Why do I fall in love too easily?

This blog will answer questions: why I fall in love too easily? What are the signs of falling in love too easily? Reasons why you fall in love too easily? What does the research say about falling in love too easily? How to stop falling in love so easily? Is love at first sight real?

Why do I fall in love too easily?

The time one takes to fall in love varies from person to person. One might fall in love too easily due to various reasons such as physical attraction, a sense of compatibility, openness to an intimate relationship, need to overcome or overshadow negative experiences from the past, need to belong, give and receive love.

Apart from these factors, it is found that even gender plays a very important role in terms of how easily one can fall in love. in that, it is seen that men fall in love more easily than women.

A person’s personality plays a major role in their social interactions and needs. A person who is highly sociable or depends on others is likely to fall in love more easily than a one who feels a sense of discomfort in the presence of another company.

What are the signs of falling in love too easily?

  • Some signs that an individual is falling in love too easily are:
  • Individuals feel an immediate connection with the other person with minimal or no interaction.
  • There is a need to be around the attracted object or thing
  • Decisions about an intimate relationship with the person or an object are made during the first meet
  • A sense of unconditional acceptance towards the person is displayed. An individual is ready to accept another person despite knowing that they might have some flaws or qualities that one might not really like otherwise.
  • The feeling of longing for more each day
  • There is an instant physical attraction towards the person.

Reasons why you fall in love too easily?

Some reasons that contribute to individuals falling in love very quickly with someone or something can be:

Physical attraction

People are more vulnerable to be attracted to another individual during the initial meet probably because of their physical appearance. Studies indicate that things that are more visually appealing are more attractive than those things that are not visually stimulating.

Confusion between love and infatuation

There are a set of feelings or emotions that every individual attaches to the experience of love.

In the case of infatuation, an individual might experience intense feelings of attraction towards another person without even having a chance to interact with them.

However, it is well known that in order to fall in love individuals need to be personally involved and well aware of each other.

Openness to love

It is believed that people who feel lonely due to prior negative experiences or lack of experience are more desperately looking for company and intimate relationships. This makes them more open and willing to engage in a loving bond than the others.

The Halo effects

Individuals who have had positive experiences in the past retroactively adorn the story of how their journey began. They actively apply their present feelings of love to their memories of the past. This results in recalling their first meeting with a positive attitude.

Trying to escape reality

For many people, the emotion of love is a way of escaping from their uncontrollable problems. This behavior is usually associated with an increase in fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

when one is under stress they look for ways to protect themselves and the feelings of love are a safe way out.

Feeling lonely

The feeling of loneliness usually motivates a person to look for external support and care. In order to overcome this void people look for new experiences of vivid positive emotions again.

Lack of parental attention

Many of the problems that individuals face as an adult have their its roots in childhood.

It is seen that when a child has had unhealthy relationships with their caregiver or parents where they were given just negligence and avoidance when asked for attention and love they seem to become desperate for these feelings in the future and set very low expectations for the same.

What does research say about falling in love too easily?

Research has shown that individuals tend to, make romantic decisions involving another person in a matter of seconds after the first meet.

Researchers believe that people who report falling in love as quickly as a first meet do not experience feelings of intimacy, commitment, and high passion which are all hallmarks of a romantic love according to Sternberg’s triangular theory of love.

In another supporting research carried out on the romantic drive response system of the brain, it was observed that there was a difference in the brains of people who have recently experienced love compared to those who have been in love for decades.

In both groups, people’s reward system was activated in the brain when they were thinking about their loved ones. However, the individuals who were newly exposed to the emotion of love showed activation in additional parts of the brain in particular the ones that are associated with fear and anxiety.

How to stop falling in love so easily?

Falling in love easily can be exhausting in a long run. even though it is voluntary it can be discomforting. some ways that an individual can adapt to stop falling in love so easily are:

  • Try and analyze what lead to the behavior
  • Consider taking professional assistance
  • Actively take responsibility for oneself
  • Focus on improving one’s self-esteem
  • Consciously replace old negative patterns with new positive ones.
  • Accept the negative pattern of behavior

Is love at first sight real?

The phrase “love at first sight” is not something unusual or unheard of. Many experts believe that falling in love requires two individuals to be acquainted with each other personally which possibly cannot happen just at the first meet.

However, many people may experience intense connection or attraction towards another which they confuse for love.

The initial chemistry that is woven between two people who have nearly met can feel so strong that it leaves a long-lasting impact.

According to studies carried out by Singles in America survey nearly 34% of the people say that they experience love as quickly as at the first sight.

In this, it was seen that 41% of the men and 29% of the women said that they experience this kind of love. However, many professionals like relationship experts are not very convinced with the statistics and don’t believe that individuals can fall in love at the very first go.


The amount of time one takes to fall in love might depend on a large number of factors such as physical, psychological, environmental.

The instant feelings of passion commitment and intimacy that are usually associated with falling in love are more complex than a simple process involving a series of neurochemical reactions in the brain.

An individual’s brain motivates the person to seek intimacy with another individual or an object which is more or less similar to that of the reaction the brain produces in case of drug addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I stop falling in love so easily?

Some people are more lovable than others however some ways that one can adapt to stop falling in love easily are:

  • Carry out a practical evaluation of your feelings
  • Try and make imaginary yet healthy boundaries
  • Share your feelings with your family and friends in order to know their perspective on it
  • Try and look for the red flags
  • Be mindful and have complete control over your emotions

Is it bad to fall in love too quickly?

Falling in love in itself is not a bad thing however falling in love with someone or something too quickly based on one’s immediate impulses or need for gratification may lead to a dead-end where the relationship might end up being unsuccessful.

That being said it is necessary to take things slow to weigh its pros and cons in terms of the pace at which you get attached to something or someone

Is it normal to fall in love quickly?

It’s completely normal to fall in love quickly. as the phrase rightly states love, at first sight, is a phenomenon that many experience.

Therefore, if you feel that you have fallen in love very quickly with something or someone do not consider it abnormal or do not run away from rather face it with at most reality and practicality.

Who falls in love faster?

Studies have shown that more than women men fall in love quicker based on some biological grounds. Even though women are considered to be softer in comparison to men’s strong and tough nature men are more vulnerable to feelings of love.

Is love at first sight real?

There has been much research around the idea of love at first sight. According to a study carried out in 2017 with individuals who reported experiencing love at first sight it was seen that people who reported this feeling were experiencing lust at first sight rather than the emotion of love.