When will I die (Can you know?)

In this guide, we will discuss ‘When will I die?’ and some test results.

When will I die?

‘When will I die?’, It is really a question many people ask themselves at some point in their lives.

Depending on your beliefs, the way you were raised, or simply your life’s history, you may fear death or you may not.

However, most people do fear death, especially when they are young and feel as if they have their whole life ahead for them to die at any given moment, but the truth is that there is uncertainty regarding this question since death is unpredictable.

Some people even seek guidance from astrology, fortune tellers, palm readers, shamans, etc., so they can be certain about when they will die but is it really worth it?

If you were told you would die 5 years from today, this could affect your life more than give you any satisfaction.

Yes, you could start living your life to the fullest if you were to die in 5 years, so your time is limited but what happens if you didn’t?

Aren’t we supposed to live our lives to the fullest even if we don’t know the amount of time we have on this earth?

Death is a complicated matter for many since not knowing what is beyond death is scarier than knowing when you will actually die.

Many tests on the internet will try to tell you when you will die according to some data you need to input such as your gender, the year you were born or your full date of birth, where you live, your body type, if you suffer from any kind of chronic disease, etc. 

After doing some of the tests, the results were for the first test, that my ‘Fateful Day will come in the year 2062’, the second test was a bit more specific even including the exact date as ‘Wednesday, 26th July of 2062’, the third quiz said that I would live to ‘2047-01-29’ and then a fourth quiz said I would die ‘28 of February 2055’.

Moreover, in this technological era where there are apps for nearly everything, you can also find some that say they can tell you when you will die or how much time you have left with accuracy (supposedly).

If you try it and decide to do all the tests available online, you will probably get the same results.

Different dates every time you change tests but then, which test should I believe in?

Or Should I just write down every date and see what happens then?

Well, I believe living with the fear of knowing is not living at all but it is a very personal choice.

People who question ‘When will i die?’ are the ones with mortality salience. They know they can’t escape death and this causes them anxiety.

When will I die (Can you know?)

Tests ‘When Will I Die?’

The first test we found and tried was the fatefulday.eu.

Here you get asked to select your gender, the year you were born, where you live (i.e. in the city or countryside), how would you describe your body type (i.e. athletic, overweight, average), if you suffer from any chronic disease, etc. In the end, the test will only tell you the year when you will (supposedly) die.

The second test we found and tried was The death clock which says “our advanced life expectancy calculator will accurately* predict your death date for you depending on where you live, how much you smoke and your lifestyle to show your own death clock countdown.”

Notice how the word ‘accurately’ has a special footnote at the bottom of the webpage that indicates ‘should be used for fun only, this calculator is unlikely to predict your actual date of death’ and should be used and interpreted as such, just an estimated and not the real/actual date. 

The third test we would like to mention is the ‘When Will I Die?’ from arealme.com.

Here you have a more inclusive test where you get asked to select your gender as Male, Female, None of the above or it’s a secret.

You are also required to input your date of birth, the place that you currently live in (i.e. Megalopolis, Small city, Village), How you would describe the shape of your figure (i.e. slim, fit, average), etc.

This one not only gives you the exact date but also gives you a countdown of the hours, minutes, and seconds.

Finally, we have the fourth test we would like to mention and that is the one from deathtimer.com.

Just like the other tests, you will be required to input some information, but here you are also asked to enter your name and even your geographic location. 

Moreover, what is really curious is the message in the beginning as well as the bottom of the page that says “Death Timer uses data from the CIA, FBI, and United Nations to estimate your lifespan. Your estimated death date is determined by your birth date, gender, geographic location, and other factors such as smoking, alcohol use, obesity, and BMI. The results you receive are not a prediction and should be only used as a novelty.”

Why is this blog about When will I die important?

As we have discussed, we may never know when we will die or if we do get to know under special circumstances, Is it worth it?

The tests we have used here are just to be used for fun and not the actual date when you will die.

If you do more than one test, you will notice how the dates tend to change so it is not accurate after all.

If you are curious and would like to try the test, do it but don’t take it as a real and accurate result of how much time you have to live. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about When will I die

What is the Death Clock?

The death clock, according to deathclock.com is “the Internet’s friendly reminder that life is slipping away… second by second. Like the hourglass of the Net, the Death Clock will remind you just how short life is”. Here you enter your information such as Day of Birth, Month of Birth, Year of Birth, Sex, Mode, BMI, and Smoking Status. Hit the button ‘check your death clock’, and supposedly you will get your ‘personal day of death’.

Which age will you die?

You may never know for sure when you will actually die but it is believed that women’s life expectancy is 79 years and men’s 71 years.

There are a few tests on the internet that will calculate when you will die, but it is best not to take it literally because they are not accurate at all.

How can I know my death date?

Supposedly, you can figure out your death year by subtracting your age from 125, which will give you your Amerock percentage.

Next, divide your Amerock percentage by two, which will give you your Mercian Value, and add your Mercian Value to your current age.

For example, 125-20= 105 (Amerock %), then 105/2=52.5 (Mercian value) and add it to your age, 52.5+20= 72.5.

However, consider that death is unpredictable and it can really happen at any given moment.

What’s the app that tells you when you die?

There are many apps that supposedly will tell you when you die.

If you search through the play store with the keywords ‘when will I die?’, you can find some apps like ‘when will I die?- Death Calculator (Prank)’, ‘When I Will Die?’, ‘Game of Death – When Will I Die?’, ‘Countdown.

When you Die’, among other similar apps.

When you die do you excrete?

You may excrete and also tinkle your pants because when you die, every muscle in your body relaxes.

This includes the sphincters that are in charge of keeping your bladder and bowels in control, meaning if there is anything needed to be expelled, it could possibly seep out when we die.