Why are animals attracted to me? 

It is well known that animals and babies sense energies more than people. Animals might gravitate towards you because of the way you talk, things you provide, your pheromones and your aura. The same goes for babies. 

In this brief article, we will discuss the various reasons for babies and/or animals to be attracted to certain people more than others. 

Why are animals attracted to me? 

The reasons why certain animals enjoy some people more than others, according to several online voices, are almost unearthly. Some people believe that animals can detect vibrations or energy, and that they may have a psychic link that allows them to see the actual personalities of humans.

When it comes to animals, certain individuals will observe unusual behaviour. Dogs, cats, and/or other animals that desire to be around them fall into this category. 

This can be a one-of-a-kind experience that the normal individual may not be able to comprehend. However, you may be curious as to why animals are drawn to me.

Animals may be drawn to you because of your fragrance, your pleasant energy, or your familiarity with them. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals are included in this category.

This line of logic, regrettably, cannot be refuted – after all, we can’t simply ask the animals if they can see and assess our souls!

Reasons why animals gravitate towards you 

  • One reason why some animals are drawn to specific humans is that, like us, they are individuals who enjoy some people but do not get along with others. There is always something that binds you to a buddy, whether it be a common hobby or a similar personality.
  • Every type of person can find the ideal animal, but if you haven’t yet, you may believe you’ll never be able to bond with a pet. This isn’t true, however instead of attempting to make any animal resemble you, it’s a good idea to think about what sort of animal would be a good fit for your lifestyle.
  • Animals are more attracted to healers, because many animals need healing. This doesn’t mean they would most attracted to every healer, only the most spiritual. The more spiritual one is, the more likely the animals will be attracted to these beings.
  • Whatever we do, we are always sending out countless signals with our posture and the tone of our voice. All these are even more important when interacting with animals than with humans because while you can explain to a friend that you are in a terrible mood because you had a bad day at work, animals will just sense the aggressiveness you brought home with you.
  • Attracting animals requires a fine balance. On the one hand, your cynophobic buddy puts out far more exciting signals to dogs than you do, with their pounding heart and sweating hands. 
  • Someone who loves dogs and wants to win their attention, on the other hand, could go beyond with their enthusiasm and attention, overwhelming them with stroking, hugging, and their high-pitched voice.
  • It’s sometimes because of your aroma that animals want to be close to you. They’ll smell your feet or other regions of your body, which you’ll notice. When you enter the environment, some people may even stick their nose in the air. They will want to approach you if they appreciate your fragrance. Many animals, including cats and dogs, have this natural behaviour.
  • If you’re wondering why animals are drawn to you, it might be because of your perfume. Remember that your fragrance is distinct, and animals may detect it fast. It may, however, be the smell of food that you have in your possession. Each circumstance is different, and you should pay attention to these factors by observing the animal’s behaviour.
  • Empaths and highly sensitive people share a special bond with animals. Animals love in a way that doesn’t need any explanation or reason. And, since they’re pretty upfront about how they feel, empath’s know exactly where they stand when they’re around animals.
  • Usually, people who are confident with animals or who have a calm nature will attract them, because the animal doesn’t feel threatened and may want to explore.

Reasons why babies are attracted to you

  • A decades-old experiment found that newborns and young infants spent more time staring at faces that adults deemed attractive. The study consisted of images (chosen by adults) of faces that are considered beautiful and others that are considered less attractive. The results showed that the babies stared at the pictures of the “beautiful” faces longer.
  • Occasionally, newborns will fix their focus on an object with distinguishing features, such as spectacles, jewellery, or brightly coloured hair. A baby’s attention may be drawn to different patterns, textures, and accessories. While their brains are constantly developing, it is critical for newborns to view a variety of objects.
  • Around the age of three months, babies begin to notice movement. They may become disoriented and gaze as a result of this. If you take them outside or use a ceiling fan, you may notice this.
  • Sensory movement is a key part of helping babies’ brains develop. This is one reason why mobiles are so effective — they can have an almost hypnotizing effect. That said, you may notice your baby sometimes turning away from moving objects if they need to refocus their attention.
  • The introduction of bright colours to newborns and young children is an important aspect of their eyesight development. It’s also crucial to use different colour categories that contrast with one another. If the colours capture your baby’s interest, you may see them looking at something as basic as furniture or books.
  • During their first several years of life, babies learn a variety of abilities. When a newborn stares, it’s possible that they’re putting in additional effort to build and enlarge their brain. 
  • By the time they reach the age of six, a child’s brain has evolved to 90% of its potential. Babies may learn a great deal by just watching their surroundings.
  • If you provide a child’s fundamental requirements, you are most likely in their good graces. This entails ensuring that they are adequately nourished, clean, and rested. If the infant you’re spending time with is having a bad day, feed them, change their diaper, or rock them to sleep.

Our companion animals have clean and clear emotions. They live their lives moment by moment. They have no regrets, no guilt and no hidden agendas.

They offer pure emotions such as unconditional love, excitement, fear and aggression.

Our buddies have a simple way of expressing themselves. They greet each day wholeheartedly and with all of their might. It’s no surprise that we find them so appealing and endearing. 

Many individuals would rather spend time with their animals than with humans since they are so rejuvenating. Babies work on the same principle. Just clear sense of people. 

It could also mean you’re attractive, and hard to look away from, at least according to research done by Alan Slater at the University of Exeter in the U.K.  For example, one of the studies he worked on found that babies as young as 4 months showed the same attractive face preferences as adults.

Perhaps it is something in your body language, demeanor that shows some openness, availability, presence that they are drawn to. Chemistry is an invisible quality that draws individuals together. 

Many children appear to be easily and publicly drawn to persons they don’t know. They experience a sense of kinship, a sense of belonging, and a sense of goodness that makes them want to talk to or be around that person. It’s a lovely, joyful connection based on unconditional love, which is why youngsters are so moved by it.