Where is monday.com data stored? (+5 security features)

In this blogpost, we will be discussing where monday.com’s data is stored. We shall also look at some of the security features of monday.com which ensures complete protection of user’s data and information. In addition to this, we shall also be examining the EU data residency of monday.com which has secured additional options for security and storage.

Where is monday.com data stored?

The data of monday.com, which refers to the information about the users, their work processes and their data and also the data related to the project management system itself, is stored in their servers. These servers are placed in several different centers of Amazon Web Services in the US. monday.com itself uses a cloud server for backup and recovery.

Security features of monday.com

In order to securely store files and information, monday.com uses the following features:

They use a strong team

monday.com has several highly experienced engineers as well as support engineers on their backup teams. These teams also undergo regular skill training and development in order to develop new skills and also sharpen existing ones. These teams of engineers and operational staff have coded many systems for security purposes.

Traffic encryption

The project management system uses standard FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for all the data transmissions coming into and going out from monday.com.

Regular audits

In order to check the strength of the security and also find any loopholes in the system, regular audits are frequently conducted. These penetration tests and audits can also help to foresee any risks or troubles that may arise in the future due to technical or software issues. In this manner, monday.com continuously updates and develops itself.

Highly protected data

For the protection of files, monday.com regularly conducts backups of all the files and data of their users or customers. They have two types of backups for this. The critical data is backed up more frequently, basically every 5 minutes. The non-critical data, on the other hand, is backed a little less often, and that is once every 24 hours.

User support

monday.com is not only popular for its easy-to-use platform and its strong security features, but also its easily available customer support. With the help of this team, the users do not need to worry about their security issues. They also don’t have to worry about making fumbles or errors in their work processes, as the user support team is always readily available for help.

EU data residency

While monday.com has its servers in the US using the Amazon Web Service, it also has storage options in the EU. Thus, it has two data regions now, one in the US and another one in the EU. From the month of January in 2021, monday.com has allowed its users to choose where they want their data to be stored

The EU data residency of monday.com is stored in Frankfurt, Germany. The storage servers here are also run by Amazon Web Services, just like the ones located in the US. However, users need to be careful while choosing the data region they want to use for storage. Once the option has been made and the account is up and running, the data cannot be transferred anywhere else.

If you would like to find where you data region is, you can do this by clicking on your profile picture. From the menu you can see there, click on the ‘Admin’ option. Choose the ‘General’ tab and there you can see where your information is stored under the Data residency. You can find this at the bottom of your screen.


In this blogpost, we have discussed where monday.com’s data is stored. We have also looked at some of the security features of monday.com which ensures complete protection of user’s data and information. In addition to this, we have also examined the EU data residency of monday.com which has secured additional options for security and storage.

Frequently asked questions: (Where is monday data stored?)

Does monday.com sell you data?

No, monday.com does not sell your data. This highly user-friendly and human-centered project management tool values the information and data of its users and customers. The people at monday.com go the extra mile in ensuring your data is well-secure and protected through certified encryptions as well as stable servers through the AWS.

How is monday backed up?

Monday backups your information on its servers located in the US as well as the EU region. monday.com performs two types of backups. The first one is the critical-data backup where highly sensitive and confidential information such as customer data is backed up every 5 minutes. The non-critical data backup, on the other hand, happens once a day.

Is monday.com cloud based?

Yes, monday.com is a completely cloud-based platform. Through this tool, organizations all over the world can create products and work on various tasks even though the teams may be located in different time zones. It can also be used to communicate and interact with each other and also track the progress of projects and thus enables the team members to stay on the same page.

Is monday.com worth the money?

Yes, monday.com is worth the money for the reasons mentioned below:

  • It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use
  • It is very visual and thus quite aesthetic
  • It has great security features
  • It allows team members to collaborate as well as communicate with each other
  • The price is not that high as compared to other project management tools
  • monday.com has already created templates which the team members can build on

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