Why do I get overwhelmed so easily? (+9 Coping strategies)

This detailed article will be discussing why you get overwhelmed so easily. In addition to this, we will also be taking a close look at the different ways through which you can cope with getting easily overwhelmed.

Why do I get overwhelmed so easily?

You get overwhelmed so easily for the reasons which have been explained as follows,

Because you have too much on your plate

Sometimes, if you are dealing with too much at once, it can lead to you becoming overwhelmed very easily. This is especially when you have started a new job which is difficult or if you have picked up a new assignment which is too much for you to handle all at once.

Because you have recently gone through a recent trauma

If you have recently experienced some major trauma in your life, this can also lead to feeling overwhelmed all the time. Trauma can be in the form of losing a loved one, witnessing something grievous or even having major health issues.

Because of certain life changes

Life changes are not always positive and comforting. Some life changes can make you anxious and leave you stressed out. In cases of important life changes such as moving to a new country, or even getting married, you might feel overwhelmed more than usual.

Because of anxiety-inducing things

If you have recently experienced a situation that would normally make you very anxious, this is another reason why you may be getting overwhelmed so easily. Anxiety-inducing situations can be different for anyone, but can be even as simple as going on a first date.

Because of your depression

If you have been diagnosed with depression or any other mental illness, this is another reason why you may get overwhelmed pretty easily. Depression can reduce our anxiety threshold and we may find ourselves overwhelmed by even simple things like grocery shopping.

Because of your BPD

Personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorders can also make you feel overwhelmed very easily. Since this type of disorder can negatively affect our mood and also make us detached from reality, those with BPD often get overwhelmed very easily.

Why do I get overwhelmed so easily? (+9 Coping strategies)

Because of your PTSD

Another reason for you getting overwhelmed pretty easily is because you have PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD basically gives a lot of anxiety to its victims and this can make you overwhelmed, especially if you are facing anything similar to your trigger factors.

How to cope with getting overwhelmed so easily?

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed so easily on a regular basis, there are many things that you can do. In this list, you will find the best and simplest of coping strategies which you can use to get over this problem.

  • Regularly practice relaxation techniques. There are dozens of relaxation techniques from progressive muscular relaxation to deep breathing and more. Practicing these relaxation techniques can keep your anxiety levels low in any type of situation.

Relaxation techniques can physically relax your body and even change your breathing pattern for the better. If you want to get a fuller effect, you can even try an activity like yoga which not only helps you relax, but even strengthens your body.

  • Try being mindful more often. Another strategy that you can use is to be more mindful of yourself and your surroundings. By focusing on the little things like your breathing and the gentle white noise around, you can avoid getting overwhelmed easily.

Mindfulness can bring you to the present more so that you don’t unnecessarily ruminate about the past or even worry about the future. There are many mindfulness exercises that you can do, including coloring, colorful breathing, or even changing your focus.

  • Eat a healthy diet. The food that we put into our bodies also plays a big role in our mental health. You can try eating more healthy foods, especially probiotics which are important for your gut health, which in turn keeps you more grounded and stable-minded.

You can also try making your plate more colorful so that you are sure that you are eating the right balance of foods and getting all the nutrients you need. You can even consult a nutritionist to get a diet plan for your health needs.

  • Try working out. Regular physical exercise is also very important if you are trying to reduce your anxiety levels, since cardio workouts can really boost your ‘happy hormone’ levels. You get bonus points if you choose a fun workout.

If you want to bump your workout benefits, you can even try joining a class where you get to exercise with others. You can even try an online subscription, where you work out with trainers and other people through a digital platform which can be more comfortable.

  • Start exposing yourself to new situations. You can also try exposing yourself to new situations as a form of desensitization. When you are doing so, you can use mindfulness and deep breathing exercises to help you cope and make the transition better.

Desensitization is often used by therapists to help those who are suffering from anxiety. But you can do it on your own, by slowly decreasing your level of comfort. By starting out with a very comfortable space, you can slowly explore armed with your coping skills.

  • Join a support group. You also need to realize that you are definitely not alone when you say that you get overwhelmed so easily. You can learn much more about what you are feeling by joining a support group. You might even learn new coping strategies here.

If you find meeting new people physically quite anxiety-inducing and overwhelming, you can even find a support group online. Most online therapy platforms have support groups, which are mostly free to join.

  • Talk to a therapist. Another great avenue to explore is therapy. Therapists can help you understand the innermost reasons as to why you get overwhelmed so easily. You will also learn new ways to cope with your anxiety during these sessions.

Apart from a therapist, you can also visit a psychiatrist. Many times you might get easily overwhelmed due to an underlying mental illness. Getting diagnosed and treated for it could be the best thing that you do for yourself.

  • Be assertive at work. A very common trigger for those who complain about getting easily overwhelmed is a heavy work schedule. You can practice being more assertive in your workplace and saying no to tasks that can make you more anxious.

If you are in a managerial position, you can also try delegating work in the right manner. This can not only reduce your personal work load and thereby reduce your anxiety levels. But, it can also make your workplace a lot more productive.

  • Enjoy your time alone. Finally, the best way to cope if you get overwhelmed easily is to simply enjoy your time alone. When you are alone, you get way less trigger factors than when you are with others. In this way, you also develop your esteem and confidence.

You don’t necessarily need to be indoors all the time when you are by yourself. You can take yourself out on a date to a new restaurant, a museum, a park, etc. The more you enjoy your own company, the less overwhelmed you will get.


This detailed article has discussed why you get overwhelmed so easily. In addition to this, we have also taken a close look at the different ways through which you can cope with getting easily overwhelmed.

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