Why Am I So Attached To My Sister(+5 Reasons)

This article will explore the many reasons why you may be attached to your sister and look up – or down – to her for support and guidance in your affairs. The article will also comment on the loving but crazy bond between siblings and why they never fail to amaze us.

Why Am I So Attached To My Sister?

Here are reasons why you are so attached to your sister:

  • The Mother You Never Had
  • Partner In Crime
  • Your Secret Keeper
  • Another Version Of You
  • You Guys Do Everything Together
  • Tough Childhood
  • She Depends On You
  • Same Friend’s Circle

Before we look at these reasons in detail, we will take a look at the relation between siblings and why it is so important.

Why Siblings Matter?

Why shouldn’t they matter? The relationship between siblings has been one that has never ceased to amaze us. They are so close yet they get into the most absurd fights ever over the most pettiest of issues. Not to mention they are always in a rat race to prove who is more lived by mom and dad. Apart from all the jokes they play on each other, the fights they have which ends up either in a broken tooth or arm and the crying that is involved in between all the drama, they do share a close and ever deep bond that keeps them together despite all that craziness.

Siblings see each other as soon as they come into the world. They are that one friend and roommate you just have to accept; they will be there when you learn how to first ride a bike, fly a kite and go to school. They will be by your side when you get into your first fight at school. Most importantly, they will be the first one to tell mom and dad about why you had to go to the principal’s office. It is indeed a bitter sweet relation where that tug of war game never ends.

Regardless of all the experiences siblings share, they have gone through the good and bad times of life together – especially in their childhood. They know most of your deepest and darkest secrets – some if not all – and they even know your weak spots that make you go on and one like a cry baby. They share a special bond with you like no other where you just can’t live without them. So why shouldn’t siblings matter?

Why Am I So Attached To My Sister – 7 Great Reasons

Sisters are one of God’s gifts. You may not realize that but they care about you a lot and want the best for you. Regardless of her age, she may be older or younger than you, you have a special place in her heart and she will always be on the lookout for you. Being her brother or sister, she will develop a strong bond with you and try to understand what it is in life that you need help with.

Older sisters are always interesting to have. They are the ‘wise’ ones or at least try to be the wise ones and counsel you on what is right or wrong. They might sometimes push their experiences onto you without seeing how your situation is different but nonetheless, they will always be there for you.

It is always fun to have a younger sister although they may want to tag along in almost everything you set out to do. Whether you’re her older brother or older sister, they look up to you for support and guidance and want you to be at their side when they feel scared or confused!

In this section, we will look at all the reasons why you are attached to your sister!

The Mother You Never Had

Sometimes sisters play an immense role in our life because of the gaps in it! Many of us grow up without a mother, father or both and it puts a lot of strain on the family. In most of these cases, the elder sibling needs to play a bigger role in ensuring the family unit functions properly all while they try to build a life for themself. They need to make sure that their mom or dad is doing fine and the siblings have someone to look up to in case neither of the parents are present. Family life is always tough and it never comes easy. 

Sisters, especially when they are older, often end up playing the mother’s role in situations where the family is broken. They will take care of your needs, make sure you get your homework done and get time to play or meet your friends. They want to make sure you get the childhood they may have not had and want you to get through life – or at least the initial stages – stress free!

Hence, this is one good reason why you may be so attached to your sister because she cares for you even more than any parent could and is there when others are not.

Partner In Crime

We all have that sibling we love teaming up with when we are up to no good! Your older sister – or even younger one – may share these interesting adventures with you where the both of you love pranking people or even your other siblings. Staying out late at night just to scare your older brother or ringing doorbells and running away are things all of us have done. It is always fun when you have someone to share the memories with.

On top of that, your sister may have your back in covering up for you when you are up to no good. Such siblings are rare because they greatly enjoy exposing the other ‘loved one’ to mom and dad and watching all the drama unfold – who wouldn’t?

Nonetheless, having a sister who is your partner in crime and sharing the same sense of humor when it comes to pranking people is indeed a special bond and may explain why you are so attached to her. It could be the only thing that brings the both of you close but it is enough!

Your Secret Keeper

Sisters talk about everything. Whether she is your older sister or younger one, having a sister at home is the best thing that could happen to you – while putting aside the tons of expected fights! Everything from embarrassing moments at school to your newfound crush, you have someone to tell who won’t leak out your secrets!

Friends may not always be there but when it comes to your sister, like it or not, she is always in the room next to yours and will always lend an ear when you need one. Sharing everything you experience with her is not only a relief from any type of stress you experience but a great way to bond with her and hence become very much attached to her!

Another Version Of You

Your sister may well be another version of you even if that means in another gender! You guys will have the same tastes, hobbies, ways of fighting or expressing disgust, eating habits and of course your interests in sports and video games! Knowing this gives you the comfort that you will have someone to play with or spend time in the summers and having your sister be your playmate is another reason why you are so attached to her. You guys do everything together because both of you know how much these activities mean to each other.

Tough Childhood

One reason why you are so attached to your sister is because the both of you went through a difficult childhood together and she was there for you in the tough times especially when your parents weren’t. Families are always complicated and there is something that will always go wrong. However, when siblings need to play the parent role that is when things have gone too far. Despite the reality of it, this is a good reason why you may be so attached to your sister – because she was there for you in those tough times!

She Depends On You

If you are an elder brother to your cute little sister, you will know that you mean the world to her. She will not only look up to you as a source of strength and example but also depend on you when she needs your protection and support!

Same Friend’s Circle

One of the reasons why you may be so attached to your sister is because you guys share the same friend’s circle and get to talk about all the drama that is going on; this is a good opportunity to share many experiences together and hence become more attached!


This article looked at multiple reasons why someone would be so attached to their sister. Furthermore, the article also described the relationship between siblings and why it is so important!



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