Why Do I Exist? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Why do I exist is apparently the simplest thought most intricate question to ask someone.

For thousands of years, it is a practice now that people tend to look towards the skies and to God to seek answers to their questions.

Human beings are studying and researching about the starts, cumulated the big bang, and have landed over the moon.

But, after making every possible effort the people still are wondering about the same question of existentialism.

Which is: Why do I exist? This question is indeed a fascinating one.

This enquires what does it mean to be humans and if the answer is acquired then must dig deep into asking the questions alike of how and why human lives.

Although, in an interesting limitation, probable answers can be found from inside only. In this article, we will discuss why do I exist. 

One of the prominent philosophers, Carl Jung stated that “your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

In fact, it is an easy task to tell someone about the ways of living as compared to make a decision about how to live.

But the resolve of a person is something he needs to make a decision about on his own.

Thus, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian novelist once said that the secret of the existence of humanity lies not in just staying alive, but in discovering something to live for.

In fact, without having a proper sense and an aim the humans cannot live longer.

This is hard work, the search, and motivation of something which makes this life more meaningful.

Without having a purpose and an aim to struggle for, humans can be quickly derailed from their path.

Therefore, the intent of leading a life is not to achieve happiness or contentment, rather its purpose is to find out how long a person can travel.

How does a person know all this? By taking a look around ourselves we can see that everything around us on the earth is either developing or it is decaying.

So there is no point in thinking that we the humans being are any different.

Amusingly, Dr. Gordon Livingston is of the view that there are three things which human being actually need:

  • Something to do
  • Something to love
  • Something to look forward

Similar to this, Viktor E. Frankl once said that one cannot pursue the success like he pursues the happiness it should be ensured and it will only do so as the unintentional disadvantages of a personal dedication of a person towards a cause which is of immense importance as compare to oneself or as the byproduct of the surrender of a person to other than oneself.

Therefore, contentment or happiness is not a cause but it is an effect. It is the effect of living in alignment.

This is what actually happens when a person is living his daily life with having a priority and purpose.

Further, this article will explore the answers to the questions of why do I exist.

You Need Something to Do

Cal Newport has stated that most of the people are not clear about what it takes to live a life full of harmony and passion.

Cal Newport is the author of So Good That Can’t Ignore You. For instance, most of the individuals have this false belief that motivation is a thing that they need to seek out actively.

This is essentially obliged by what they do they cannot love what they do. But, it is not what a person does is significant.

Instead, it is what a person does for other people. Newport has explained it.

He said that if a person wants to fall in love with what he does, he must abandon the motivational thinking (what the world can offer him?), and rather, he must adopt a thinking approach of a craftsman that what he can offer to the world around him.

In fact, instead of greedily searching for a life about which a person is motivated and passionate, he must be thinking about polishing his skill set, products, and capabilities which can be beneficial for the lives of other people.

When a person goes further ahead of him, his skill set and capabilities are not merely the combination of parts, rather, they tend to be the part of a greater whole and this is where life starts to get meaning and the question “why do I exist” starts to get its answer.

When a person starts to look at his work it has an effect on the life of other people the confidence of a person develops in him.

When the confidence of a person develops, he starts to intensely enjoy what he is doing he becomes more engaged with this, and finally, the person starts to look he works as a mission or calling.

And thus, why there are too many individuals who are working in their own occupations which have a deep impact on the lives of other people such as, psychiatrists, doctors, teachers, for instance, love what you do.

Further, Cal Newport has once stated that what a person does for living his life is not that much importance as compared to how he does this.

Or make it simpler as the passion of a person is not something which he needs to search for or follow rather than his passion comes behind him.

It is the consequence of a person’s behavior and mindset. Not the other way around.

For the purpose to live this certainty, nevertheless, a person should realize that his life his about so much more than just himself.

This is all about paying back. This is concerned with putting everything in it.

This is about searching for something to love which actually drives him to the next point in searching the answer to why do I exist.

You Need Someone to Love

Without the support of other people, someone can do nothing or so less but with the help of other people they can make so much difference.

The research in neuroscience has stated that more a person involves in loving a person the more he will get the love back from others.

This is understood: every of our needs is the same. This is the part of the nature of humans to wish for love and belongingness.

Nevertheless, there is another fact about which is not being talked about is not a noun but a verb.

If a person does not need it he will lose it.

And miserably, this occurs frequently. People tend to take their relations for granted.

They permit their commitments of life to take over and make the person to stop participating in their relationships.

Thought, if a person is genuinely in love with someone he will demonstrate it.

He will not be self-centered anymore and will strive to be the one he needs to be for that individual. This is not essentially merely passionate relationships, but every relation.

Love brings changes not only in one who is being loved but also who is the lover. So, why would not you.

It does not matter how mighty love can be, just having someone is not enough. A person still has to follow his passion and dream.

According to the Cardone:

Keep in mind that only a single person cannot bring happiness to another person to the extent that he can fulfill his dreams, ambitions, and objectives a person has before meeting him.

This is another answer to the question of why do I exist.

Another point that responds to the question of why do I exist.

You Need Something to Look Forward to

The research has provided evidence about the human as individuals are most happy persons while anticipating about an event, instead of living the actual event itself.

Hence, to answer the question of why do I exist, a person needs to be visionary, not objective which gives meaning to the existence.

A person needs to set his objectives in which he is putting his efforts with consciousness and daily efforts.

A person should beer it in his head that this is the visionary approach, not the objectives which give meaning.

Thus, once a person achieves a goal he needs to have another one set.

These are such which things which a person should not stop doing in his life.

According to Dan Sullivan who once stated that a person remains younger to an extent that his objectives are greater than his memories.

Nevertheless, not get far ahead; what is the vision of a person.

How a person can be responsive toward this question of why do I exist?

Some Further Ideas to Ponder

Here are some further ideas which can help in exploring the answer to the question of why do I exist.

Do we live inside a simulation?

In the past, a prominent figure named Elon Musk has made the ideas famous that we are now living in the age of simulation.

Though, this idea of him actually was put in front by a famous philosopher named Nick Bostrom in 2003.

The disagreement is that provided games are growing at such a quick speed, there is reasoning to have faith in that there could be a time where the games themselves are vague from realism.

There will come a day when humans will be capable of creating simulations no different to our reality and the occupied that universe with conscious being just like ourselves.

Therefore, there is a likelihood that we too are a part of simulation which is made by someone or something else that might have its existence in this universe before our existence.


The question of ‘Why does I exist’ has long been studied and explored by the philosophers and scientists but due to lack of competencies to answer such question through empirical evidence, scientists have left it on phosphors to answer the why do I exist.

According to them to answer why do I exist it is important to find out the meaning in life which can help a person in dealing with an existential crisis. 

FAQs about Why do I exist

Q1. What is the purpose of life?

Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning.

For some people, the purpose is connected to vocation meaningful, satisfying work.

Q2. What gives meaning to life?

The positive impact I have had or do have on the lives of others, give my life meaning.

I have saved the lives of several people and have changed the direction of a few for the better.

Q3. What is the meaning of the question “Why do I exist”?

The question “why do I exist” has vast meanings in itself. This question allows a person to dig deep into the existentialism.

This permits a person to come up with different queries and the ways to address them efficiently.


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