Where is the 855 area code located?

In this brief guide we are going to answer the question ‘’Where is the 855 area code located?’’ we will find out where this code comes from and how to get an 855 code. 

Where is the 855 area code located?

855 is not an area code. Area code 855 is a toll-free number used in the United States and can not be traced to the area location.

Customer service numbers for organizations and companies cause real headaches for those who want to contact them.

Some numbers may have an additional fee associated with them that the consumer pays on his telephone line, and this makes the person worry about whether the call made will be charged twice.

Among the numbers that generate the most doubts, those beginning with 800 stand out. The customer usually thinks that both have the same charging system, but it is necessary to know the real aspects that surround each of them.

Phones beginning with 855: are they free of charge?

Any telephone number beginning with the digit 855 will also be completely free of charge for the customer who is making the call. This type of calls are paid by the companies, at wholesale price and with the same value as the previous numbering.

What are the benefits of getting an 855 toll-free phone number?

The benefits of getting an 855 toll-free phone number are:

Easy to contact

A single number for your customers to call you. If your company has multiple locations and therefore numbers at each site, an 800 number will allow your customers to call you at one number.

Business Projection

Having an 800 number projects the size of your company to your customers.

Custom Blocking

You will be able to block incoming calls from specific numbers or areas by city prefix. This guarantees that you will only receive calls that are of interest to you.

Where is the 855 area code located?

Flexible Routing

Inbound calls will be handled according to your needs. For example, prefixes that route to a group of agents, identified numbers that go directly to your account manager, or being able to specify by days and times how calls are distributed.

Make your phone number memorable

You will be able to gain recognition through a “Fancy” number, by combining letters. A catchy name that will be easy to remember. To find out if a specific toll-free number is available, please contact any RespOrg.

How can I get an 855 toll-free phone number?

Toll-free numbers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis by entities known as “Responsible Organizations” (RespOrgs). These entities may be telephone companies, although they are not always. They have access to the SMS/800 database, which contains information related to the status of all toll-free numbers. RespOrgs are certified by the SMS/800 database administration in charge of the toll-free service.

If you want to obtain a toll-free number, contact a RespOrg or other toll-free service provider. These entities can access the database and reserve a number for subscribers. There are several hundred RespOrgs and toll-free service providers in the United States. You can find the complete list on the SMS/800 database website, www.sms800.com or you can call the SMS/800 Help Desk at 1-888-SMS-3300.


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