Why does my ex-boyfriend check my WhatsApp status? (+7 Ways to cope)

In this detailed post, we will be discussing the various reasons why your ex-boyfriend is checking your Whatsapp status. In addition to this, we will also look at the many possible solutions to deal with this particular conundrum.

Why does my ex-boyfriend check my Whatsapp status?

Your ex-boyfriend checks your Whatsapp status mostly because he misses you. Even if you are not in a relationship currently with them, being in a relationship means often keeping tabs on your partner.

Even after the relationship is over, your ex-boyfriend may keep checking your Whatsapp status to see how you are doing in your life and if you are alright. However, there are may be other reasons also, as to why your ex-boyfriend is checking your Whatsapp status, such as,

It happens out of habit

Another possibility is that it often happens out of habit. This is especially true if the breakup happened quite recently. In this case, your ex may check your Whatsapp status often, but may not react to it as much as they used to earlier.

In addition to this, it can also happen by mistake. If you are on your ex’s contact list, they will be able to see your Whatsapp status along with others. When they are often seeing another person’s Whatsapp status, they may simply continue watching yours as well.

They are curious about your activities

Many exes are pretty curious about the activities of their previous romantic partners. This is a pretty common thing. Since they might have stopped talking to you on a regular basis, they might instead simply check your Whatsapp status.

The curious bit can be due to the fact that they are really wondering what you are up to, especially if either one of you has initiated a no-contact rule. They might also be curious about you as they still care about you romantically or simply platonically.

They feel guilty

This is another reason why ex-boyfriends may want to still keep tabs on you. When they feel guilty about dumping you or leaving you in the lurch, they may want to know if you are doing alright without them.

They may also check your status on Whatsapp often as the first step of initiating a conversation with you where they can ask you more about your personal life and whether they might have emotionally damaged you permanently.

They are stalking you

Ex-boyfriends who have too much time on their hands and are way too curious about your activities and whereabouts may check your status as a means of stalking you. In addition to this, they may also keep looking at your last seen to keep tabs on your schedule

They want to see you

If it seems like you have updated your looks or your hair, your ex-boyfriend is automatically going to be very eager to see you. In case they have heard that you have got a recent haircut, they may start checking your Whatsapp statuses to see if you have uploaded a picture there.

They want you to think about them

This reason is often applied to those who want to emotionally manipulate others and gaslight their ex-partners. In this case, your ex knows very well that you will be able to see that it was indeed they who have checked your Whatsapp status.

They would frequently check your Whatsapp status so that you are reminded about them and think about them. This is a passive-aggressive way of making you the first one to initiate contact and call or text them.

How to deal with your ex-boyfriend checking your Whatsapp status?

If you are fresh out of a breakup, or even if you guys have been broken up for a long time, it can still be confusing or even anxiety-inducing to see that your ex-boyfriend has been checking your Whatsapp status. You can deal with this through several proven ways which are given below.

  • You can immediately block their number. Perhaps the best thing to do is to simply block his number or delete his contact details from your phone. In doing so, you will be able to stop him from seeing your Whatsapp statuses.

This is best if you 100 percent feel that the relationship is indeed over and you want it to stay that way. In case you feel that there is still much to do and you sort of want to clarify things with him, you might want to hold off on blocking his number.

  • You can choose to ignore the occurrence. You can also choose to ignore the fact that your ex-boyfriend has checked your Whatsapp status. This is especially true if it was just a one-time thing as it may have occurred by mistake.

You can also practice staying silent and unreactive even if this keeps happening. Most guys often take the hint that you don’t want anything to do with them anymore when you just ignore them completely.

  • You can work on your emotional growth. Another thing that you can do instead of paying attention to your ex-boyfriend and his antics is to simply work on yourself. If you find yourself giving too much attention to your ex, it is high-time that you stopped doing so.

When it comes to emotional growth, there are plenty of things that you can do. You can practice journaling, mindfulness & meditation or even go to therapy. In becoming a stronger version of yourself, you become more emotionally mature to handle any type of situation.

  • You can choose to get closure. You can also choose to get complete closure out of the whole experience. If you are getting a whole spiral of feelings just because your ex-boyfriend has checked your status, it may be because you still love him.

Understanding the fact that you cannot fully understand or comprehend what is going on in your ex’s head. They may have seen your status as a means of initiating communication, or they may have done it to get your attention. Either way, it is no longer your problem.

  • You can ask them about it. If the matter is bugging you too much, you can simply go ahead and ask them. The best thing is to be direct about it since unwanted games lead to only unwanted drama.

Whatever their response may be, don’t react immediately. Take time to understand their point of view, but also add a grain of salt to the whole explanation as they are your ex for a certain reason.

  • You can ask them to stop. In case the entire façade does not stop with the seeing of the status but goes above and beyond that, you can even ask them to stop. This is only if it is truly bugging you and comes across as worrying behavior.

You can ask them to stop by simply sending them a text. You can also confront them in person and can even take a buddy along if you feel anxious about the whole thing. In case they simply won’t stop, just block them and then change your number.

  • You can take a break from social media. Another thing that you can do which is definitely going to be positive for your mental health and your emotional health is to simply take a break from social media, including Whatsapp.

When you take a break from social media, you will be free from the judgements and the opinions of others, giving more time and freedom to be yourself. On the bonus side, your ex is also going to be left wondering and questioning as to what you are up to and what you are doing in life.


In this detailed post, we have discussed the various reasons why your ex-boyfriend is checking your Whatsapp status. In addition to this, we have also looked at the many possible solutions to deal with this particular conundrum.

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