Which is cheaper Talkspace or Betterhelp? (+5 pros)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This article will discuss which of the two, Talkspace or Betterhelp is the cheaper option for users. We shall also look at the benefits of using both of these platforms for users and their mental health needs and requirements. In-person therapy can be quite expensive, which is why users are shifting to online therapy platforms which offer plenty of cost-effective plans.

Which is cheaper Talkspace or Betterhelp?

Both these platforms have a variety of cost-effective plans that users can opt from. Thus, it can be quite difficult to compare them, especially as the range of features that are provided from them. But users have mentioned that the price range of Betterhelp is considerably more economic and thus affordable when compared to that of Talkspace.


Benefits of using Talkspace

Using online therapy platforms such as Talkspace brings a wide range of advantages and benefits for users of every category. With the help of Talkspace, users can manage their mental health issues, ensure better self-care and also obtain guidance for life matters. Some of the great benefits of using a platform like Talkspace have been discussed as follows:

It is easily accessible

The platform is easily accessible and thus is preferred by those who have a flexible lifestyle. It can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time. It is compatible on any smart device and can be accessed through a web browser or a mobile app. It is this high level of accessibility and flexibility that makes Talkspace extremely valuable.

It has several paid plans

In a bid to cater to a wide range of parties and users, Talkspace has several paid plans that users can opt from. These paid plans have various features that vary among them and also share many of the essential features that make Talkspace so unique. There is an Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus, Premium and Ultimate plan that users can choose from based on their needs.

It can be covered by insurance

Therapy can be quite expensive and while online therapy is significantly cheaper, it still can be costly for many users. Since mental health takes a toll on every area of life, including work and earning abilities, Talkspace ensures anyone suffering from mental illness or mental issues can easily access a therapist by making all plans coverable through insurance.

It provides life advice

Mental health is intersectional. It depends on a wide range of factors and reasons for it to be purposeful and effective. To ensure that the users are covered from all angles, Talkspace has features that provide guidance and life advice. There are tips and resources that users can easily follow for legal issues, marriage issues, finance issues and even career related problems.

Which is cheaper Talkspace or Betterhelp? (+5 pros)

It can improve awareness

Mental health, of course, is not a very linear path. It has its share of ups and downs and thus individuals need to have more awareness of their mentalities, strengths and weaknesses. To help users track these issues, Talkspace provides features that users can utilize in order to track their daily progress, understand their trigger factors and thus take better control of their mental health.


It offers Psychiatry services

This is one of the most amazing features of Talkspace. It has Psychiatry services so that users have access to medication and drugs for their mental health problems. Thus, the platform becomes a one-stop shop for all mental health concerns. However, there are strict guidelines that restrict the prescription of some drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall.

Benefits of using Betterhelp

A great alternative to Talkspace is Betterhelp, which is also quite popular among users. This platform provides a large collection of benefits and advantages for its users. Some of these are:


Betterhelp provides financial assistance

In addition to being covered by insurance, Betterhelp also provides financial assistance for those users who are finding it difficult to afford therapy. This is essential as the money-factor is a major reason why many users fail to enroll in mental health programs and also drop out of these programs in between.

There is a live chat option

While the platform offers asynchronous or non-real time messaging and chatting with mental health professionals or therapists, it also offers a live chat option for users. Here, the user can schedule a live chat with their therapist and then message them in real-time. This becomes highly beneficial and quite appealing since many users today prefer chat to calling.

It allows better alignment of therapists and users

For therapy to be successful and constructive for the user, the relationship between the client and therapist needs to be great. This is completely irrelevant to the extent of the therapist’s knowledge, qualifications or expertise. Betterhelp takes this factor quite seriously and thus users need to fill out questionnaires in order to find a suitable therapist who matches their energy.

There are group therapy sessions available

Group therapy is also very beneficial, just like individual therapy. In many cases in psychotherapy, group therapy sessions are actually preferred as they provide moral support, social motivation and more awareness of mental health issues. Betterhelp has many groups which users can join to gain more insight and better control of their mental health.


This article has discussed which of the two, Talkspace or Betterhelp is the cheaper option for users. We have also looked at the benefits of using both of these platforms for users and their mental health needs and requirements.

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