Why do I procrastinate? (Top 12 reasons)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about why do I procrastinate, reasons why do I procrastinate, what to do when I procrastinate, and more information about why do I procrastinate.

Reasons why I procrastinate

There are a lot of reasons why people might procrastinate. You might be wondering about these kinds of reasons when you are a victim of this kind of behaviour yourself.

The knowledge of the reason behind this kind of behaviour in your life will help you seek out treatment for the long run. The following are these reasons:  

Abstract goals

You might be a procrastinator since your goals are not clear for you. You can work on this by trying to find ways of making your goals specific for you.

The lack of abstract qualities in your goals can make you more hardworking in the long run. You should try making your goals clear to you if you find them important for your life

Rewards that are far in your future

Some people would procrastinate on a task since they are more likely to look forward to the rewards in the long run. Although what you can do in the present will also matter if you get that specific reward in the future.

 You should be able to do your best daily since this is a great attitude to live by in life. You can do this by starting your day right which can make you feel focused to do your work.

A disconnect from our future self as felt

People who procrastinate that they are far away from their future selves. These people believe that whatever they are doing in the present will not affect their future selves.

However, this is far from true, especially if your present will become your past very soon. You can try to work on some small projects that you might be interested in right now and work on to create your future self.

A concentration on future options

Some people who procrastination would believe that the future has better options in store for them. Although this doesn’t mean that the future won’t be affected by the present.

 This is just like the reason above. You should realize that the opportunities in the present may lead you to the future you have always dreamt of.

Too much optimism about the future

Some people who procrastinate are very optimistic that they can finish their tasks when they reach the future. This is a false belief that should be taken away from their minds if they are affected.

The future is bleak for everyone which means it may be either optimistic or pessimistic for someone. You should focus on what you can do today instead of spending too much time dreaming about the future which might not come if you don’t try to work yourself to that future.

Why do I procrastinate? (Top 12 reasons)


People who procrastinate may have an unhealthy level of indecisiveness in their lives. This will make them get easily frustrated when they do make decisions that might affect their futures.

The following are several factors that you should take note of that might be creating this reason in these people:

  • The more options you have, the difficult it will be for you to choose for the long run. Essentially, the more options you have to choose from, the difficult it will be for you to evaluate them and decide which one is preferable for you.
  • The more similar your options are to one another, the difficult it will be for you to choose for the long run. Essentially, the more similar the available options are and the closer they are in value, the difficult it will be for you to decide which one is better, especially in instances where there isn’t a single option that is clearly preferable to the others for you.
  • The more important the choice is, the difficult it will be for you to choose in the long run. Essentially, the greater the consequences of making a decision, the harder it will be for you to finalize your decision so that you are generally more likely to delay before making a major decision than you are before making a minor one in your life.

There is a need to manage one’s self-control when it comes to this concern.

Feeling overwhelmed

Some people would procrastinate because they are already overwhelmed by a lot of tasks in the present. This can make them less likely to work on important tasks even though it’s required for their promotion or other important milestones they need to take.

These people may even start to not care about doing tasks if they are already overwhelmed by them. This reason can be resolved if one is able to practise time management in his or her time and work with this consistent schedule.


Some people would procrastinate because they are feeling anxious about the task they were given. This behaviour will make them feel relaxed which is not felt when doing the task.

 Some would just skip the task altogether since it’s too anxiety-inducing for them. This should be alleviated through counselling or some remedies that may work in relieving this condition.

Task aversion

Some people would procrastinate because they generally hate the task they need to do. This might come from the association of the task being a source of failure for them.

 Although most people have their mistakes when they have to do tasks as well. The affected person can alleviate this reason by finding some associations that can make tasks less tiring for them such as listening to music while doing the task.


People who procrastinate may suffer from the need to be perfect. The thinking that they might fail in a certain task can lead them to this behaviour.

 In this case, this behaviour is a defence mechanism for them when they are in need to find ways to get rid of the discomfort of a failure. This thought can lead us to the next possible reason of this behaviour in one’s life.

Fear of evaluation or negative feedback in your life

You might procrastinate since you have a fear of evaluation or negative feedback in your life. This might be the possible cause if you have always remembered those times that you have failed in your life.

 You shouldn’t let these negative evaluations get you down since some of them may just work for your growth. You should know that not everyone is going to get it right even if they are already in the first 100th times.

Fear of failure in many situations

This reason is associated with the reason above. Your fear of failure in a lot of situations can lead you to stop trying altogether.

 You should realize that in every situation, you may win or try to learn from the situation. You could develop this attitude in your life when your fear is getting too overwhelming for your mental wellbeing.


People may procrastinate because they feel like they are a complete failure. This can lead to excuses shared with possible opportunities in life.

 You should realize that this defence mechanism is unhealthy for your psychological growth which means you have to do something about it. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t do anything good in life because of most of the failures in your life.


Some people would procrastinate since they are prone to self-destructive behaviours. They are more likely to focus on these behaviours than themselves.

 This can be alleviated through counselling or finding an activity that they can have fun and be productive with. It is not easy at first but one can learn to minimize his or her engagement to self-defeating behaviours. 

Low self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is a belief that one can accomplish a certain situation in his or her life. Without this belief, the person may not feel as confident or would avoid the certain situation altogether.

 This belief can be improved through methods that will be done in practising a certain skill. The fact that you can envision role models that have done the same situation can also help you build this belief. 

