When did Cerebral launch? (+7 advantages)

This article will explain when Cerebral was launched. We will also be looking at the different advantages that Cerebral can bring to the users utilizing this platform for their various mental health needs. Finally, we will be taking a closer look at the limitations or disadvantages of Cerebral that users or clients of this platform have experienced.

When did Cerebral launch?

Cerebral was launched in early January of 2020. Ever since then, Cerebral has grown to become one of the leading platforms in the field of telemedicine and online therapy. This mental health subscription aims to make mental health care affordable and accessible for everyone. Cerebral caters to the mental health needs of more than a million users.


Advantages of using Cerebral

Cerebral can be great for anyone who is having problems in their mental health since it is an all-in-one platform. This mental health subscription can bring a range of advantages for anyone who is having mental health issues. The best advantageous features of Cerebral have been discussed in this section.

Cerebral provides insurance coverage

The best thing about Cerebral is that it offers great insurance coverage for all its plans, including the medications. This feature becomes great for those who cannot afford therapy or other mental health interventions. Cerebral is connected to several in-network insurance providers whose coverage can vary from state to state.

It can be used from anywhere

The platform can also be used from anywhere since it operates completely online. This format of delivery brings a lot of convenience to those who are not able to leave the house very often, such as those who are physically disabled or are involved in infant care. It also becomes feasible for persons who do not have easy access to a licensed mental health professional in their area.

It is easy to use

The platform is super easy to use even for complete newbies. The platform guides the user step by step from the first stage of sign-up until the end of their subscriptions. While the process of traditional therapy can be quite tedious and therefore very daunting, users find more appeal in platforms like Cerebral which create easy and efficient access to mental health care.

It creates a better therapeutic match

There is also a better therapeutic match created between the therapist or prescriber and the client. The bios of the therapists are clearly visible and thus the user can clearly have their pick among the thousands of licensed and certified mental health professionals who work in Cerebral. These professionals undergo strict background checks to bring only the best care to the clients.

It has care counseling

The platform also offers care counseling to all its clients. The care counseling feature is part of Cerebral’s collaborative care system where a set of professionals work together to bring the best quality therapy and interventions to the client. In Cerebral, the care counselor takes care of the client by providing emotional support and also by teaching techniques such as mindfulness.

When did Cerebral launch? (+7 advantages)

It offers various plans

This mental health subscription has more than just one plan for its users. The Therapy Only plan of Cerebral offers exclusive therapy features for users. For those who only require medications, they can easily choose the Medication and Care Counseling plan. The Medication and Therapy plan of Cerebral offers both therapy and also medications for clients.

It has several modes of communication

There are also various modes of communication that are available on this platform. Clients can choose to communicate with their prescribers, therapists or care counselors through messaging, phone sessions or video sessions. Thus, the platform brings a high level of flexibility and control to the user which further increases the effectiveness of the intervention itself.

It also offers psychiatry services

Cerebral offers psychiatry services along with therapy. The best part about this psychiatry feature is that the medicines can be delivered to the very doorstep of the user and thus they do not need to visit a pharmacy to fill their prescription. The psychiatry services are also covered by insurance since the medicines are billed separately.


Disadvantages of Cerebral

Even though Cerebral brings a large collection of features that can be highly advantageous to anyone who is suffering from mental health problems, the platform still has a few disadvantages such as:

  • The therapy feature of Cerebral is not present in every state of the US
  • The psychiatry services of Cerebral prohibits the prescription of controlled substances such as stimulants, which can be bad news for those who have conditions like ADHD and PTSD
  • While the platform offers insurance coverage for its plans which makes it very affordable, these plans can still be quite expensive to afford for those who are uninsured
  • The platform only offers individual therapy services and lacks in other forms of therapy such as couples and family therapy, group therapy and teens therapy which many other mental health care platforms easily provide

Alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for a mental health care platform that mirrors many of the features that Cerebral provides, we suggest Betterhelp. Betterhelp certainly does not have psychiatry services but it makes up for this by providing individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and group therapy at very affordable prices.


This article has explained when Cerebral was launched. We have also looked at the different advantages that Cerebral can bring to the users utilizing this platform for their various mental health needs. Finally, we have taken a closer look at the limitations or disadvantages of Cerebral that users or clients of this platform have experienced.

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