Why am I still getting hate?

In this brief article, we will be discussing why am I still getting hate, reasons why am I still getting hate, what to do when I am still getting hate, and more information about why am I still getting hate.

Why am I still getting hate?

You might still be getting hate since you might not be what people are looking for after all. This was the kind of feeling that the famous artist who made this meme.

The why am I still getting hate meme is very popular when people are confused why they are still getting hate despite the things that they have done to improve themselves. This is very frustrating since most people tend to not understand what other people would want from them.

There is also the need to do something that might be beyond their grasp and might hurt them in the long run. All of us are natural people-pleasers and we can’t understand those people who are still giving us hate despite the changes we have made. You might even start to hate yourself in the long run.

This kind of situation can lead us to frustration when we don’t understand what other things that we need to improve in ourselves to help those people who still hate us for some reason. Although it is not always healthy to keep pleasing others just because you don’t want to feel hate in your life. The feeling that you’re still getting hate can be a psychological effect of being yelled at by parents or anyone.

You need to work on knowing what you really want about yourself in life. You may choose to be there for others but at the same time, you want to spend time by yourself as well.

Other people may have high expectations about you which can disturb you since they can be pretty unattainable. This is why you should accept the fact that you can be hated by others as well.

This kind of meme was used when people still feel that they are being hated even though they have done a lot to make sure that others will like them. Although this kind of meme is very close to the reality of life.

We won’t get everyone’s approval since most would take time and some are too burdened to trust other people. The fact that you are willing to accept that some people will hate you is a sign of respect since you understand that not everyone is going to like you in the long run so why to stick on trying to please everyone.

You might also get burdened if you always have the need to please everyone. Others would expect to do something extraordinary for them even though you can’t do it right now.

It is better if you just let those people go since they might not be worth it in the long run. You have to remember that people who have high expectations by not be understanding about people too.

It is better to be happy with the simple things in life and expectations may just drag them down in the long run. There is a need for you to be grateful that there are people who like you even though some people don’t.

You should be happy that there are people who like you despite your bad outlook on yourself. You can work on keeping these people with you who can help you in the long run.

You can work on yourself and know which people are worth the goodness about you. You shouldn’t feel like you have been neglected by everyone because of all the hate that you have received in your life.

You can also work on trying to work for your own wellbeing which can help you become the best version of yourself. You can work on this so that you can feel better about yourself even when others won’t like you when you have done the work on yourself.

You can also work on making yourself better about you. The problem with most people today is that they need other’s validation to feel good about themselves but that is not always the case.

You need to remember that most people won’t be the best critics for you. As mentioned before, some of these people have high expectations about you and these kinds of expectations may not be good for your wellbeing.

You need to realize that you are still human and it is okay to have flaws. You only need to accept these kinds of flaws in your life and learn to love yourself despite of them.

This is the kind of challenge we have to set in ourselves since most people tend to get away when they are showing their flaws to other people in their lives. You should also know that someone will be appreciative of your flaws even though you don’t.

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In this brief article, we have discussed why am I still getting hate, reasons why am I still getting hate, what to do when I am still getting hate, and more information about why am I still getting hate.

If you have any questions about why am I still getting hate, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

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FAQs: why am i still getting hate

Who is Keemstars wife?

Keemstar does not have a wife. He is an American who was born in Buffalo, New York, United States. His actual name is Daniel Keem and he has a most terminated channel in the country. His first channel was terminated in 2013 for trolling while he was playing the game called Halo 3. He had stated in his channel that he does not have a wife as mentioned. 

What happened to Keemstar?

Keemstar was removed from Youtube after his H3h3 video. His relationship with his sponsor named Gfuel may be over after a video was posted by Ethan “h3h3” Klein on Tuesday night which exposed some of this famous content creator’s past controversies that were thought to be deleted in the online world. 

Is Keemstar part of FaZe?

No, Keemstar is not part of FaZe. Although he has a prolonged history of being friends with various members of this band which may lead to the comments posted by Pokimane. However, this doesn’t make him part of this famous group which may be a lost opportunity on his part.

How much is Keemstar worth?

Keemstar is worth $20. His net worth is not surprising to most people with his $2 million net worth. He earns most of his salary through his Youtube videos which most people are watching and being entertained by them. He also earns money by charging fans to become a BlogTV chat moderator or part of his friend’s list.

Who is suing Keemstar?

Romeo Lacoste is suing Keemstar. He is being sued for $3.5 million for the claims he made about this famous tattoo artist in 2019. This kind of issue was a turning point on his part since he will be losing with the evidence shown by this kind of artist.


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