A perceived lack of control in life

Some people would procrastinate because they think they don’t have enough control over their lives. This can lead them to get away from activities that may be worthwhile for them.

The following are different control centres that people believe in and have been studied:

  • Individuals who are internally oriented believe that they have a high degree of control over most situations in their life.
  • Individuals who are externally oriented believe that they have a low degree of control over most situations in their life and think that external factors such as other people or their environment, influence them more strongly.
  • Individuals who are internally oriented tend to get started and complete tasks on time, while people who are externally oriented tend to procrastinate more, perform worse on tasks, and experience more anxiety in doing the tasks. 

You might be one or the other but it is better to have a balance of the two control centres. 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a factor

People who may have ADHD are also prone to procrastination. This is because they get bored easily when doing a tedious task for a long time.

 This can lead them to try to get away and waste time on activities that may not help in their growth. They are also prone to this behaviour since they tend to be impulsive.


Some people would procrastinate since they are suffering from dysfunctional depression. This disorder can lead them to feel like they can’t do anything in their lives right now.

 This disorder should be alleviated through a counsellor and worked on with loved ones. This can help minimize this behaviour in the affected person’s life.

Lack of motivation to tasks

Some people would procrastinate because they are not motivated to do some tasks. Some people may not feel the importance of doing that certain task.

 In order to alleviate this reason, there is a need to reinforce the person when he or she is doing the lesser tasks of the certain assignment. This can lead the person to keep going with the task, however mundane.

Lack of energy for tasks

Some people would procrastinate since they are suffering from low energy levels. This may come from the thought of doing a serious task or just overall tiredness.

 There is a need to change one’s sleeping habits to make them feel lively during the day. If this doesn’t work, they can always change their meals to something more likely to get them healthy and energetic during the day.


Some people would procrastinate since they are generally lazy about their tasks in life. This can be troubling for them, especially when they have to pay some obligations in the future.

 This can be alleviated by making them do short tasks and be reinforced by them. These people will be able to do some tasks once you intervene them with this method. These people tend to ask the reason for their laziness, that leads to procrastination.

Prioritization of short-term mood in life

Some people would procrastinate since they are more focused on short-term gratification. They don’t care what happens in the future as long as they are happy in the present.

 This attitude in life may not do since there are more opportunities that need to be sought out in the future. One can manage by trying to learn patience and work towards one’s future.

Low capacity for self-control in life

Some people would procrastinate since they tend to be impulsive in life. This can lead to the person being unable to restrict from activities that might be pleasurable for him or her.

 This can be alleviated by taking away distractions from the workplace to promote productivity in the affected person. There is also the need to work on making sure to finish tasks before doing anything that can distract oneself.

Lack of perseverance for tasks

Some people who would procrastinate would lack persistence in doing tasks. This can make them more likely to give up when the going gets tough.

 This can be alleviated by working on making the person feel motivated in the completion of tasks. This can be done by reinforcing the person once he or she completes a certain task.


This reason is the same as the one where procrastination may be caused by ADHD. This trait is when affected people act on the moment without thinking thoroughly.

This trait can make a person less likely to focus on the task that he or she needs to do which can affect one’s function in life. This trait can be alleviated by making the person feel the need to do the task and get rid of distractions while doing the task.


This reason is also similar as well where procrastination can occur because of the need to fulfil distractions in one’s life. Some people cannot help themselves in falling for these temptations in their lives.

 They can stop this trait by practising self-control in their lives even if it’s just for a little while. You can also work on this trait by getting yourself a reward when you are able to get through the day without getting distracted.

Sensation seeking

Some people would procrastinate since they are comfortable with the adrenaline when they have to do the task before the deadline. This method can only damper the quality of your task since you will be hurried in this task.

 You can work with this trait by having a balanced schedule to use this trait and try to practise patience in your life. You need to consistently work on minimizing this trait to see its positive effects.


Some people would procrastinate because they are rebelling against an authority figure. This can be true against a greedy employer.

Although deviance may appear as passive-aggressive which can lead to a toxic work environment which can affect others. This can be alleviated by moving ot a new job where you can prosper healthily and doing productive tasks.


In this brief blog, we have talked about why do I procrastinate, reasons why do I procrastinate, what to do when I procrastinate, and more information about why do I procrastinate.

If you have any questions about why do I procrastinate, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: why do i procrastinate

What is the main cause of procrastination?

The main cause of procrastination is a fear of failure which is typically deep-rooted in affected people. If you are afraid of the consequences of failing then a logical extension of this is a tendency to not take action. 

What is procrastination a sign of?

Procrastination is a sign of a psychological disorder. This kind of behaviour has been associated with a number of negative associations such as irrational behaviour, depression, anxiety, neurological disorders such as ADHD, and low self-esteem. Other studies have discovered relationships with guilt and stress when it comes ot this kind of behaviour. 

How do I stop being lazy and procrastinating?

You can stop being lazy and procrastinating by finding value in your tasks, concentrate on the good feelings, to-do lists and break down tasks, train your mind to do things, have a well-rested and good night sleep, and eat healthy and fuel your body. 

How do you live with procrastination?

You can live with procrastination by understanding the motives behind the behaviour, decide whether the task is urgent, don’t be critical about yourself, develop a plan for your task, and work around these kinds of plans. 

Is procrastination a symptom of anxiety?

Yes, procrastination is a symptom of anxiety. This kind of behaviour is also the outcome of this kind of psychological disorder and this behaviour also strengthens this psychological disorder. This kind of psychological disorder can only be treated with action from the affected person.


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