Why Am I So Attracted To Scorpios(7 Reasons)

This article will look at why an individual may be attracted to a someone who possesses the zodiac sign of Scorpio by listing down their popular traits which makes them so appealing and mysterious. Furthermore, the article will also introduce the audience to this zodiac sign.

Why Am I So Attracted To Scorpios?

Here are some traits of the Scorpio that may be a reason why someone is so attracted to them:

  • Extremely Loyal
  • Brave – Leap Of Faith
  • Ambitious
  • Secretive – Don’t Show You Their True Face
  • Their Dark Side
  • Intimate Creatures
  • Desire Control

Before we take a look at each of these traits, we will introduce the zodiac sign to the readers.

Scorpio – The 8th Zodiac Sign

The Scorpio is one of the astrological signs in the zodiac, the eight one to be specific, and originates from the constellation of scorpius. People who are born between October 23 and November 22 possess this mysterious zodiac sign which undoubtedly plays a huge role in determining their personality – likely because of the time they were born during the year and the placement of the stars above them. 

It is often misunderstood and taken as a fire sign because of the passion and power this sign possesses, however it is actually a water sign and hence derives its strength from the emotional and psychic realm; these stars are quite intuitive in nature. Other stars like Cancer and Pisces are also water signs but the Scorpio is indeed unique. These individuals are constantly plotting ahead of others, carefully calculating their steps to stay ahead in the game. Why? They are very clear about what they want and will do much to get it. Their intentions are not necessarily bad but they will put in much tactic and focus to get what it is that they want. Regardless of their calm and mannered nature, they should not be underestimated. 

What makes this star stand out is that they are quite secretive and do not reveal who they truly are to others. They blend in well to the crowd and play it low to prevent others from knowing their true power. 

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Scorpio’s Ruling Planet – Pluto & Mars

It is interesting to point out that this star has two ruling planets – as if they weren’t unique already! The ancient ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars which is responsible for its carnal desires; the planet is one of action, aggression, energy, passion, war and intense sexual desires. Although most consider Pluto as the Lord of the Underworld, it is also known to represent transformation, death and regeneration. The combination of these effects give the Scorpio it’s unique yet mysterious persona which one may find hard to resist. This is why people often gasp or are taken aback when they find out someone in their close circle is a Scorpio. 

Why Am I So Attracted To Scorpios – 7 Reasons

In this section, we will look at those traits that are likely to cause one to become very much attracted to this zodiac sign!

Extremely Loyal

The Scorpio, despite its desire to rise as an independent power with enough control and influence, is downright loyal to the people that matter most. With small circles of friends and loved ones, the Scorpio lies in wait for the right people to develop deep emotional bonds with that they can not only cherish but protect.

They are ferociously protective of their loved ones and will do anything to prove their love if it seems worth it. They put others first and desire the same treatment from others but may not always demand it. The Scorpio is very loyal and will ensure that they are reliable for their close ones; being there whenever needed and not giving others a chance to fill in the gap they were meant to fill. They will desire to be the first one a friend calls out to for help and will consider it a defeat if they are not there for friends and loved ones.

Brave – Leap Of Faith

While others will be hesitant, the zodiac sign under discussion is one that knows when they must take the leap of faith even if everyone else has no plans to. These individuals are courageous and often take the initiative that is most needed – they feel the weight of doing the right thing when others are not doing it. They will stand up for others, close or not, because they believe in working for the rights of others and creating a just society where no one has unjustified control or influence on others. This may stem from their fear of being unjustly controlled by someone else in their life.

Scorpios will not back down in the face of fear even if they are scared. Instead, they will rage on, internalizing the belief that they must do it. They understand that it is better to do something or take a decision rather than stay unsure or uncertain due to fear.


Highly driven individuals, Scorpios are extremely ambitious. This may be because of their inner desire to gain control and always have the upper hand so as to not be dependent on others for resources or knowledge. They strive to become self made individuals who work hard often juggling many things at one. 

Professionally, these signs want to excel in their careers and they will adopt various methods to do so; they will work in different fields and explore what options they have and choose those ones that relate to their emotional side and hence make them feel passionate.

These stars have many goals in their life and will work towards them in some capacity.

Secretive – Don’t Show You Their True Face

One thing that may cause someone to be attracted to a Scorpio is that they are very secretive and keep the other person guessing. People born under this star do not want others to know their true face. This could be because of how they think of the world or analyze it; sometimes the Scorpio may enter into a darker version of themselves scary to those around them. After all they are ruled by planets that signify death, aggression, passion and combat as well as high energy. Furthermore, Scorpios are secretive because they want to stay ahead in the game and remain hidden, unlike those who are very open about themselves.

Their Dark Side

Being highly emotional creatures, Scorpios do have a dark side. They hold grudges against those who may have harmed them or their loved ones in the past; in their case times does little to nothing to decrease the intensity of those grudges. They may not act upon them but they never forget. Furthermore, these creatures are stubborn in that once they want something they will do everything to get it and regardless of what others say they will not let their beliefs or desires be shaken. This may result in them being hurt or affected much later on but at least they got to go their own way – this is what truly matters to a Scorpio.

The Scorpio is also very jealous and possessive. Some of these individuals cannot stand it when others get what they have worked so hard and long for. More dangerous is the desire and passion that arises in them to be the only one for their loved ones. Their love for others can turn into feelings of possessiveness where they find it hard to share their loved one with others. Though this may seem quite attractive and special, it is necessary to set up boundaries in the initial stages to keep things healthy in relationships. Scorpios have a jealous eye especially when it comes to their loved ones giving others attention. One way Scorpios deal with this is that if they cannot pull back their loved one to themself they may abandon them altogether – mentally if not physically.

Intimate Creatures

The Scorpio is the zodiac sign which most closely associated with the act of sex. They are highly emotional creatures that are very intimate and expressive, willing to go deeper and deeper to connect with their partner. The part of the body that the Scorpio governs in the genital area and this represents how they express themselves to their partners; through intense physical relations which they crave. They become quite vulnerable letting go of other factors they consider significant such as control, hiding their inner personality and keeping a distance from others. Most Scorpios wait for the right person with which they can get the attention and affection they have always desired. However, it is not just the intimate act that they desire but spirituality, a deeper connection and honest and intelligent partners who will go the extra mile for them.

Desire Control

One thing that attracts people to Scorpios is their desire to stay in control and be in a position where they know everything that is going on. They may seem casual in their affairs not giving much attention to their surroundings but that is where you are wrong. They are quite aware of their surroundings and the activities going on however they tend to show a more calm appearance of themselves who is not bothered much. Inside, they desire to know more so they can better plan ahead and gain the control and status or position they desire. They hate being controlled by others. This independence is one reason why someone may be attracted to these creatures.


This article pointed out a number of traits of the zodiac sign of Scorpio to help explain why someone may be so attracted to them. Furthermore, the article also introduced this star to the audience especially by describing its ruling planets and elements.