Which company owns monday.com? (+9 trivia facts)

In this blogpost, we will be answering the question of which company actually owns monday.com. We will also be giving you some more trivia about monday.com and also describing some of the features that make monday.com so popular. With project management becoming a major necessity, many tools like monday.com are gaining increasing popularity.

Which company owns monday.com?

monday.com is actually a publicly held company, physically located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was founded in 2012 by three individuals, Roy Mann, Eran Kampf and Eran Zinman. Roy Mann is the current CEO of monday.com. The company however, was founded under the name daPulse and then later was renamed to monday.com in 2017.

monday.com was created as a work management solution in order to solve problems that the founders themselves faced in their workplaces. In order to create this, they used a tool called Backbone. However, the platform still had a lot of problems and issues and thus they later rewrote the tool using React, leading to the monday.com of today.

monday.com trivia

Some information about monday.com that users would like to know are listed below:

  • monday.com was founded in 2012, under the name daPulse
  • It is a publicly held company
  • It is a work Operating System platform that aims to make work management easier and smoother
  • Its symbol in the stock market is NASDAQ:MNDY
  • It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • monday.com uses the servers of Amazon Web Services located in different regions across the US
  • It also has one more data region in the EU, located at Frankfurt Germany. Users can opt to use either one of these regions for storing their information when they open their account
  • The company now serves around 127, 000 customers from all across the globe
  • monday.com has gone public from June 10, 2021

Popular features of monday.com

monday.com has a great many features that make it the top choice for many business organizations. Some of the best features that monday.com offers are discussed below:

Ease of use

monday.com is quite easy to use. This has to be one of the most important features of monday.com. Even though a great tutorial is present and daily webinars are held by the customer support executives at monday.com, users can easily get the hang of it by themselves. The navigation is simple and the user interface is highly engaging.

Strong security features

monday.com follows all the necessary guidelines for internet safety protocols. It thus ensures strong and stable security of the information and data related to their users and customers. There is a backup of critical data every 5 minutes, while the non-critical data is backed up every 24 hours. It also has two data regions, one in the US and the other in the EU.

Promotes customization and flexibility

This is another great feature of monday.com. It promotes customization and flexibility of the workspaces. And thus, the team members can set it up any way they want to. The founders apparently got this idea from the home furniture giant, IKEA. Since it is highly human-centered, team members with different working styles can easily work together in greater harmony.

Allows easy integrations

What is a project management tool without integrations, am I right? monday.com offers its users easy integrations with other platforms in a seamless manner. Not only are the integrations quite easy to set up and manage, but these also run together like a well-oiled machine. Organizations can thus integrate monday.com with their existing tools or even add new ones to the pool.

Encourages communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration are the essentiality of the workplace. And monday.com clearly realizes the need to implement this. Not only are there many ways to collaborate with each other, through the update section or even through board comments or tagging, but notifications are right on spot, allowing an efficient work process in the team.

Makes work management easy

Work management has not been easier with the help of this tool. Managers can easily delegate and assign tasks and roles to the different team members. The entire team is on the same page with the help of timelines and Kanban style charts and can easily check their progress as well as that of others in the group.

Motivates team members to do their best

Team members are also motivated to perform to their fullest potential through monday.com. Firstly, the entire user-interface looks like lego blocks put together, which helps in visualizing tasks well. It also uses bright color schemes which are aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, monday.com uses many widgets like time-trackers and daily quotes to make working fun.


In this blogpost, we have answered the question of which company actually owns monday.com. We have also given you some more trivia about monday.com and also described some of the features that make monday.com so popular.

Frequently asked questions: (Which company owns monday.com?)

Where is Monday based?

The headquarters of monday.com are located in Tel Aviv, Israel. All in all, the company has 4 office locations in 4 different countries across the world.


What is Monday built on?

monday.com was originally built on a tool called Backbone. However, the tool that we know of and love today was built using React, which brought about better customization and adaptability features. It also promoted better work management and integrations through the platform.

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