Who is a serial monogamist?

This blog answers: Who is a serial monogamist? How can you know if someone is a serial monogamist? Why do people engage in serial monogamy? Is serial monogamy unhealthy?

Who is a serial monogamist?

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A serial monogamist is someone who is obsessed with being in a relationship with someone without any breaks between their relationships. They are not involved in multiple relationships at the same time, the way polygamous people are. 

Serial monogamists can’t tolerate being single. They always want to be in a committed relationship. That’s why when they break up with a partner; they immediately start searching for another relationship. 

The main focus of serial monogamists is to stay in a committed relationship, irrespective of how long the relationship lasts. It is important to understand that serial monogamists are into committed relationships. 

They do not intentionally want to break relationships to have another relationship and thereby maintain as many relationships throughout their life as they can. 

Serial monogamists stay committed, but when they break up, they can’t tolerate it and almost immediately form a relationship with another person. 

How can you know if someone is a serial monogamist?

Serial monogamists have a distinct pattern of behavior, which makes them very easy to spot.

Following are some of the major characteristics of serial monogamists that can help you spot them:

  • They fall in love very quickly. 
  • They are almost always never single. 
  • Being single gives them psychological distress. 
  • They spend very little time moving on from one relationship after its breakup to another relationship. 
  • After their first few dates, they almost immediately want their partner to move in with them, and they repeat this behavior in all their relationships. 
  • They have been engaged or married multiple times in the past.
  • They lose their partners quite frequently, but the reason for their loss of partners is never the death of a partner. 
  • They are often insecure. 
  • They are clingy in their relationships because they always want someone (a romantic partner) by their side.
  • Their relationships often last three to five months. 
  • They are very serious with all their partners when they are in relationships. 
  • They make very hasty decisions with their partners, such as moving in with them as quickly as the third date. 
  • They frequently compare their current partner with their previous partners. 
  • They are not choosey about who to date; they just want to be in a committed relationship.
  • They get easily bored in their relationships.

Why do people engage in serial monogamy?

Serial monogamy is a type of behavioral pattern, and just like any other behavior, there are reasons behind it. 

Following are some of the main psychological reasons behind why serial monogamists can’t tolerate being single:

Fear of Abandonment:

Serial monogamists are excessively worried about being abandoned by people, especially their romantic partners. They might develop this fear of abandonment from unhealthy parenting or as a result of experiencing toxic relationships in the past.  

Low Self-Esteem:

Serial monogamists have low self-esteem, meaning that they think very low of themselves, conscious and unconscious. Their low self-esteem elevates substantially after they break up with a partner, which is why they almost immediately want another relationship in order to cope with their low self-esteem. 


Serial monogamists have very dependent personalities. They excessively depend on people in order to feel whole. They consider themselves incomplete and inferior, which is why they seek the company of others, their support, and depend on them to a pathological extent. 

Love Addiction:

Serial monogamists love the euphoria and excitement associated with romantic relationships so much that it takes the form of addiction. They want always to feel the fun and excitement of new relationships. 

The euphoria associated with romantic relationships triggers the release of excessive dopamine in their brains, a hormone highly related to addictive behavior. 

They are so addicted to relationships that they immediately form a new relationship after breaking up with a partner. 

Is serial monogamy unhealthy?

Serial monogamy can have serious negative psychological consequences. Serial monogamists are highly prone to toxic and unhealthy relationships. They hurt their partners, who might expect a long-term relationship. 

Healthy relationships take time to develop, but serial monogamists take very little time to make relationships. Serial monogamists have low self-esteem and depend on people, which can negatively affect their day-to-day lives.

As they are involved in frequently changing relationships, serial monogamists are highly at risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases.


From a psychological standpoint, Serial monogamy is an unhealthy form of relationship pattern. Serial monogamists always want to be in relationships because they can’t tolerate isolation, have dependent personalities, and have low self-esteem. 

Although they are committed in their relationships, they fail to maintain that commitment in the long run, which is a characteristic of a healthy relationship. 

Frequently asked questions: Who is a serial monogamist?

What’s the difference between a serial monogamist and a serial dater?

Serial daters are only into dating, while serial monogamists are into committed relationships. Serial daters don’t want commitment in their relationships and often get irritated when a partner asks them to be committed. 

What’s the difference between a monogamist and a serial monogamist?

Monogamists always want to marry their partners, while serial monogamists just want committed relationships, whether they are bound by marriage or not. 

What are some popular examples of serials monogamists?

Some popular examples of serial monogamists are:

  • Taylor Swift, 
  • Johnny Depp, 
  • Kim Kardashian, and 
  • Jennifer Lopez 

What is serial monogamy?

Assisting monogamous trappers to turn individual who is comfortable in a committed relationship. They have a series of monogamous relationships without taking breaks between their relationship.

What is serial monogamy give examples?

An individual gets married, but their partner dies, and they later remarry. King Henry VIII had six wives.



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