Who pays more Betterhelp or Talkspace? (+4 ways to afford therapy)

This article will discuss who pays more, Betterhelp or Talkspace. We shall also be explaining why therapy actually costs so much and strategies that you can use in order to reduce the costs of therapy. Online therapy is not only cost-effective, but also brings plenty of other advantages like ease of use and accessibility that in-person therapy may not be able to provide.

Who pays more Betterhelp or Talkspace?

When comparing the pay scales of both these great online therapy platforms, we can see that Betterhelp pays its therapists, somewhere around $30 per hour and Talkspace pays around $20 per hour. The salary that the therapists get also depends on other factors like the number of clients on their caseload and also the length of the sessions that they have with them.


Why is therapy so expensive?

Both in-person therapy and its alternative online therapy can be quite expensive, especially if the individual does not have any insurance coverage. Therapy has always been considered to be a luxury for many and the high costs of therapy are the main reason why people do not consult a therapist at the earliest. Some of the reasons why therapy is actually so expensive are:

Education is expensive

It takes a lot of studying to become a therapist and many prefer to do their education in prestigious institutions so that they can provide the best care to their clients. However, all this can cost a lot in money and thus many therapists still go on to continue paying off their educational loans well into their careers.

Marketing expenses can cost a lot

Therapists who practice independently need to market and promote themselves in order to bring in the right clientele. However, marketing strategies and gimmicks can cost quite a penny for therapists. These also need to be classed up and need to have the right standard since they are dealing with a serious matter like mental health, which can further increase the costs.

Licensing fees expenditure

A degree or diploma in psychotherapy is not enough for therapists to start their own practice. They also need to have the right license to practice in their respective states or regions. Licensing fees can be quite high and might also need to be renewed on a regular basis. Furthermore, licensing requires the therapist to take on more courses and thus can cost a lot more.

Rent and utilities expense

Therapist offices cannot look like any other workspace. The offices need to have the right look and be accessorized in such a manner so that the clients feel welcome and comforted. Also, these offices should be placed in the right locations in order to attract the right clientele for the therapist. All these can end up being quite expensive for the therapist to maintain.

Client flow may not be steady

Therapists may somedays walk into a full waiting room and other days may see an empty register. Clients may drop out all of a sudden due to various reasons and may also switch therapists at the drop of a hat. Since the client flow may not be steady, therapists can charge quite a buck to ensure they are covered during dry times.


Lots of emotional labor

It is of course not at all easy being a therapist. While Hollywood paints a pretty picture of therapy, therapists actually go through a lot of emotional labor and mental labor for their work. When deeply empathizing and working with others, therapists undergo a lot of trauma by themselves and this can require self-care and therapy for their own mental health.

Plenty of paperwork

There is also a ton of paperwork involved in the therapy process. The paperwork can also increase substantially when insurance is involved, and thus many therapists hire a personal assistant for this reason and to also run their office smoothly. This can bring in added expense for the therapist, which also drives up the cost of therapy itself.

How to reduce the costs of therapy?

While therapy can be quite expensive for many to afford, there are plenty of ways that you can use to reduce the costs. A few of these ways have been described in this section:

  • You can try finding a sliding scale therapist. As compared to other therapists who charge their clients by the hour, sliding scale therapists are a lot more flexible and will charge you appropriately for the work done. This can considerably lower the costs of therapy.
  • You can also reach out to your community organization which might provide counseling or therapy services for free of cost. Most religious organizations may have in-house counseling who can guide you both in spirituality as well as provide therapy.
  • If you are a student, you can reach out to your school’s or university’s in-house counselor. You can also reach out to your HR manager if you are working, to check if EAP covers therapy.
  • The best way to reduce the costs of therapy is to sign up for an online therapy platform like Talkspace or Betterhelp. These platforms not only have cost-effective plans but also provide additional assistance such as financial aid in Betterhelp and insurance coverage in Talkspace.


This article has discussed who pays more, Betterhelp or Talkspace. We have also explained why therapy actually costs so much and strategies that you can use in order to reduce the costs of therapy.

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