Why am I desperate for a girlfriend? (7 Reasons)

In this article, we answer the following question: Why am I desperate for a girlfriend? We also describe the perfect 8 steps in order to get a girlfriend. If you find yourself desperate and worried about your future, keep reading.

Why am I  desperate for a girlfriend? 

There are many people who would admit to being “desperate” for love at some time in their lives because loneliness is sometimes unbearable. This feeling of being lonely is what leads us into bad relationships because we are so alone.

So, you start to get impatient. You begin to doubt yourself, your ability to like someone, you see that time passes, months, years, and you still do not find your ideal partner (or a partner). Then you start to despair and enter a vicious circle in which, the more desperate, the more difficult it is for you to find a partner and the more difficult you have it, the more desperate you are.

You have to be patient, calm down, and don’t lose your temper. If you do not find a partner, anxiety and despair will not help you. Yes, you may find a partner, but it will not necessarily be the best option and you will, probably, at the risk of not even being yourself.

It’s worth waiting, and in the meantime, finding hobbies and friends with whom to fill your free time so that you continue to grow as a person, and so that you can be happy through it all. So, with the security of those who feel good about themselves, with the ability to please and love those who take care of their friends, you can find a partner without losing your identity.

If you’re desperate for a girlfriend, you might as well allow her to do whatever she likes, and later question yourself Is sharing your girl friend wrong?

If you are desperate for a girlfriend read this

Have you been wanting to have someone by your side for a long time? Do you feel desperate because you can’t find that woman to share your life with? Do you feel like you will live alone for the rest of your life? Is patience overcoming you? Don’t be discouraged. 

Surely you can do more than you do to get the girl of your dreams. You may not be following the right strategy. Here we propose a series of guidelines that can help you find the girlfriend you are looking for.

Below we show you the tips that we consider essential in order to find someone significant.

Analyze your environment. If what you want is to get a woman fast, because you no longer have patience and you are tired of searching without success, the first thing you should do is analyze your environment. Stop to think about all those girls who are part of your closest circle. 

Keep in mind your friends, your friends ‘friends, your sisters’ friends, your cousins … This will make you not start from scratch. Maybe you already know that girl who can attract you or maybe a family member or friend can connect with both of you and can help you cut the ice.

Show yourself brave and confident. Women like men who have initiative. So you should have no doubts. Do you want to find a girlfriend or not? You can get down to work and take action. Do not be passive and have confidence in yourself. After all, you have nothing to lose. You don’t already have it. Do not hesitate. Hop up.

Don’t be arrogant. Just because you show yourself with confidence doesn’t mean that you should take for granted that this woman will be with you. Don’t be arrogant, because you can spoil everything. 

Also do not be a person who boasts of his abilities. On the contrary, you must be human, as someone who also has his defects. Humility is essential. She will already realize who you are and you will have time to demonstrate your skills. But avoid being cute.

Praise, but do not idolize. It is good that you highlight their strengths, their strengths. But don’t make it perfect, because you know it’s not, nobody is. Be honest when you speak and say the things you truly think and feel. Praise, but don’t be flattering.

Seek intimacy. When you have the chance, stay away from groups of people. Seek intimacy with that woman, so you can get to know her better and get to know you. In privacy, you will be able to advance faster. Take it out of its comfort so that you feel more confident about yourself. Try to bring up topics of conversation and seek to amuse him.

Pursue physical contact. Nonverbal language is very important. But you should take advantage of physical contact when the situation is favourable. Touch when you can, touch her hands, but always wisely. 

Here you must measure very well. Don’t be sober. Do it without enthusiasm, as you do it inadvertently. This will make her wonder what effect that physical contact can have on you.

Try to get a new meeting. Once you have had the opportunity to be with her alone, try to find a new meeting. It doesn’t have to be a formal date, but propose to meet another day to make a plan together. You do not want to stay the next day, here you must have some patience. Keep in touch with her in the meantime. Ask him for the phone number and write him a message letting him know how much fun you have had with his company. In how it responds you can find an answer to what it thinks of you. But yes, never be heavy.

Finally, jump in. When you’ve been alone with her on occasion, ask for an appointment and show your intentions. A romantic dinner may be the best environment to make a proposal.

FAQ on Why am I desperate for a girlfriend

How do I stop being desperate for love?

To stop being desperate for love, you need to start loving yourself more. The despair for somebody else’s love is usually a sign that we do not appreciate ourselves enough, that we do not see the good in ourselves, that we do not believe we deserve the best partner. 

Why are people so desperate for love?

People are desperate for love for various reasons. Some people are afraid of being lonely, they do not know how not to be in a relationship. But most of the time, people are desperate for love because they have an inner void that they’d rather have filled with external love than actually making the effort of living themselves. 

Is it okay to be desperate love?

It is not exactly okay to be desperate for love, as it is a sign that you are willing to lose yourself in your relationship. You do not have the patience to meet the right person for yourself, you’d be with anyone other than being alone. 

Why is being desperate a turn-off?

Being desperate is a turn-off as these types of people usually hurry to get in the wrong relationships. They do not have the time to get to know the other person, they don’t actually care about their partner. They just don’t want to be alone anymore.

Is it good to be desperate?

It is not good to be desperate, nor bad. Being desperate is a sign that you should take more care of yourself. People are not usually attracted to desperate people. So, put yourself first, take care of your needs, and the right person will come along. 

How do you not look desperate?

You do not look desperate when you show confidence, when you are not clingy and dependent on the other person to text, call or to go out. A confident person puts their needs first and it is not afraid of letting go what no longer serves them.


In this article, we answered the following question: Why am I desperate for a girlfriend? We also described the perfect 8 steps in order to get a girlfriend.

A relationship, if it is intended to be serious, implies a time to get to know each other, to stay, to spend time together, to open up sentimentally to the other person, to seek happiness through sharing time and space with the other, etc. 

You have to be patient, calm down, and don’t lose your temper. If you do not find a partner, anxiety and despair will not help you. Yes, you may find a partner, but it will not necessarily be the best option and you will, probably, at the risk of not even being yourself.

The wait is worth it, trust me.

If you got any comments or questions, please let us know!


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