Who owns Cerebral mental health? (+5 advantages)

In this article, we will discuss who owns Cerebral mental health. We will also be looking at the importance of mental health itself for an individual and for those around them. Lastly, we shall be discussing the advantages of using Cerebral for your various mental health needs and requirements.

Who owns Cerebral mental health?

Cerebral is a private company which has been founded by Kyle Robertson and Dr. Ho Anh. This mental health subscription was created as a basic solution for the major problems in today’s crumbling mental health care sector. The aim of Cerebral is to bring affordable and accessible mental health care to everyone.

Importance of mental health

Mental health has gone from being important to being absolutely necessary, especially in today’s competitive pandemic-stricken world. Good mental health is often encouraged since it not only affects you but also affects those around you. Some of the main reasons why mental health is considered so important have been discussed in this section:

Mental health can affect your physical health

Mental health can definitely affect your physical health and even vice-versa. There are many ailments that can be caused due to a large amount of stress and frustration solely. Mental health also directly contributes to our immunity levels which are necessary for combating various illnesses. Thus, a big part of being physically healthy is to be mentally healthy.

It is necessary for sleep

Sleep and rest are an important part of our lives and we spend a major portion of our time in rest. However, if the rest or sleep is not that of high quality, it can affect many other areas of our lives, including our physical health. The most important factor for sleep is good mental health and self-care.

It improves your productivity

Great mental health is also important for productivity. This is the reason that many who are battling mental illnesses often fail in school or do not perform well in their workplaces. When a person has good mental health their cognitive processes work smoothly and thus bring better productivity.

It can affect your relationships

Relationships can also be affected by mental health. If a person is mentally healthy, they will participate more in their relationships and also grow as a unit. Many relationships are affected negatively due to the failing mental health of one of the partners, which makes care of mental health even more important.

It can keep ailments at bay

Mental health can also keep many illnesses at bay. Good mental health can even help in immunity and the natural fighting power of the body. It not only keeps physical illnesses away but also keeps mental illnesses away. Thus, great mental health is necessary for the over quality of life in a person.

It can help you through trauma

Life cannot always go as planned and can be filled with many adversities and traumas. However, a great weapon in these troubled times is your mental health. If an individual’s mental health is great, they will find themselves facing adversities much more solidly and thus can bounce back quicker than those who are struggling in their mental health.


It can help you grow

Growth and development is necessary to bring enrichment to life. However, growth can be difficult as it brings a lot of change. Mental health itself can help you grow by setting new and realistic goals for your life. Good mental health can also push you out of your comfort zones and help you take on more challenges with better gusto.


Advantages of Cerebral

Cerebral as a platform has improved the mental health of millions of users. This mental health subscription is bringing therapy and psychiatry services to many who cannot otherwise afford these services. The best advantages of Cerebral have been mentioned below:

  • Cerebral has tied up with many in-network insurance providers, which means those who are insured can avail the services at much lesser costs than in-person therapy. The insurance not only applies to the therapy services but also to the psychiatry services as the medicines are billed separately.
  •  The platform also ships the medicines directly to the homes of the clients and thus they do not need to go to the pharmacy to get their prescriptions.
  • Cerebral also offers care counseling for all its users which brings emotional support and therapeutic guidance. This care counseling can also improve the adherence to treatment and takes continuous feedback.
  •  Cerebral can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere since it operates completely online. This brings a lot of convenience to many who have busy schedules and for those who are not able to leave the house often for therapy and doctor visits.
  • The platform is also completely HIPAA compliant which means the information and privacy of users is secure and confidential.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for an alternative to Cerebral, the best way to go is definitely Betterhelp. This platform brings high quality therapy services for individuals, couples and teenagers. It also offers group therapy sessions that are conducted once a week. Betterhelp also offers financial assistance for those who cannot afford the plans.


In this article, we have discussed who owns Cerebral mental health. We have looked at the importance of mental health itself for an individual and for those around them. Lastly, we have discussed the advantages of using Cerebral for your various mental health needs and requirements.

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