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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This post will explain who uses monday.com. We shall also look at the various use cases of monday.com and many of the advantages this platform brings to teams and organizations. monday.com is being used by many organizations all around the world across 200 business verticals for a wide range of purposes.


Who uses monday.com?

There are numerous organizations which use monday.com for their project management as well as task management needs and requirements. Let’s look at some of these organizations:


This app developing organization also uses monday.com mainly for collaboration. The platform has plenty of features that can be used for all types of collaboration, internal, external, synchronous as well as asynchronous. In addition to this, the platform also helps in creating and managing events, which is important for large organizations like Wix.

Pioneer Studios

Pioneer Studios has been using monday.com to track its finances and accounts. While being a project management tool, the platform also provides plenty of templates for this cause. It also has many features that teams can use to create and manage budgets, allocate resources, create invoices and also reduce expenses.

Discovery Inc.

Since Discovery Inc. is all about creativity and marketing, the team here uses monday.com in order to create and manage their marketing campaigns. The team also collaborates using the various communication means available in monday.com and uses the CRM templates available here for their deliverables.


This organization uses monday.com for its task management and work management needs. It also features multiple views and charts to create project overviews that can bring plenty of transparency to teams. Teams can also better understand their individual roles and responsibilities through monday.com.


Loginno has been using monday.com in quite an efficient manner for its project management needs. The teams here have also created their own monday.com template that can help them in software development. The platform has also helped in increasing the levels of collaboration and communication between teams and team members.


The National Hockey League uses monday.com to better streamline its work processes and workflows. In addition, it has also been using the features of monday.com to increase visibility of tasks and assignments. The platform has been phenomenal in streamlining Stanley Cup requests and also tracking the chaperones of the cup.


Genapact has been using monday.com for centralized database management which can be highly helpful in teams who work with large amounts of data. In addition to this, the teams here are also using monday.com to improve cross-functional collaboration in the organization, thereby bringing more transparency and resources to teams.

M Booth

This digital communications company needs to cater to a wide audience which makes up its clientele. The teams in this company have been using the features of monday.com to simplify their work processes and make them efficient. The creative team also uses monday.com to streamline requests from customers and increase their deliverables.


Sevencapital makes great use of the content management templates and tools that are available in monday.com. Since content might be difficult to churn out regularly, the teams here communicate and brainstorm their ideas through the collaboration features available in the platform. This has brought a smoother workflow to the content management teams.

Use cases of monday.com

monday.com is highly flexible and customizable and thus can be used across a wide range of business verticals and industries. Some of the most common use cases of monday.com have been described in this section:

For HR processes

Organizations have plenty of HR processes that might need extra help or assistance. This is particularly when the organization is large and has a lot of employees and teams. monday.com can be easily used for HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, training and also for the purpose of performance appraisals and reviews.

For CRM purposes

Sales and marketing teams clearly know the importance of the customer and their relationship with the brand or the organization. monday.com has a helpful CRM template that can be highly useful for sales and marketing teams to generate more leads, follow up with them and basically manage the customers throughout their life cycles.


For collaboration needs

Teams need to collaborate effectively if they want the project to succeed. An organization also requires collaboration to occur on many levels and through various means. The collaboration and communication features in monday.com can be quite helpful for teams seeking to collaborate better as they use tagging, whiteboards and the updates sections to interact with each other.

For database management

Teams who work with plenty of data and information require all of this to be located in a centralized platform. If data is stored in various places, there are high chances of it being lost or even stolen or leaked. Teams, such as sales teams, who work with large spreadsheets will find that monday.com can be a great database tool for their project needs and requirements.

For finance and accounting

While monday.com is a project management tool, it can also be used for the purpose of finance and accounting. It has plenty of templates and features that can help teams track and manage their finances. They can also create budgets, allocate resources and also manage payrolls through this versatile platform.


This post has explained who uses monday.com. We have also looked at the various use cases of monday.com and many of the advantages this platform brings to teams and organizations.

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