Why Am I Angry When Someone Wakes Me Up(5 Reasons)

This article will look at the reasons as to why you become angry when someone wakes you up. Furthermore, the article will also look at how you can counter this negative emotion and wake up in a better mood – even if someone else wakes you up!

Why Am I Angry When Someone Wakes Me Up – Top Reasons!

Here are the top reasons why you become angry when someone wakes you up:

  • You Are Tired
  • Had A Long Night
  • You Asked Them To Not Wake You Up
  • Routines Do N ot Match
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Low Blood Sugar

Let us take a closer look at these reasons in detail!

You Are Tired

This is one of the reasons why you become so angry when someone wakes you up early in the morning!  Whether it’s constant overtime work at the office or helping out friends with their assignments, becoming tired can have an effect on how your brain works! 

Research has shown that when you are tired your brain may perceive the world in a different light. You perceive things in a more negative way rather than how they are usually perceived by you. You won’t really laugh at what you usually think is funny nor will you see the humor in other things because of how this tiredness is affecting your brain! 

When you are tired, a specific region of the frontal lobe in the brain is usually affected and hence somewhat impaired. This is what contributes to your so-called negative perception of things.

Thus, if you are tired, then do not be surprised when you are awoken by someone in the morning and you feel grumpy! This is because of your newfound perception of things that can be attributed to the tiredness affecting your brain!

Had A Long Night

It is only natural to not want to be woken up after you did an all nighter! Working all night can be tough not only on your nerves but also your body and mind. It is indeed tiring and the only thing you look forward to is a good sleep without being woken up too early.

However, as ironic as it can get, whenever we need that beauty sleep without any disturbance, someone comes along just to wake us up for no good enough reason! Now why would someone blame you for getting angry!

You Asked Them Not To Wake You Up

We all have that roommate or sibling who doesn’t really listen to what we have to say. The next day could be a very important day; you may have a meeting in the afternoon or have to study the entire upcoming night! Nonetheless, you want to make sure you get enough sleep tonight. You make sure everything is in place and you tell your family, roommate or siblings, whoever it is, to not wake you up early the next morning. You go to sleep thinking you will sleep like a baby.

Next thing you know somebody wakes you up early in the morning. It could be your mom who could be looking for something in your room, your sibling who needs to borrow a pen of yours or your roommate who has cranked up the music so loud while making breakfast that you can’t even keep it out by covering your ears with your pillow! Not only does this ruin your sleep but you are angry because you had a lot of work to do today!

This is hence another good reason why you may end up getting angry when someone wakes you up in the morning and we don’t blame you why!

Routines Do Not Match

Another reason why you may get angry when you are woken up early is because this has become a daily event. Whoever it is you live with does not have the same routine as you do; what they wake up to do early in the morning is bound to affect you. 

You might engage in a late shift job or do your own thing but the person who shares a living space with you may be an early riser and they like to roam about the house early in the morning or listen to the news or music while having breakfast. Whatever the case is, they do make noise in the morning and you get woken up by it. 

Hence, if your routines do not match with the person you live with then waking up because of them early everyday can become a reason for you becoming much angry.

Health & Lifestyle

These two factors, health and lifestyle play an important role in making sure you get a good sleep at night. Without these two, you may not be able to fall asleep timely or not enjoy a good quality sleep; you might wake up multiple times during the night. This is because your body may not be getting its needs fulfilled; it needs a lot of exercise and the right nutrition to ensure it produces sufficient hormones that are necessary for your sleep.

When we are not making sure our body gets what it needs then we are in a more probable position to be easily irritated by others. This is because we don’t want to blame our own selves for not being able to take care of our body. Maybe you need to be woken up in the morning but because your body already feels tired and cranky because of your poor lifestyle or food choices then you will likely take it out on someone else.

Low Blood Sugar

This can be one reason why you may become grumpy when woken up in the morning! As we mentioned in our previous point that health and lifestyle matter a lot when it comes to getting a good night sleep, in the same manner food is a very integral part of what choices you make thus affecting your health too! 

When we have snacks or foods that are high in sugar content at night then there is no doubt we will fall asleep feeling content and satisfied. However, some people are more sensitive to low blood sugar and their levels fluctuate more easily. So they may end up eating something sugary at night but wake up in the morning with lower blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels also affect the mood hence someone may feel grumpy when they are woken up in the morning because of their blood sugar levels.

What To Do?

If you are one of those people who have problems waking up in the morning in a good mood then here is what you can do:

  • Make Sure You Have A Good Routine: Sleeping early will ensure you get the sleep quality you need and when you do have to wake up early you will already have had the sleep you needed
  • Healthy Food: Eating good food is necessary to get the sleep you need. If you don’t eat healthy then it will affect how and when you sleep and increase your chances of being grumpy in the morning.
  • Be On One page: It is important that whoever you are living with respects the space you need even if it means letting you get the sleep you require. If they don’t, then it might be time to change your roommate.
  • Control Your Anger: There will be many times when you need to wake up even if your sleep is not complete. You need to practice controlling how you react because every situation will not be one you like. Reacting negatively will only make you more vulnerable and decrease your self control.
  • Take Power Naps: In case you think you have not had much sleep then a lot a time during the day that you can rest during. This will not only help your body relax but will also be a thing to look forward to, and hopefully decrease your anger, in case you end up waking up too early!


This article looked at and explained the reasons as to why you may become angry when someone wakes you up early. It included reasons like not having a good routine, bad health choices and being very tired. The article also attempted to provide advice to the readers on how they can prevent such a situation where they are awoken early and get angry.



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