplace issues – politics, toxic work culture, uncooperative co workers

Upset With You

If your husband is always getting angry in front of you, it is possible you are the reason for his anger. Don’t be surprised! Men have their own way of communicating their feelings and they are not always direct or straightforward – perhaps because they don’t want to be seen as overly emotional creatures – hence you need to keep an eye out for the clues.

Even though it’s the men who forget the anniversary date, birthday, valentine day’s gift or the dinner he had promised to take you out to – men will become extremely sensitive, some if not all, at the slightest mistake you make. By mistake, we don’t mean a small mistake but something that your husband considers important or dear to himself.

It is possible you talked back to him in front of his friends or family and he saw it as a sign of disrespect. It happens although one needs to make up later on. Furthermore, you might have laughed at some mistake he made that hurt his feelings or you chose to spend a day special to him with someone else.

Whatever the reason, your husband may be angry because of you and hence you need to sit down and have a talk with him to clear things out.


Yes your husband may be a perfectionist who is extremely organized and looks at the details when it comes to getting things done. However, you on the other hand may be the total opposite! Hence, this may explain why your husband gets angry over little things; he wants even the small details or things – which may seem small to you – to appear or be perfect!

People who are perfectionists will look at the small things. If they don’t have time to do it themselves they will expect others to get all the other details right. Here it is possible your husband expects that you will look after things he does not have time for. He might want you to take care when you move his things around respecting their order or arrangement. He might want you to focus on the garnishing he just loves on his favorite apple pie dish. Or he might even have expectations when you get him his birthday gift but it isn’t wrapped in the most perfect way ever.

It isn’t to say these people are spoilt or have too many demands – they just appreciate the beauty in the small things we may or may not see or realize. Hence, try and be careful when it comes to creating the experiences your husband wants from you. It might be that these experiences matter most to him.


Sometimes, when people are unhappy they become bitter, irritable and even angry. They may have been going through many ups and downs that not only drain them but make them angry at the misfortune they have experienced.

It is possible your husband is unhappy and hence only sees the negative things in life. He will thus become impatient, unthankful and possibly irritable that all lead to more anger outbursts. It is not the person’s fault that they have gone through so many bad situations but it is in their hands to see the positive side of life! After all, he does have you and probably many other things he has forgotten to cherish.

Seeing Someone Else

Have you ever realized how people become arrogant, ill mannered or extremely self confident when they don’t have to depend on you any more? Yes that is what can happen with your husband. It is possible he may have found a new love life and now he doesn’t need you for mental, physical or emotional support. Now that he has someone else, the small problems you both had seem to be a hundred times bigger! 

It depends on the case. In some situations, spouses who are having extra marital affairs become more nice to the person they have always loved, possibly because of the happiness they are experiencing after years of being in a dead or undesired marriage. It is also possible that the spouse who is cheating starts misbehaving with you because they realize they have someone else and don’t need you anymore.

Workload Burden

If you have too much work on your shoulders then it will definitely make you angry. Why? You will get irritated at the smallest of things because you have no time for those little mistakes, lost items, late breakfast or extra duties in the house. It is necessary to realize that a person is actually responsible to ensure they have enough time for inconveniences that are a normal part in everyone’s life.

You might have to take your daughter to the hospitable immediately or tend to your sick wife. You might also have to cover for a friend who needs to run for a work errand and hence look after his kids. Life is always full of surprises. So it is possible your husband is extremely overburdened with his work and this is why he gets irritated or angry at even the smallest of things.


This article looked at multiple reasons as to why an individual’s husband may get angry over the so-called smaller things in life. It looked at reasons related to the husband’s personality, mental state and work life balance.



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