Why am I crying so much? (+3 coping tips)

This article will discuss what are the possible reasons for you to be crying so much. Aside from that, the article will show you what are the best ways to cope with it

Why am I crying so much? 

There may be some reasons as to why you have been crying so much. Here they are. 

You have too many emotions

It can be that you have been crying too much because you have been dealing with a lot of emotions. It can be something connected to the situation you are in right now, for example, you may be going through a stressful situation, and your emotions have been building up, and crying might be a way to express it all.

It can also be connected to suppressing too much of your emotions, and that over time can feel overwhelming. So at some point as a way to let it all out, you start to cry a lot.

You have too much empathy 

So people can feel too much of other people’s emotions. Being a highly empathetic person means that you will always put yourself in each other’s shoes and that you can feel what they feel, be it emotionally, but sometimes also physically.

With that, when a person shares their pain with you, you can feel it so deep that it can bring you to tears. This can happen because there are mirror neurons in your brain that are activated whenever you see someone express their emotions too deeply.

It is a trait of your personality 

Each person has a personality, with different traits. In that, you can be more sensitive than other people, which can make you cry a lot more than other people would. It is known that the person’s limbic system is the one that may be responsible for that. Being that people that cry more have some genetic differences in this area.

It is also possible that people that have high levels of neuroticism tend to cry more. Neuroticism talks about a temperament factor, and it leads the person to experience emotions more intensely. They can often be people that will be highly sensitive, which can make them experience sadness differently from other people.

But it may not only be connected to your personality but also something that comes from your learning associations. This means that if you associate some moments, music, or even movies with crying, whenever you are exposed to them, it can bring you to tears.

You are depressed 

Being depressed means you may be experiencing intense sadness, it also leads people to cry more than they would. Since it is a mood disorder, to deal with the crying brought on by depression, you may need to look for professional al treatment.

You have anxiety

Another mental health condition that can lead you to cry a lot more is anxiety. It makes you more irritable, worry too much, and have trouble concentrating. And because at times anxiety can feel overwhelming, it can easily bring you to tears.

You have a history of trauma 

People that have lived through a traumatic childhood, in which they were abused, or even neglected, or even people that have gone through traumatic experiences tend to cry a lot more. That is because their brain may respond to any other traumatic experience as if it was the same as the first trauma, causing the reaction to be so intense.

You are dealing with stress 

Whenever you are stressed, it can mean that your body and brain are making a lot of effort to cope with it. This can make you more sensitive to certain situations, and at some point the emotional part of your brain may take over, bringing the tears.

It has to do with hormones 

Hormones are what control our functions based on the chemical message it sends. It is what will let us know we are hungry, and control our emotions, and moods. So if you ever go through something that is affecting your hormone levels, it can make you cry a lot more. 

Women are especially susceptible to that in their monthly menstrual cycle. But problems in the thyroid for example can also lead to hormone alteration.

It has to do with social norms

It is known that women tend to be more attuned, and open to their emotions. They learn how to talk about it, and express it a lot more than men do. And in that, it may be more common to see women cry. That is also the case because men tend to be taught that crying is a sign of weakness, so they should prevent it. 

PseudoBulbar affect

This is a neurological condition that has an impact on your emotions. It happens when the person has a brain injury or any form of change in the area of the brain that controls your emotions. It can be a stroke, the result of dementia, or even because you had an accident that affected your brain, and can lead you to cry a lot more.

How can I cope with crying too much? 

If you are crying too much, there may be some ways for you to cope. Here is what you can do.

Use some techniques to stop crying 

Although crying is a regular way to express your emotions, it can sometimes happen at a moment when it is not appropriate. When that is the case, you may want to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, relax your facial muscles, or even do small pinches on the skin between your thumb and forefinger.

It is also possible to try and control your crying through deep breaths, as it allows you to control your emotions. For that, inhale deeply through your nose, and then release the air slowly, and completely through your nose.

Work on your mental health 

If you are crying too much because you are depressed, anxious, or dealing with other forms of mental health, it can be important to look for ways to cope with it. First of all, it may be important for you to look for the mental health professional.

A therapist may help you understand your condition and the root of it. It can also allow you to create new strategies to cope with what is happening. In some cases, it may also be important to look for a psychiatrist, this doctor that specializes in mental health will be able to give you medication to decrease the intensity of your symptoms.

Look for your GP 

If you are crying too much, and you feel it may be related to hormone levels or brain injuries, it may be important to look for your GP. They can run exams and discuss with you what are the possible lines of treatment.

Learn new ways to express your emotions

Crying may be a way of expressing your emotions, but if you feel it is overwhelming, and crying has been happening too often, you can try to discover new ways of expressing your emotions. It can be by talking to people around you, or even writing your thoughts and feelings out so you don’t feel crushed by them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Why am I crying so much? 

Is it possible that I will run out of tears from crying too much?

No, even if a person cries too much, they can’t run out of tears. The tears you make are done for crying, but also as a way to purify your eyes which makes it hard for you to be without them. It is also known that an adult person produces something between 15 and 30 gallons of tears every year, which gives you just about enough to cry as much as it feels necessary.

How can I stand up for myself without crying?

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to stand up for themselves without crying. But if you want to improve that ability, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. And as you start to share how you feel, focus on using sentences that start with an “I”, which means you will be saying things from your perspective, making it difficult for the person to question them.

As you are speaking, try to do it firmly, and if you are too shy to do it, saying it all by pretending you are acting can help. Having some tricks like pitching your fingers as a way of preventing you from crying can also be a good thing.

If you feel that you are too emotional, it is okay to take some time to calm yourself down, as it also gives you time to prepare what you want to say. If you feel it is necessary, let the tears come before the encounter, and let the fear and anxiety flow.

As you are going to address the matter with the person, make sure to have a good posture as you get there, and focus on maintaining a positive mindset as you do it.

Is it possible to look prettier after crying?

Yes, you can notice you look prettier after crying. That is because when you cry and wipe away your tears it can have a moisturizing effect. your skin. This can make your skin look better and even younger when compared to how dry skin would look.

Why do I feel tired after crying?

It is common to feel tired after crying. That is because as you cry, your heart will beat faster, and your breathing will get slower. The more intense your crying is, the more you hyperventilate through it. This will reduce the amount of oxygen available to your brain, which can make you feel drowsy, and be experienced as being tired.

Can crying improve my mood?

Yes, crying can have a positive effect on your mood. If you are ever feeling sad, you may cry and realize that it made you feel a lot calmer. That is because when you cry tears that are related to your emotions, it leads to a release of stress hormones.

As you continue crying, your stress levels will go down, and it can make your mood better. But not only that, but it can also have a positive impact on your immune system, and help you sleep better.


This article focused on explaining to you what are the main reasons why you are crying so much. Aside from that, the article showed you how you can cope with crying so much.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.