What to do when your loneliness is killing you?


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Page last updated: 26/08/2022

What to do when your loneliness is killing you?

This blog answers: What to do when your loneliness is killing you?

What to do when your loneliness is killing you?

Some ways to manage your loneliness when it’s killing you are:

Get in touch with meet up groups

When individuals feel extremely lonely and think they are drowning in this loneliness the best way is to get in touch with various other people who are in the same boat. Connecting with such other people might require looking up websites online that cater to the needs of an individual.

Meet-up groups can be of several types one that focuses on group therapy, meeting people who have experienced similar situations, or finding individuals who share similar interests as you.

In cases where individuals are not able to find a meetup group who share the same interest as you individuals can create their groups. This just requires individuals to pick a place for meeting and organizing weekly or monthly meetings.

Individuals can seek the help of social media to gather their meet-up groups or get in touch with an established one.

Reach out to those you know

Loneliness can result from abandonment or a lack of care. This lack of care can be intentional or unintentional. In such cases, individuals must reach out to those people who are valuable to them.

The most crucial support groups of an individual’s life are their family and friends whom they haven’t connected in a while due to various reasons. Individuals can schedule meetings with them, go out with them for shopping, dinner, and coffee and catch up on various aspects of an individual’s life.

Catching up with those you already know makes you feel comfortable and connected. It gives a sense of joy about belongingness and also helps to reduce a sense of loneliness. It’s only after reconnecting with the important social groups that individual realized their importance and value.

Consider counseling

Loneliness can also be a result of various struggles that individuals are undergoing in their life. This can be either physical struggles or mental struggles such as anxiety or depression. If individuals aren’t taking enough steps to get over these struggles it might lead to a sense of loneliness gradually.

In such cases, it is best advised that individuals seek help from professionals such that they are better able to regulate their emotions and feel a sense of connection with the world as well as themselves. It helps them to clear their mind out, form strong relationships, and also indulge in activities that are time-consuming as well as pleasurable to them.

According to a study published by Harvard University elderly and their caregivers had significant benefits after talking to their therapists.

Online therapy is easily accessible and suitable for any individual. In terms of online counseling, individuals interact with the therapist one on one through the online medium at a scheduled time. The number of sessions per week depends on the severity of an individual situation.

Reconsider your hobbies

Many times when individuals have been through a rough phase in life they lose touch with their interests and hobbies. When individuals feel lonely they can try and get in touch with their hobbies that used to bring them a sense of joy and peace.

Reconnecting with one’s hobbies has no age limit any individual at any age can try and polish the skills that were previously in use and benefited them in enhancing their mood.


People might also experience a sense of loneliness due to various health conditions such as anxiety or depression. In such situations, individuals can consult their mental health practitioners who will be able to prescribe them medicines that help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression further making them feel better.

Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness or yoga and meditation can help individuals focus on their present and stop thinking about the past or the future which might bring about a sense of loneliness. It is believed that mindfulness has a therapeutic effect that helps individuals to connect with their inner selves and feel more alive.

Listen to music

Individuals can always try and listen to mood-congruent music such that they feel more calm and connected. Music is considered to have a soothing effect on an individual and can help enhance their mood which helps to bring down their sense of loneliness.

Maintain a journal

Having a personal notebook in which individuals write down their thoughts, feelings, emotions helps them better reflect upon their patterns of actions and thought. This helps them understand their rationality of reasoning and thinking patterns.

In journals, individuals can also mention the various ways that they use to get over feelings of loneliness in the past which they can try again in the future if ever needed. Thus a journal can act as a personal guide for an individual containing all the tips that are already been tried by them.


Many research indicates that exercise helps to produce happy hormones in an individual which helps them feel positive. When people feel positive about themselves the sense of loneliness might reduce to some extent.

Carrying out exercises does not require extensive training or weight lifting rather a simple 20 minutes walk might help individuals clear their minds out and feel much at peace.


Anyway, individuals can experience loneliness at any given point in time. Loneliness can be a result of various life situations. Feelings of loneliness are not easy to handle it might make an individual feel very bad about themselves as well as their situations.

However, individuals must actively seek help and carry out self-help strategies that help them feel less lonely to avoid experiencing extreme feelings of catastrophe.

Frequently asked questions: What to do when your loneliness is killing you?

What does my loneliness is killing me mean?

When individuals say that their loneliness is killing them it means that it’s making them feel as if they are left behind and abandoned by the world and their close social groups. This feeling might be very difficult to manage and discomforting.

Is there any such thing as chronic loneliness?

Chronic loneliness might occur when feelings of social isolation are prolonged. It is usually characterized by constant feelings of being separated or alone and an inability to connect on a deeper level.

Is loneliness a mental illness?

Loneliness can take a chronic form. However, it isn’t looked at as a specific mental health condition. It does have a negative impact on an individual’s emotional and physical health.

Why do I get lonely so easily?

Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder can make individuals feel lonely. Many other major life circumstances like the loss of a loved one, separation can also make an individual feel lonely easily.