When is the right time to move in together? (+What are the signs)

This article will discuss when it is time to move in together with your partner. The article will show what are the signs that show you that it is time, and some good tips for when you and your partner start to do it.

When is the right time to move in together? 

There is no timetable for when it is right for a couple to move in together. Each couple works differently and has its own set of rules. To take this step, each couple needs to consider if they are ready, and what are their expectations for this new moment in their lives.

Moving in together is a big step, so you may want to make sure you know the person all too well before you do it. 

But even though there is no strict rule for when to move in together, it seems that same-sex couples will often take this step sooner than heterosexual couples. They will often do it after six months of a relationship, while for a heterosexual couple it usually takes around 2 years.

It is also important to notice that there seems to be a distinction between moving in together, and getting married. And it seems that people will often live together for around three years before they decide to tie the knot. 

One important thing that needs to be taken into consideration when you are thinking of moving in together with your partner is if this relationship allows you to still have your individuality. Of course, there will be things you and your partner will do together, but each of you must have your own life as well.

It is also relevant to say that you should never move in with your partner because of pressure. Be it the pressure done by the society, or even by your partner. Listening to yourself, and understanding, if you are ready for this, is what will give this movie a higher chance of working.

But if you are still wondering if you and your partner are ready to move in together, know that some signs will help you guide this decision. Let’s understand what are some important signs for when the two of you are ready to live together.

What are the signs that we are ready to move in together?

If you are wondering if the two of you are ready to move in together, here are some signs for you to look out for.

It feels like you are already living together 

You may start to consider moving in together when it already feels like you have been doing that for a while. As time pass in a relationship, the couple can develop their routine, and at times it can feel like sitting down and making a plan to move in together is just putting on paper something that has been happening for a while already.

Both of you understand that this will make you more committed 

It is a good sign that the two of you are ready to move in together when you two know that taking this step means that you are taking one more serious step towards committing to each other.

As you decide to do so, make sure that waking up, and going to sleep with this person every day is something that excites you. This doesn’t mean that moving in together will always be perfect, but just that this person is someone you want to share the hard times with.

The two of you want the same thing 

Moving in together will only work if the two of you are on the same page. And this means the same page in many aspects. It is important that when you decide to do it, the two of you do it because of the same reason, and that the two of you want the same thing in this relationship now, and in the future.

You have discussed your financial life 

Moving in together with someone means that now you have a shared life. This implies that all matters related to the house, and the life you are building will affect both of you. So before moving in together, make sure that the two of you have discussed your finances already.

It is not only important to do so to learn what each of you can commit to paying in the house, but also to learn if any of you are still dealing with debt or student loans for that matter. This way the two of you can create a plan on what are your priorities in your financial life together.

You are moving in together for the right reasons 

Each couple will determine the reasons why they are moving in together. It can be because they want to start a life together, and want to be more committed. But you should never do it as a way to deal with some troubles or insecurities that are present in your relationship at the moment.

If you decide to move in together just to patch a problem, deal with financial issues, or even just have more time together, chances are that it will resurface way worse as the two of you are sharing the same space, all of the time. 

Be mindful of why you want to take this step, and talk it over with your partner to understand if the two of you are on the same page about it.

What are some helpful tips for moving in together? 

As you two have decided to move in together, know that there are some tips to make this process easier. The most important thing is to keep the communication lines open between the two of you.

Moving in together is a good thing, but it can also be extremely stressful. It implies maybe finding a new house, packing, moving, and then adjusting to the life the two of you will share.

Understand that this process can take some time, and don’t put too much pressure on the two of you. But also keep in mind that you and your partner can talk about whatever is bothering any of you. 

Checking in with one another, asking how they have been feeling about this movie, and how it can work better for both of you will allow you two to deal with the difficulties in a less stressful way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): When is the right time to move in together? 

What are signs I have met the one?

If you are going out with someone, and you have been questioning if they are the one, you may start to be sure if they are kind, and are not afraid to tell you they are sorry when they have done something to hurt you.

The person will be the one if you feel like you love them for what it is inside them, and because you feel like they support your dreams, are always open, and want to spend time with you. The one should be someone you can talk easily with, that you feel like the two of you are also friends, and have fun together.

Finding the one also means that you are with someone that puts in the same effort as you do in the relationship. And when you are discussing the two of you listen to each other, and will ultimately find a way to compromise.

The two of you can openly talk about your future, and you won’t feel judged by anything you decide to do, since they will never question your feelings, and will always be interested in learning more about you.

How long does the honeymoon phase last?

The honeymoon phase can last from up to six months, until two years. It is in that moment of the relationship that the couple will be creating their bond of intimacy. It is a stage in which everything will be filled with laughter, fun dates, and getting to know more about each other.

The honeymoon phase is usually over once the couple needs to start to deal with the difficult realities of the relationship. They will not have such an idealized version of their partner, but if even after that, they still want to be together, it shows that the two of you are willing to build a strong, and meaningful relationship.

How long does it usually take to say I love you?

As with any other step in a relationship, there is no timetable to decide when to tell the person you love them. Most commonly people will often say as soon as they feel they love the other person. But other people think it should take several months before doing that, while for others it can even take as long as one year.

But there seems to be a difference in how long it takes for men and women to say “I love you”. For men, it usually takes around 3 months to say it, while women will take around 5 months to say it.

How long does it take for a relationship to become serious?

Once again, it is difficult to have a timetable to determine when a relationship becomes serious. Especially nowadays, when people will often have casual relationships that can last long. It seems that becoming serious has more to do with how committed the two of you are to the relationship and each other.

With that said, if you notice that you are with someone open and willing to be in a committed relationship, around three months since the beginning of it is a good margin to say it is starting to become serious. By this time you probably have been a part of each other’s lives and learned a lot from one another.

What does it mean to see a red flag in a relationship?

Seeing a red flag in your relationship means you have found something that you need to look more carefully at. It can be that they were rude to you, unsupportive, or even aggressive. Those can all be red flags.

So as you experience them in a relationship, you may want to take some time, and think if that has happened before, and what are the chances of it happening again. A relationship with a lot of red flags is one you most likely shouldn’t be in.


This article showed the most common signs that you and your partner are ready to move in together. It also gave some helpful tips for when the two of you decide to do it.

If you have any questions or comments about it, feel free to write themem in the section below.




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