Why Be a Teacher? (5 Good reasons)

In this blog we will answer the question “why be a teacher” and emphasise on the role and importance of a teacher in a child’s life.

To be a teacher is just like being a creator: 

Creating something out of the potential God has given to each individual, to realize it and harness it bringing out the best in a student is a role performed by a teacher. Being a teacher is just like being a torch lighting the way so that all the mysteries of the universe in a student’s mind can be unraveled. 

Who is a Teacher? 

By definition a teacher (also called a school teacher or, in some contexts, an educator) is a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue. They are paid professionals hired by an institute to guide students through their studies. Although in a deeper context it can be said that a teacher is not only responsible for providing out knowledge but also to assist the student in gaining self-confidence, realization and determination. They are also responsible to groom personalities by nourishing the child through affection and guidance. 

What does a Teacher Do?


A good teacher should love educating learners, and one of the major aims many teachers set for themselves is to be the greatest educator they can be. There is something extremely rewarding about conveying information and to ensure it is being understood correctly by the students, not only they grasp the concepts, but also the practical applications are understood. 

There are different methods you can use to explain, and while your teaching style is exclusive to you, the most important thing is that you involve, encourage and inspire students to learn and absorb. Many people teach to show the passion for their subject. If you truly love a specific topic, you may have a desire to share the information with others. Other people teach out of a concern for issues that the educational system may be facing. Whatever the reason, a teacher can do nothing if not educate their students, so many teachers set this aim to teach the students lessons that may last for a lifetime.


Teachers look out to inspire students in every aspect of their life, and for most teachers, their greatest goal is to be a good role model for the young learners. Someone who motivates and inspires students to struggle for prominence, and teaches them through familiarity and obligation how to realize their full potential to become the best versions of themselves. 

Teachers can inspire an unresponsive student to become engrossed in education. They can encourage them to contribute and focus, and even bring the students out of their shells. For many teachers, one of their simplest goals is to inspire their students to love learning. But the inspiring power of a teacher can exceed the classroom. 


On a strictly professional level, the education you attain to become an educator opens your eyes to several things you may never be exposed to before. Pursuing a degree in education teaches you so much about learning itself. You find out how people learn and the way to best teach students. Additionally, numerous other elements enter teaching that the method of becoming a teacher in itself teaches you an excellent deal. Regardless of what you teach, your knowledge in many fields will deepen and expand. Then there’s the question of the teacher credentialing process which is additionally a learning experience.

Teachers also learn an excellent deal about themselves through teaching. Teaching requires you to exit yourself in a way you’ll haven’t done before, and thus you study yourself. You find out how to handle stress, and therefore the organizational skills you’ll gain from planning lessons and grading assignments are going to be invaluable. 

Furthermore, many teachers say the teachings they learn from their own students are those that make the work so fulfilling. Students bring tons of their own life experiences to the classroom, and a few of the items they need to mention will enlighten you in ways you would possibly not expect. 


Ambitious teachers are those who enter this career to affect change. These are those who want to satisfy the demand for nice teachers and they create their goal to assist improve the standard of education for everybody. These teachers are willing to figure in high needs schools, where there’s low teacher retention and impoverished communities desperate for committed, talented teachers. Very ambitious teachers take it a step further. 

You’ll even find yourself working for your district or state’s board of education. At this level, you’ll effect real change by helping shape the longer term of education in your area. When an educator says their goal is to “make a difference”, this is often what they mean. They not only want to vary the lives of their students, they need to vary the face of education.

Importance of teachers  

  • Teachers can act as a support system that is lacking in a student’s life. They can be a role model and a motivation to go further and to dream better. They hold students answerable for their successes and failures and good teachers won’t let their talented students get away with not living up to their full possible ability.
  •  Teachers of all subjects have the ability to shape sentiments and help form ideas about society, and individual goals. Teachers can also expand a learners limits and push their creativity forward.
  • Teachers are the vital role models for students. They inspire and encourage the students to question the vast diversity and its secrets. They inspire students to learn more about the unknown.
  • Teachers will stay positive for their students even when things can seem grim. They support them and are great listeners for any social or personal issue one might have. 
  • Every teacher will find themselves approached by students for advice on from academic to non-public issues. Within the classroom, teachers also function a sounding board for students’ thoughts on everything from historical events to the meaning found during a literary composition. Teachers also provide guidance on pursuing education and participating in events that encourage growth during a youth. The importance of teachers as guides for youngsters as they consider furthering their education is immeasurable
  • The best teachers also inspire their students to figure harder and push themselves. They encourage students to know the importance of dedicating themselves to passion projects or endeavors. And success builds upon success. The more a student pushes themselves to accomplish their goals, the more they realize what they’re capable of doing.

