Where to buy stress balls on the high street? (A brief guide)

In this guide, we will discuss where to buy stress balls in the high street and also some other available options for you to find the best stress balls available in the market. 

Where to buy stress balls on the high street?

You may have asked friends or other people “where to buy stress balls on the high street?” or even tried googling it.

Here we have the answer! There are many places where you can buy stress balls on the high street, you just have to pay close attention. 

Are you feeling stressed, tense or under pressure?

Well, you can relieve all that stress and take it out on poor old paul! You can keep him on your desk or in your pocket.

Get yours from Debenhams. 

For instance, one of the places you can find stress balls on the high street is New Look, you probably didn’t know that but you can find a nice yellow happy face stress ball! yes, it has a happy face print, it is made 100% polyurethane, has a spherical design and is suitable for ages 6 and above.

You can keep it with you at all times or it is perfect for those stressful moments at the office. 

Additionally, if you don’t want the typical spheric stress ball you can also get the multicolored heart stress ball pen!

So you can actually squeeze the heart and use the pen to write.

It is also a detachable stress ball, has a heart design and a ballpoint pen with black ink. 

Another place you can buy stress balls on the high street is ASDA, however, they don’t have the typical stress balls and they are mainly sold for children.

They have textured sensory balls that engage the senses, contains a pack of 6 soft, air-filled sensory balls perfectly sized for little hands and each with a different color and texture. 

You can also find them on the website advertised as “great for visual stimulation and the variety of textured surfaces encourage baby to safely explore with their hands or mouth, enhancing visual and tactile senses and fine motor skill development”. 

If instead, you are looking for a stress ball for you or you are planning to give it to a friend or a relative then the brain ball from Primark is a very unique type of stress ball that looks like a brain, literally.

You can also find a yellow furb ball, a ball of bogeys, balls with lights and a shark light-up bouncy ball or you can get it with a nice pinkish jellyfish. 

Paperchase is also a very good option, they have these emoji stress balls that you can actually use on different occasions, depending on your level of stress. 

Other people have also said that you might get one from Poundland or those little shops located on the high street.

Just go inside and ask, you might probably find what you are looking for. 

In contrast, if going to shops bores you, you can also find a few alternatives online without even leaving your house and the best part is they will deliver it right into your doorstep

Some of the options we recommend include TheWorks.co.uk.

You can actually find “moody faces stress balls” far from the typical stress balls, you can have a lot of fun squeezing and reshaping the moody faces and they even come in lots of different colors and designs. 

However, it is important that you do not overstretch them or use it near sharp objects because they can burst and the flour inside them can get out. 

If none of the options we have mentioned suits your needs, you can always go to amazon.com.uk and find a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials for you to find the best stress ball available in the market.

Other websites such as ukstressballs.co.uk have also a wide variety of stress balls you may even want to consider taking a look at!

What is the difference between a UK stress ball and a Chinese stress ball?

A word of advice from ukstressballs.co.uk when buying stress balls.

They advise that “Urofoam is the ONLY manufacturer of stress balls anywhere in the western world.

Chinese products are harder and light in weight compared to our UK made items.

The heavier a stress ball is the “squidgier” it becomes, giving Urofoam stress balls a quality feel.

Really complex custom shapes are only available in the UK, we will work with you to develop your idea and make it unique to your company.

This open dialogue allows you to control your order and achieve the maximum impact for your client’s marketing campaign”. 

Why is this blog about where to buy stress balls on the high street important?

Maybe you are shopping for a last-minute gift for your boss or maybe you just want to get a stress ball for yourself to keep in your backpack or at your office desk and don’t really know where to look for or even start looking. 

If you want to make someone you love feel a little better, less stressed, and more relaxed, try these Best Gifts for Stress & Anxiety.

They make a perfect gift and are actually not expensive at all, making them a great compliment when having those stressful moments when your computer stops working or before a meeting, you can virtually use it anywhere to help you cope with anxiety. 

We have discussed some of the available options you have at finding a stress ball, they come in all sizes, shapes, and materials so you just have to pick the one that best suits your needs.

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