Where is CalmiGo made? (+7 advantages of CalmiGo)

This post will answer where CalmiGo is made. In addition to this, we will be looking at some of the advantages as well as disadvantages or limitations of this device. Lastly, we will be discussing some of the benefits of breathing exercises themselves. Anxiety and many mental health illnesses can be easily managed through alternative treatments in addition to medication.


Where is CalmiGo made?

CalmiGo is made by a company located in New York. United States. This handheld device is being used by millions of users to help them combat and manage their anxieties all by themselves. This device uses a combination of breathing exercises along with aromatherapy to bring about a calmer state of mind.

Advantages of CalmiGo

CalmiGo brings a large collection of advantages and benefits for anyone who is experiencing high levels of anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Some of these advantages have been explored in this section:

CalmiGo is easy to use

The device is pretty easy to use and quite simplistic in nature. CalmiGo also guides the user with the help of relaxing feedback lights and vibrations that act as prompts to signify the beginning and the end of each step in the breathing exercise. Thus, even those who are experiencing a high level of anxiety can easily use this device to bring a calmer frame of mind.

It is portable

CalmiGo is quite small and actually represents an emergency inhaler and thus can be carried around easily anywhere. The device is also pretty light-weight and can be stashed in a purse or pocket. Users who have utilized CalmiGo have claimed that the very presence of the device brings a sense of comfort and safety to them.

It is drug free

CalmiGo is completely drug free and uses only breathing exercises as well as the power of aromatherapy to induce relaxation in stressed persons. Thus, this can be a great option for those individuals who are wary about using medicines or drugs to cope with anxiety for fear of side effects or dependency.

It stimulates multiple senses

Another great thing about CalmiGo is that it not only stimulates one sense but multiple senses at the same time. The feedback lights in the device stimulate the visual area of the cortex while the vibration is for touch or the tactile sense. In addition to this, the aromatherapy through the scented elements stimulates the olfactory center, thereby bringing more effectiveness.

It uses aromatherapy

The device not only uses breathing exercises. It also uses the power of aromatherapy to help those who are feeling anxious or are experiencing anxiety attacks. The users of CalmiGo can also choose from three different scents according to their preferences, from lavender, peppermint and bergamot. The scented elements last for a period of about four months before replacement.

It is proven to work

Users of CalmiGo can be rest assured that the device will work for them. It bravely uses breathing exercises for the purpose of bringing a calm state of mind to those who are suffering from anxiety. Since many research studies have proven that breathing exercises do indeed work for anxiety, users can be guaranteed of effectiveness through CalmiGo.

It can be used by adults and kids

The simplicity and ease of use of CalmiGo is such that it can be used by both adults as well as children. The device itself is made of food-grade plastic and is thus allergic free. Furthermore, the device is also easy to clean and all it requires is a small alcohol swab. The scented elements are further made with natural essential oils which are vegan in nature.

 Another superb thing about CalmiGo is that it is a one-time investment. And thus users of this device do not repeatedly have to visit someone just to get treated. All they need to do is to purchase this device and they are good to go. However, the AAA batteries of this device and also the scented elements need replacing every three to four months.

Limitations of CalmiGo

CalmiGo can bring many advantages but also has a few limitations, such as:

  • The device cannot be covered by insurance and thus many individuals may not be able to purchase it. However, CalmiGo can easily be purchased through a Health Savings Account or an HSA if the individual has one.
  • The user has to be really committed to using this device whenever they have a panic attack which can take a lot of effort
  • It can take a few tries to get used to the nuances of this device

Benefits of breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can bring a plethora of benefits other than just the reduction of anxiety and stress, like:

  • They can help the person become more self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses
  • It can help the person improve their focus and their concentration levels
  • Breathing exercises can improve the blood circulation which can also be great for heart health
  • They can help in the efficient elimination of toxins from the body
  • Breathing exercises can also help in joint pains and aches


This post has answered where CalmiGo is made. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the advantages as well as disadvantages or limitations of this device. Lastly, we have discussed some of the benefits of breathing exercises themselves.

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