Teachers as second parents

Some people believe that the teachers’ primary role is to show children to behave and to gauge what’s right and wrong. But on the opposite hand, teachers play the role of second parents to the pupils. It’s they who correct the pupils if something went wrong like what they are doing to their own children. The teachers also play a significant role in shaping the lifetime of the pupils under their care. Talking to a pupil can help an educator understand a pupil’s life situation better. 

A number of them are from a broken family, while others don’t have parents and accept immediate relatives. Sometimes they’re experiencing problems and difficulties in class and therefore the teacher as a second parent will plan to have a home visit to somehow solve the matter. Home visitation also helps teachers to know why pupils behave in several ways. There are circumstances where some pupils are voluntarily sharing their problem reception to their teacher.

 Teachers as a second parent will support their pupils by giving proper guidance. Once a pupil feels that the teacher appreciates what they are doing, they’re going to trust their teacher more. Pupils spend quality time in class than in home. 

We’d like to form pupils to feel that they’re safe enough and never let fear be your image but love. In return, pupils should give reference to their teachers through disciplined behavior and fixing good efforts in their studies; pupils can attain success in their life and also make their parents and teachers pleased with their achievements. 

Teachers are the role models and are the second parents for every student. They’re those who actually turn a student into the simplest citizen of the country. Teachers are those who show the proper path to the scholars and identify their innate abilities. They shape young minds and help students to understand their life goals. A teacher is just one who can understand the life situation of his/her pupil.

World famous teachers 

We’ve all had teachers who have inspired us, who have made a difference in our lives. Teachers have the facility to form or break their lives. An excellent lesson can inspire a passion for a topic that lasts a lifetime, while lackluster teaching can kill any desire for learning. Some of the world famous teachers are;

Salima Begum

Salima teaches at the Elementary College for ladies in Gilgit, Pakistan. She has helped create awareness amongst parents regarding girls’ education and its benefits. To interact with her students, Salima believes that classroom activities should correspond closely to real-life situations. 

Salima has made a serious contribution to teacher training, instructing quite 7,000 teachers across her province, and 8,000 more throughout Pakistan. If she were to win the prize, she says she would donate the cash to a fund to support girls’ education in Pakistan.

David Calle

David is a math teacher based in Madrid. He founded Unicoos to support children’s education beyond the classroom. His website videos are viewed by quite 30 million students. Unicoos is liberal to use, so if David were to win the prize he would invest it in expanding the platform, producing more videos in multiple languages, while maintaining free access.

Raymond Chambers 

When computing graduate Ray began teaching, he found the teachings prepared for college kids dull and uninspiring. He started developing new software for learning using Microsoft Kinect. He was encouraged by a leap in both engagement and academic achievement from his computing students, so he decided to share this work and best practice with other teachers. Ray’s YouTube channel has now had quite 250,000 hits. 

The BBC asked him to contribute its Microbit resources which are issued to teachers nationally within the UK. If he were to win the prize, he would use the funds to support charitable work improving computing education within the UK and Africa.

Wemerson da Silva Nogueira – Brazil 

Science teacher Wemerson began his career a really “> during a suburb with a very high rate . Many of his students were involved in crime and therefore the school had a drop-out rate of fifty . Wemerson led a social project called “Young Scientists: Designing a replacement Future”. one among this project’s activities involved studying the table by researching the polluted mud and waters of the nearby Rio Doce. 

The “Young Scientists” activities enabled the varsity to rescue 90% of scholars from the planet of medicine and crime. Today Wemerson’s school is taken into account the simplest within the city. If he were to win the prize, Wemerson would use the cash to make a foundation supporting the training of young teachers.

Boya Yang

When Chinese parents move to cities for brand spanking new employment opportunities, they often need to leave their children behind, to be eligible for education and other services. It is often a shattering experience for several children. Boya has found a Centre in her school where teenage girls’ can seek advice from psychologists and other professionals. If awarded the prize, she would use the funds to ask local and overseas students and specialists to participate during this program.

In this blog we have answered the question why be a teacher and emphasised on the role and importance of a teacher in a child’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher/Work With Children?

Why work with stressed adults once you can fill your days surrounded by fun, enthusiastic, honest and genuinely curious youngsters? Kids are cute and you’ll just end up growing attached to your students as you learn and join. Even the tougher students will leave an enduring impact on you.

How do you motivate students? 

One way to encourage students and teach them responsibility is to urge them involved within the classroom. Make participating fun by giving each student employment. If you’re going over a reading in school, ask students to require turns reading sections aloud. Make students add groups and assign each a task or role.

How Would You Handle [Specific Subject Situation/Misconception]?

Focus on the facts and discuss the common misconceptions in class during the lecture and to focus on explaining why the reasons for the misconceptions are wrong. 

How are schools changing and innovating? How is the job of teaching changing?

Schools are changing rapidly to satisfy the requirements of learners within the 21st century. Our student population is more diverse, our world is globalizing, technology and jobs are changing. Teachers are innovating to develop new curriculum, new teaching tools and techniques, and new ways for organizing and structuring the school-day.

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