Why does coffee make a person with ADHD tired? (+7 Pros of coffee)

The current post will be answering why coffee makes a person with ADHD tired. In addition to this, we will also be checking out some of the advantages of drinking coffee for someone with ADHD.

Why does coffee make a person with ADHD tired?

Coffee makes a person with ADHD tired because the caffeine from coffee stimulates the central nervous system to increase its production of dopamine. Dopamine in turn can make the person suffer from lack of sleep and insomnia which can lead to feelings of tiredness.

Coffee affects everyone differently and since everyone with ADHD may respond differently, some people may find caffeine helpful while others may find it detrimental or even tiring to a debilitating effect.

Other effects of coffee on ADHD

Other than feelings of tiredness, coffee or caffeine can bring up other various effects in someone who has ADHD. Some of the other effects of coffee for a person with ADHD have been listed as follows,

Increased feelings of restlessness

One of the most common effects of caffeine or coffee in a person’s body is increased feelings of restlessness. For those who have ADHD these feelings of restlessness can become much more prominent which over a long period of time can lead them to feel tired and sleepy.

Frequent headaches or even dizziness

Intake of coffee or caffeine can also make a person have headaches, especially if they are not used to this stimulant or have suddenly increased their daily dosage. Apart from headaches, the person may also experience dizziness which can make some daily tasks like driving dangerous.

Aches and pains in the stomach

Caffeine can also stimulate the muscles in the stomach, leading to cramps and aches. These can be particularly disturbing especially if it leads to feelings of diarrhea or a feeling of unease throughout the day.

Feelings of dehydration

Lots of coffee on a daily basis can also lead the person to feel dehydrated on a daily basis. This can sometimes lead the person to consume more coffee, which can further elevate the dehydration levels.

Increased frequency of urination

Another common side effect which people associate with consumption of caffeine is an increased frequency of urination. This effect can be so much more if sugar is being added to the coffee or if the person is a diabetic.

May decrease the effectiveness of ADHD meds

Another negative effect of coffee on those who have ADHD is that the effectiveness of the medication for this condition may be reduced because of this stimulant. However, this may differ based on person to person since everyone’s ADHD presents differently.

This is another reason why it is very important for anyone with ADHD to consult a medical professional before deciding to consume coffee along with their meds. Instead, they can go for decaffeinated coffee to enjoy the warm liquid and stay away from the negative symptoms.

Decreased appetite

Coffee or caffeine in any sort can also lead to a decreased appetite in any person, including those who have ADHD. A reduced appetite can lead to decreased nutrition levels in the person which can in turn lead to brain fog or inability to think properly.

Increased levels of anxiety

Anxiety levels can also increase when caffeine is consumed. This can be particularly felt if the person with ADHD has also been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This is the reason why many medical professionals may discourage the use of caffeine for those who have ADHD.

Problems in sleep

Consumption of caffeine may also cause many problems in sleep, which can lead the person to feel sleepy during the day. However, this can be easily avoided by simply staying away from coffee before sleep.

Advantages of drinking coffee for ADHD

ADHD can present itself very differently in different people. While it may bring some disadvantages to some users, it may also have some advantages for others. Some of the main advantages of drinking coffee for those who have ADHD are:

Coffee can make you feel more energetic

ADHD does not always cause a person to feel more energetic and productive all the time. In fact, it can make a person feel lethargic and fatigued most of the time. For this effect of ADHD, coffee can be perfect since it boosts energy levels.

Along with ADHD medication, coffee in moderate levels can do wonders. However, it is always advisable to consult with your medical practitioner before you decide to combine caffeine in the form of coffee with your ADHD medication.

It can improve your daily performance

Another great advantage of consuming coffee on a daily basis for a person with ADHD is that it can boost your daily performance. This not only relates to performance at work, but even in daily chores and activities.

It can serve as an instant stimulant

Everyone needs a ‘pick me up’ once in a while, especially if you are feeling too dull and foggy. For this case, coffee can serve as an instant stimulant which is pretty harmless. It also comes in various flavors and strengths and is thus easily customizable.

It can be great for brain fog

Brain fog is another symptom of ADHD and can make you feel disconnected even if there is a lot happening around you. Consuming coffee or caffeine in some form can help in clearing your brain fog and helping you think more audibly.

It can help in calming you down

If you are finding yourself too overwhelmed and anxious, sometimes coffee can help in this as well. Coffee and other warm drinks can help in bringing a sense of calm and comfort, thereby bringing down your anxiety levels.

In case you feel that the caffeine in the coffee is making you jittery you can try decaffeinated coffee instead. You can even try other types of warm drinks like hot chocolate, chamomile tea, etc. for the same calming effect.

It can help in self-care

Self-care and self-love can also be practiced through coffee. Many people often combine coffee with other activities like reading a nice book or simply sitting outside in nature as a part of their regular self-care routine.

You can also indulge in various types of coffee and also include some snacks and sides to bring more completion to the activity. If you want to do so, you can even include a friend in this activity for some socialization in your self-care.

It can help you blend in

Consumption of coffee can also sometimes help in covering up the symptoms of ADHD which may cause you to feel like an outsider when you are in the company of others. Therefore, many people with ADHD regularly consume coffee as a means of blending in with others.


The current post has answered why coffee makes a person with ADHD tired. In addition to this, we have also checked out some of the advantages of drinking coffee for someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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