Which companies use monday.com?

This post will be discussing the different companies who use monday.com. With the rising importance of communication and collaboration, organizations are shifting to incorporate project management tools that can greatly improve the workflow among teams. Project management tools can also be used to promote creativity, celebrate diversity and focus on the bigger picture.

Which companies use monday.com?

The many companies which use monday.com are:

The National Hockey League (NHL)

Everybody knows the National Hockey League. It is the world’s premier professional ice hockey league and one of the oldest professional sports in the United States of America. The NHL, while doing amazing in the rink, was not doing so well in terms of workplace collaboration and communication. To bridge these gaps, they brought in monday.com which has proved successful.


This software consultancy has customers and clients from all over the world. They had faced issues that come with expansion such as flooded email inboxes, long phone calls and uncoordinated communication between team members. Thus, they opted for monday.com to solve their team collaboration issues and revitalize the organization.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is a great example of an organization that served its customers well during a global pandemic. Encumbered with a large number of loan requests when the coronavirus pandemic took over the world, the Bank couldn’t keep up with the requests and serve the needs of the customers. Hence, they implemented monday.com to serve their clients better.

Seer Interactive

This digital marketing agency works with a lot of data and analytics and thus requires strong collaboration between its team members. It required a great work management tool that can bring its team together to serve its customers. For all these reasons, Seer Interactive opted to use monday.com which has proved highly beneficial for its long-term vision.

Discovery, Inc.

Since the organization works with many creative teams, it requires great organization and coordination in its work process. It also requires great marketing as well as B2B sales. For this purpose, the company has incorporated monday.com into its program to ease the workflow while creating better efficiency and productivity.


You might know Wix as a great app developer. Wiz uses monday.com to coordinate between its team members effortlessly and efficiently. It basically uses monday.com as a collaboration tool. With the help of monday.com, the team members can easily communicate with each other and stay on the same page at all times.


Ofcdesk opted to use monday.com particularly for its efficiency in keeping team members updated about various tasks and projects. With the help of monday.com, the folks at Ofcdesk can also take care of sales and invoices through the integration features on the platform. Furthermore, they can be easily notified when a project is completed and thus keep track of it better.

Pioneer Studios

monday.com was Pioneer Studios’ solution to tracking expenses and taking better care of their finances. Since monday.com is not only used for collaboration and project management but also for other reasons such as coordinating sales, marketing purposes and HR practices, Pioneer Studios has incorporated this amazing software into its work processes.

Seven Capital

Seven Capital has been extensively using monday.com to manage their content. They use this project management tool in order to track the progress made by their team members and also use the automation features to notify when tasks are completed. In this manner, the entire team is on the same page and thus maintains a smooth workflow.

In addition to these, the following companies also make use of monday.com for their work management needs:

  • Adidas, the sports brand uses monday.com for workplace collaboration and communication
  • Cedar Financial also uses monday.com for the purpose of tracking loan requests and fulfilling customer tickets
  • Lonely planet makes use of monday.com to create valuable content and also bring its team members closer together
  • HubSpot allows monday.com to play an important role in the team collaboration and coordination in their workplaces
  • Noviqu makes use of the tracking and reporting features in monday.com to help with their CRM services
  • WeWork uses monday.com to maintain its day-to-day operations and improve its work efficiency
  • Faith Bible Church purposes the monday.com platform to create engaging content and campaigns for their various marketing projects


In this post, we have discussed the many companies which make use of the monday.com software. As we can see, monday.com is not only used for work and project management but also many other purposes such as HR purposes, marketing reasons, content creation, CRM purposes and also for maintaining finances in the organization.

Frequently asked questions: (Which companies use monday.com?)

How many companies use monday.com?

According to the sources at monday.com, more than 100, 000 companies use this platform in their workplaces. The industries these organizations belong to are quite different, ranging from sports, advertising, healthcare, religion, finances and software. They also use monday.com for a lot of varying purposes, from content creation to workplace communication and collaboration.

How many people use monday.com?

monday.com has around 127, 000 customers from all over the world, serving in more than 200 types of industries. The company’s business has boomed especially after it went public in June, 2021.

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