Why Am I So Attached To My Best Friend (Top 5 reasons)

This article will look at the reasons as to why a person is attached to their best friend and how these reasons contribute to a stronger bond between the two people. Furthermore, the article will also shed light on relations where there is over attachment and how that can actually create issues between two friends.

Why Am I So Attached To My Best Friend

A person can be attached to their best friend because of the following reasons:

  • Your Secrets Are Their Secrets
  • They Know Everyone In Your Circle
  • Understanding 
  • You Put Each Other First
  • No Judgements
  • No Addiction
  • Acceptance

In the upcoming section we will explore each reason in detail and hence explain why a person can be so attached to their best friend.

Why Am I So Attached To My Best Friend – 7 Reasons Why

There are so many reasons as to why your best friend can mean the world to you. Without them you wouldn’t be able to fathom loving a life in their absence. Here are 7 reasons why you are so attached to your best friend!

Your Secrets Are Their Secrets!

If there is one person in the world you know would never leak your secrets, it is your best friend! You can count on her to keep her lips sealed all while you throw those little dirty secrets into her; she will not only listen but give you the comfort of not having to worry about getting exposed. If it means telling her about a guy you like, what horrible prank you played last thanksgiving or the exam you flopped without your parents knowing, she is that one person you can count on to keep your secrets.

Why do we need someone to keep our secrets? Well obviously because we cant keep them in our tummy can we? They are squirming to get out. Nonetheless, it is human nature to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others – after all, we are social animals right? However, the issue arises when we need to determine who that special person will be with whom we can share our dirty secrets – not all of them have to be dirty you know. This is where the role of a best friend comes into play. She is the one who will make sure you get to talk about what is bothering you or how you felt upset after a party you attended where you met an ex. 

With your best friend – true best friend – you don’t have to worry about the secrets you tell them. Their lips are definitely sealed.

They Know Everyone In Your Circle – The FBI

You know what is more fun than storytelling? Your audience knows exactly who you are talking about – the characters that is! Your best friend has seen it all. From your immediate family, cousins, aunts, uncles, exes, enemies and traitors – he knows every character and the role they have played in your life. This makes it way more fun to share other experiences with them even if they were not at the scene because they already have a good idea of how things panned out; not only do you enjoy it but so do they.

Having such a friend makes everything more interesting. They can relate more to what happens in your everyday life and both of you know that you guys enjoy talking about such things.


Having a best friend is a blessing not everyone has so be grateful! Your best friend understands you. You don’t need to explain the huge mistakes you make in life or how you ended up in a really bad scenario – unless if they are really mad at you and told you not to do it that is! You know that if you tell them something they won’t question you or doubt your words, in fact they will try to absorb what is going on and give you the best piece of advice if needed. They will also act as an active listener because they know that at times like these you need someone to talk to!

Why are best friends so understanding? It’s because they know you so well. They understand you as a person who is good but at the same time makes mistakes. They remember all the times when you did good and took the right decisions. Even if you end up in a bad situation they will understand you were trying to do the right thing or made a mistake. Hence, you don’t have to really explain to them and that is what makes it so easy communicating to them and of course being so attached to them!

You Put Each Other First

Both of you know that when it comes to choosing, you will choose each other. Even to the extent that your significant others might start raising some eyebrows – they have to deal with it right? You know you have to be there for your friend if they even need you especially if it’s an occasion like their marriage, having a baby, graduation, your birthday or any special event where their presence is a must. In the same way you know that your best friend will fly half across the world to meet you if she has to.

Having this assurance that they will always make plans to be there makes you feel attached to them quite a lot!

No Judgments

Yes your best friend does not judge you. They know you as a person and are pretty aware of your inside state – physically, mentally and emotionally. You don’t even need to give them any sort of explanation – they just know. Hence when you end up doing something extremely dumb they won’t even judge. Why? Well they know you very well so it won’t surprise them and secondly they realize what type of person you are and still accept you.

No Addiction – Just Like Love

Ever been in love? Well if you have then you understand how addicting it is no matter how experienced or string hearted you may be – you will still want and need the other person. When it comes to your best friend, it is kind of like a sweet love story without the addiction and all the other ‘extra things’. You can actually be in a loving and deep relation without having the expectations you would have from a partner. This makes it easy for both of you to bond and explore different experiences without emotions like jealousy, anger, doubt or sadness that come naturally in a relationship where there are sexual feelings involved too.


One of the reasons why you are so attached to your best friend is because they accept you. It might be difficult to say, but other people in your life may disagree with what you choose or do or even believe in; sometimes our parents do not approve of the life choices we make and our siblings are too busy in their lives. However, your best friend realizes you are an individual being with their own complete personality – they accept you as you are and love you. They might not always approve of you or what you do but at the same time they will tell you to go on and pursue your dreams.

When Attachment Becomes Dangerous

In some cases, attachments between people can become dangerously overwhelming to the extent that they become a source of stress for one or both persons. Here are some of the signs of overly attached friends:

  • It’s Just You: Such friends don’t want you to go around talking or interacting with other people. They will ask you to give them time only and not others. Also, they will get jealous or even angry if you roam around with others.
  • Demanding: Sometimes friends can become demanding. They want you to be more available to them and spend more time. Furthermore, they will want you to do what they want and even test your friendship by asking you to carry out unusual tasks.
  • Cranky: They get upset over small things and make a big deal out of it.

The behaviours described above are not temporary but become constand to the extent that you may feel under pressure to always impress your best friend. The relationship goes on to become toxic and drains you. Hence, it is advisable to stay alert and watch out for such ‘relations’.


This article looked at multiple reasons as to why a person would be so attached to their best friend. These reasons included ones such as them being accepting and understanding and also keeping your secrets. Furthermore, the article pointed out when overly attached friends can become a source of stress for you and what are the signs of such friends.



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