Who owns Talkspace? (+6 tips for therapists)

This article will answer who owns Talkspace. We will also be explaining how you can become a therapist on Talkspace and some of the benefits that you will enjoy while working for this platform as a provider. Finally, we will also be discussing a few tips and strategies that you can use as a therapist to improve the quality of your online therapy sessions.

Who owns Talkspace?

Since early 2021, Talkspace has gone public after a merger with Hudson Executive Investment Corp. The company is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol ‘TALK’. This online therapy platform was originally founded by Oren and Roni Frank as a space to bring cost-effective couples therapy in a stigma-free environment.

How to become a Talkspace therapist?

If you want to become a Talkspace therapist, you are required to have the following qualifications:

  • You will need to be licensed to practice independently in your respective region or state
  • You also are required to have a minimum of 3 years of clinical experience
  • You must possess a professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • You are required to submit a CAQH application
  • You must also own your own NPI number
  • Furthermore, you need to have your own smart device with a working video camera and stable data connection

If you possess these qualifications, you can complete the short survey on the Talkspace website. After this, you will be asked about your clinical experience and also your areas of interest following which you will be notified if you are selected for the job or not.

Benefits of working with Talkspace

Therapists who are looking for an amazing self-starting place to work will definitely love Talkspace. The various benefits or advantages that therapists can experience while working with Talkspace are discussed in this section:

They do not require an office

Therapists who run their own private practice definitely are aware of the exorbitant prices of offices today. This is even higher when the office is in a great location. Therapist offices also need to be equipped with the right utilities and accessories to bring comfort to clients. However, Talkspace therapists need not worry about any of these since everything is conducted virtually.

They do not have marketing expenses

Talkspace therapists also do not have to spend anything on marketing since the platform does everything for them. Marketing expenses can be quite high but are necessary to pull in the right clientele for the therapist’s practice. Also, these marketing strategies need to send the right message since they are promoting mental health care and this can further bump up the costs.

They do not have any paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork that comes with being a therapist. The paperwork exponentially increases when insurance is involved, and that is quite often. The therapists who work for Talkspace do not have to worry about paperwork since the platform takes care of this as well for them.

They are exposed to many clients

Therapists are also exposed to a wide variety of clients when they work in Talkspace. Unlike private or independent practices that might only bring in clients from the nearby localities, platforms like Talkspace have a large number of users from various regions and cultures. This can greatly increase the exposure of therapists and thereby promotes learning.


They have a steady inflow of clients

Therapists may experience seasons where they have a large number of clients to cater to. Other times they may face an empty office. The number of clients on the roster may peak and wane due to many factors and reasons. However, therapists on Talkspace need not worry about any of this since the number of users of this platform is only increasing day by day.

There is easy accessibility

Therapists also have quick and easy access to all the information about the user, which can be very useful for their interventions. Therapists can additionally view the chat transcripts and other information of the user that they might have had with their previous therapist on the platform. All this makes the process of therapy much easier and quite effective.

Tips for great online therapy sessions

If you are a therapist working for an online therapy platform like Talkspace or Betterhelp, or even if you are practicing independently, here are some tips that you can use to improve the quality of your online therapy sessions:

  • Ensure that all your notifications are off or on do-not-disturb before you start your session
  • Make sure your background is clear of distractions and does not have much personal information
  • Since eye-contact is necessary but can be difficult to generate in online video sessions, try looking into the camera as much as possible and avoid looking at your own vide
  • Use the various formats of therapy that can be used online other than live video sessions. For example, live chat, live audio, audio messages, text messages and even video messages
  • You can show the client or the user around your office space so that they are familiar with your settings in order to promote safety and comfort
  • Adjust your seat settings so that you are positioned at the right angle that is comfortable for the client and also gives you a natural pose


This article has answered who owns Talkspace. We have also explained how you can become a therapist on Talkspace and some of the benefits that you will enjoy while working for this platform as a provider. Finally, we have discussed a few tips and strategies that you can use as a therapist to improve the quality of your online therapy sessions.

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