Which is better Talkspace or Betterhelp? (+important features)

In this blogpost, we shall differentiate and review Talkspace and Betterhelp in order to understand which is better. We shall be looking at the different features that both these platforms offer for their users and also how they can cater to the mental health needs of various individuals and groups.

Which is better Talkspace or Betterhelp?

This completely depends on what your needs and requirements as an individual are. Both are great platforms with a wide range of features and services that can cater to the mental health needs of users very well. Let’s look at some of the features that these two platform offers in the section below:


Through this platform, users have easy access to a range of mental health providers and other services and features as well. The platform also provides a variety of plans that users can opt from based on their needs and requirements. Users can easily choose the therapist of their choice and have lesser response times.

Another great thing about Talkspace is that it offers psychiatry services so that users can be prescribed drugs and medications. However, there are guidelines that restrict the prescription of some types of drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall. While Talkspace is amazing, it is more of a messaging therapy app and thus live sessions are more expensive.


Betterhelp is quite a popular mental health platform that users can utilize for their mental health needs and requirements. The superb thing about Betterhelp is that it offers financial assistance for those who cannot afford therapy. This is important as mental health services can be quite expensive and this can deter those who need it the most from going to therapy.

The therapists and mental health providers in Betterhelp also provide their clients with worksheets and homework assignments that can keep them occupied and assist them in managing their mental health issues until their next appointment. However, many users have mentioned that these worksheets and assignments can lack a personal connection in the process.

Important features of Talkspace

While there are many online mental health platforms, each of these has a different set of features that can make users like them or dislike them. Some of the important features of Talkspace that readers might be interested in are described as follows:

It makes therapy quite flexible

The main concern of Talkspace is to make mental health accessible and flexible for patrons and users. The reason why online mental health platforms like Talkspace are gaining wide popularity is because they offer more flexibility for users who can access their mental health providers literally anytime from anywhere.

It has several plans

The platform offers users several plans to choose from based on their needs and requirements and also their affordability. These plans can be covered by insurance and there is also a discount if it is billed annually. The platform mainly offers three types of paid plans, Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus, Premium and Ultimate plans.

It can be comfortable for introverts

Introverts and those who find themselves socially challenged can easily find solace in Talkspace. Those who are introverted can easily find traditional in-person therapy quite challenging and maybe even overwhelming. Talkspace can be an easy alternative for introverts as it is a majorly asynchronous type of messaging therapy app.

It can help in tracking

The platform can also help in bringing more awareness about mental health to users and patrons.  Users can easily use the features of Talkspace to understand their personalities, strengths, weaknesses and also trigger points a little better. This brings them more information to use both short-term as well as in the long run.

Important features of Betterhelp

Another great online mental health platform is Betterhelp which users can find equally as good as Talkspace. This platform also offers a wide range of mental health features that users will love and fully utilize. Some of the important features of Betterhelp have been discussed below:

It provides financial assistance

Therapy can be quite expensive, even if users are utilizing the services of an online mental health platform. When therapy is expensive, the chances of enrolment are less and there is also a high chance of drop outs in between programs. In order to mitigate this, Betterhelp supplies financial assistance to those who cannot afford therapy services.

It matches users and therapists better

The right fit between users and therapists is important in any type of therapy setting. But, this can be quite difficult and in fact even tricky to find all the time. The features of Betterhelp certainly assist users in finding the therapist who can provide the right type of services and environment for positive and constructive therapy sessions.

Users can also have a live chat

There is also a live chat option that is available in the platform that users can fully utilize. Live chats are better than asynchronous messaging and can also be more comfortable for those who find phone calls or video calls overwhelming. These can be scheduled at an earlier time and also give the advantage of streamlining their thoughts in a much better manner.


In this blogpost, we have differentiated and reviewed Talkspace and Betterhelp in order to understand which is better. We have also looked at the different features that both these platforms offer for their users and also how they can cater to the mental health needs of various individuals and groups.

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