Why Am I So Attached To My Pet?(7 Reasons Why)

This article will explore 7 reasons as to why you are so attached to that little furry friend of yours. Furthermore, the article will also highlight what benefits you can gain from keeping and caring for a pet that could either be your typical indoor pet like a dog or that scaly reptile sunbathing in it’s own private enclosure. Nonetheless, the article will provide a comprehensive review of the topic in interest.

Why Am I So Attached To My Pet?

You are attached to your pet possibly because of the following reasons:

  • They Depend On You
  • Your Partner In Crime
  • Nighttime Snacks
  • Morning Alarm Clock
  • The Deep Connection
  • Newfound Parenthood
  • A Product of Your Training 

Let’s take a look at each of the above reasons in detail!

They Depend On You

These little furry critters – not all of them are furry – actually depend on you for a number of things and they realize this dependency. When it comes to wanting to go out for a walk, getting their fur coat groomed, getting a massage with those little q tips or demanding back up when they end up in a fight with the next door neighbor’s cat, your pets will always look for your support. Most importantly, you give them their food – which they never seem to get enough of. 

This dependence creates a beautiful relation where not only do they give you a chance to interact more with them but the bond of trust increases. Oftentimes, you will notice pets being very cautious in how they behave around you – at least in the start – however, as time passes, they will let you handle them in whatever manner you want even if it means exposing their most sensitive areas like their tummies!

Because they depend on you makes all the difference!  Being needed is a great feeling and that too in a way where the other party doesn’t bring in any complications or drama. You meet their needs and they happily accept. Not to mention they are grateful to you for your care towards them. It is another story that as time passes you see an entirely different side to their character and they become quite nagging and seem more human than your best friend does. Experience it yourself!

Your Partner In Crime

These little daredevils follow you everywhere you go so don’t underestimate them! They will keep an eye on who you meet, where you go and what sneaky business you are up to you. They are the ones who have all the information on you.

At the same time, they take the risks to see where you go and stay by your side just in case you need them. This is most apparent in cats and dogs although they may have different reasons; cat’s driven by their curiosity and dogs are sworn in by their loyalty. However, other little creatures are not far behind either.

They being there with you is a good reason as to why you get so attached to them. Although they may not understand what goes on in your life or fully comprehend the issues you go through, your pet being there for you makes all the difference. They could be anywhere else but they choose to be by your side. This realization makes you even more attached to them.

Nighttime Snacks

All pet lovers know this story very well. Your pet will wake you up in the middle of the night just to have a drink of water or literally two sips of milk. They won’t even be hungry but they just want to wake you up! It’s like they are testing you and want to see how far you will go to fulfill their needs.

They will either bark or meow loudly in your ears. If they are a bunny they will probably jump on your bed or even your head – not kidding – and if they are a reptile they will start clawing at their glass enclosure or even make weird sounds. But, they will not back down or give up. They will do everything in their power to wake you up. After all, most of these critters are nocturnals animals and cats sleep most of the day so staying up at night just to wake you isn’t really an issue especially if it means making you miserable.

Morning Alarm Clock

Just as they wake you up at night for a snack, they are too bored in the morning to let you sleep in! They want your attention and want you to get up and start your day so they can observe and follow you around. Furthermore, they will wait patiently till their efforts pull off and hence see you rise from your sleep.

Even if this bothers you, experiences like these give you great memories and is all part of the relationship building process.

The Deep Connection

When you spend enough time with someone, you get to know them even if you don’t like them. However, with animals it is different because they are of course only likeable and no one can resist their interesting yet jaw dropping behavior – when they resort to it that is!

Over time, you develop a deep connection with them because of how much time you guys have spent together and the care and trust that has evolved between the both of you. They have gone with you countless times to the vet but despite that they know very well that you have good intentions for them. Their trust in you makes you feel not only proud but also grateful that you have someone in your life that looks up to you.

Newfound Parenthood

It is a very interesting relationship you and your pet have. Sometimes it feels like a lifelong friendship and at times it feels as if you have kids and they, your pets, are your kids! You help them go to sleep, bathe them, feed them, play with them and look into their issues. Yes pets have issues. They have issues with other animals, people coming to your home and things being changed in their surroundings – they make a great big deal out of things.

A Product of Your Training

Ever felt embarrassed because you took your son, daughter, niece or any close child you know out somewhere and they ended causing a huge ruckus or making things mess up horribly? Well you get the same feeling with your pets when you have been with them for long enough. Pets can have bad manners. They will start throwing tantrums, breaking things or running around the house like crazy if they feel neglected, moody or even angry. Its funny how they start doing this when guests are over and you actually wanted them to be on their best behaviour.

These experiences add to your ever interesting relation with your pets and is one of the reasons why you get so attached to them!

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Why Keep Pets – The Benefits!

Here are a number of reasons why keeping pets is good:

  • Help you get through difficult times: Ever gone through a breakup, loss or problem? It helps when you have a pet by your side to keep you company and come snuggle with you!
  • A Deterrent To Depression & Loneliness: Pets keep you company as well as make sure you remain active. They give you a purpose to wake up every morning and hence are great tools to battling depression, sadness and loneliness.
  • Great Health: Many studies have been reported where people who keep pets report lesser sick days or visits to the doctors. They are more healthy in general!
  • Responsibility: Want you children to become responsible, caring and loving citizens? Get a pet to care for. It will do their upbringing much good.
  • Help Out: Like humans, there are many animals that are disabled and can no longer survive in the real world. They need help and assistance and hence need a loving home where they spend the rest of their life without worry.


This article explored why someone would become so attached to their pet which included reasons such as having a deep connection, being at your side all the time and bugging you for their daily needs. Furthermore, the article looked at reasons why keeping a pet is good and how it can improve a person’s quality of life!



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